Lieutenant Junior Grade


Kenneth Oziah


Republic, Missouri

Hi, my name is Ken and I have been a D&D player on and off since the mid 80s. I have also had a lot of simm experience. I was in the Obsidian Fleet PBEM fleet and was one of the founders of Horizon Fleet. Due to family and health reasons I stopped simming for several years. In the interim, I have achieved a divorce, a kidney transplant and am in a good place now in my life.

IRL, I have been a Wal-Mart Asst Mgr, Security Officer, Police Officer and Middle School Teacher. I am planning on attending Concordia Seminary starting June 2021 to become a Lutheran Pastor.

I have loved Star Trek since watching TOS in the 70s in reruns. I enjoy TOS, TNG, DS9 but couldn't get into the other versions. I am not a fan of the Abrams Universe, especially the destruction of Vulcan.

I have two adult kids and not sure what else to put. Just ask.