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Profile Overview

Alexandra Langley

Human Cisgender Woman


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Langley


Advisor to the Sector Commander
Olympia Station


Alexandra Langley

Stardate 2329.6

Seattle, Washington, Earth


Captain Alexandra Langley is an author, educator, artist, and Starfleet officer who recently returned to the active duty roster. An art historian by training, Langley served aboard the starship Galaxy for over a decade between the 2350s and 2360s as a cultural studies specialist, before transferring to the command division in response to the Battle of Wolf 359. By the beginning of the Dominion War, she had risen to a command of her own, the USS Kennedy, a Norway-class light cruiser assigned to diplomatic and scientific support operations during and after the war. After holding that command through 2383, Langley took up a teaching position at the newly-established Bajor campus of Starfleet Academy where she taught courses in leadership, starship operations, and art history until her retirement in 2398, a few months shy of her 70th birthday. In retirement, Langley remained on Bajor and pursued a second career, in which she wrote her memoirs and two novels, and curated several artistic exhibitions of her pottery and painting. In late 2401, after watching Starfleet’s devastating losses during Frontier Day, Langley requested that her commission be reactivated and an operational posting be found for her. Her request was approved and she journeyed to Olympia Station, joining the staff of an old friend, Vice Admiral Elizabeth Hayden, while she got back up to speed on starship operations.


Thanks to an excellent and highly classified skincare routine over the years, Captain Langley doesn’t appear to be a woman in her seventies. Her hair is naturally golden blond, going to dark blond at the roots, and she has piercing blue eyes. At 175 centimeters tall, she is tall for an individual of her species and gender, which she supplements even further with heels that may or may not be completely regulation. She also wears jewelry while on duty, typically at least earrings, a bracelet, and one or two rings, a habit she picked up thanks to the freedom offered to captains and professors. When Starfleet used gold for most of its insignia, she was known for wearing gold-pressed latinum, but she’s since switched to platinum to better match the new uniform. Off duty, Langely is a fashion enthusiast and can be seen in opulent but tasteful clothing designed to accentuate her looks and height.


Captain Langley is a demanding and exacting presence, whether on the bridge of a ship, in the classroom, or sparring with her friends over cocktails. She knows exactly what she wants and can be quite particular about things being done precisely to her standards and specifications. She uses her sharp wit and humor in general to avoid being too direct in both professional and social situations, but is also careful about avoiding people feeling uncomfortable. She has a deep knowledge of culture and history from nearly every Federation world, as well as significant starship operations experience, but she is insecure about being back in an operational position after spending nearly 20 years on a planet.