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Will Raymond

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Will Raymond

The battle of Wolf 359 has many heroes and survivors.Bob Raymond was aboard the Saratoga during the battle of Wolf 359. Surviving that battle he met and married Juanita and begat Will Raymond. Will grew up and wanted to be a hero like his dad. He excelled at football and soccer in school but his Dad's legacy was always in the back of his mind.

After high school he applied for Star Fleet Academy Command school. During those years he achieved high honors in flight control and engineering basics.

Following the Academy USS Defit needed a helmsman and Will applied. Serving 2 years.

Will then served on the USS Washington where he,met and fell in love with Amethyst again. Unaware that their paths would cross again in the distant future.

Will also served as helm and 2nd officer aboard the USS Harriman before accepting his current assignment to USS Amandora.

Star Fleet Academy Flight Control
USS Defit- Engineering and helmsman
USS Washington - helm
USS Harriman= helm and 2 XO