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Deltan Woman

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Lieutenant Commander Ashra


Chief Medical Officer
USS Helios


Ashra thought her journey with Starfleet ended almost a decade ago, with a jacket of merits and honorable, though perhaps not legendary, service history she bid farewell to life aboard a Starship in the early 2390s, having spent 30 years of her life in service the Federation. Having seen both the dark nights of war and the glorious days of peaceful exploration she found herself drawn back to the simple life planetside and took retirement on Betazed, a world she had come to love during her time helping it’s reconstruction after the Dominion War. She was content, happy to tend her blossoms and teach the children about her adventures in biology and medicine. But when the videos of Frontier day reached her, she packed her bag, gave away her youngest flowers and taught a final lesson to the children, once an officer in Starfleet, always an officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Helios
Lieutenant Commander