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Profile Overview

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Calvert Rogers

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rogers


Chief Operations
USS Dragonfly




Calvert Wendell Rogers


London, England


Calvert Rogers is driven to be organized and efficient.  He desires to become the best operations chief he can be.


Tall, gangly, and looks like he might be royalty in the right light.

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Driven.  Focused.  Born to keep things straight and on target.  Sometimes doesn’t know how to have fun.


Early Life (2376-2394)

Calvert Rogers was born to Alfred and Jessica Rogers in London, England.  He lived there until he was ten years old, and the family moved to Great Falls, Montana, where he grew up with three sisters.  He always had a mind for systems and processes, excelling in engineering and production classes.  Rogers had dreamed of attending Starfleet Academy, and his parents encouraged him.  He applied and was accepted after graduating high school.

Starfleet Academy (2394-2398)

Rogers focused heavily on his classes and studies – and rarely participated in social and class events.  He spent his summers and off taking extra classes to ensure he had an edge to help him be a better officer in operations, his chosen specialty.  He made few friends and graduated near the top of his class.

Starfleet (2398-2401)

He was assigned as an operations officer to the USS Flathead Lake in 2398 at the rank of ensign.  He was a standout officer and earned a promotion in 2399 to Deputy Chief Operations Officer, where he worked well enough with the Chief.  There were small conflicts over how to do duty rosters and scheduling.  It was here that Calvert, or ‘Cal’ as he became known, began to understand he had work to do in relating and working with others.  He works with the counselor and is given high marks for improvement through 2400.  He earned a promotion to Lieutenant in 2401 after his progress was shown to be exemplary.  In 2401, he is encouraged to apply for the USS Mackenzie’s Deputy Chief of Operations position.  He is given an interview but in the reassignment of the crew to the USS Dragonfly, he is caught up in the crew as they board the ship.

USS Dragonfly(2401 – Present)

He had an interview with Captain Walton in which he was informed that he would be moving into the Chief position as the previous chief had resigned.  He accepted the position.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Dragonfly
2400 - 2401 Deputy Chief Operations Officer USS Flathead Lake
2398 - 2400 Operations Officer USS Flathead Lake