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Profile Overview

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Aurelian Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Anyok


Theta Squad Commanding Officer
USS Helios


One of the few Aurelian’s willing to serve in the relatively cramped conditions of Starfleet vessels, Anyok long ago found their world view shifted when an unfortunate accident forced the amputation of her wings. Despite several offers of prostethics and experimental regrowth technologies Anyok decided the universe had sent her a message and opted to continue serving Starfleet and the Federation on two legs. In spite (or possibly because of) her accident she has found her already varied quiver of skills have only grown, and have earned her a reputation for unconventional solutions to unconventional problems. Her adventurous and eager attitude has fueled an insatiable appetite for the new and interesting; resulting in a wide range of unexpected skills, including Tamarian Poetry, Traditional Betazoid folk dancing and even her award winning Hasperat. She is a veritable swiss army tool and she has been given Theta Squad to re-mould with her unique brand, ready for anything.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Theta Squad CO USS Helios
Lieutenant Commander