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Task Force 93 – Operational Report July 2019


Mess Hall: USS South Carolina

0513 HRS

Rayean Transit Corridor

(TF Timeline) Day of Annex

The main lights were dim, set at their low level for the night shift, anyone who entered the mess hall for their breakfast now would be greeted with no less than 3 tables covered in padds containing various intelligence briefings, ship movements and Commanding Officer logs and enough coffee mugs unreturned to fill a small cafe on Earth. Feeling tired and frustrated, Kara continued to stroke her right temple in a circular motion as she read the same line from the padd in her left hand for the third time, clearly unable to take in the details it contained.

It had been just over a week since she had received word from Command that she was to halt all her work on the propulsion project she had spent the last 2 years at Avalon Fleet Yards spearheading and assume command of  Task Force 93, had Command not sweetened the deal with allowing her to place her Flag on DS6 so that she could once again be close to Roman, she would have strongly objected to leaving her project.

Now though, sitting in the small mess hall of the cramped Defiant Class starship that Roman had sent to collect her from AFY, head about to explode from the amount of information she had attempted to consume, she had wished she had put up more of a fight in accepting the position in active operations again. Kara took a sip from her now cold coffee and attempted to read the latest report from Deep Space Six on this so called ‘Sovereignty of Kahless’ that she had been hearing so much about. Long range scans and sensor data passed on by the SS Warden had suggested that the Klingon rebels had went into open confrontation with the Klingon Defence Force and had ramped up their movements along the Federation border, before she could read another line, Kara was suddenly thrown to the floor, swiftly followed by a combination of padds, empty coffee mugs and cold coffee as the alert klaxons in the roof and bulkhead around Kara beamed bright red, from the floor she slammed her comm badge “Thrace to bridge….report” she demanded, utilising the table Kara had, only seconds ago, to stabilise herself to her feet.

“Torpedo hit to the starboard nacelle” called Commander Lenord Denton, the CO of the South Carolina for this mission, Kara could recall Roman talking about him being recently promoted to XO of DS6. “Did you say Torpedo?” Kara asked, unsure if the noise from the alert klaxons had muffled Dentons report “Yes man, unknown origin, we have dropped out of warp” There was a short pause and some muffled discussions in the background before Lenord Dentons voice came through on the comm system “Ma’am, we have 2 Klingon Birds of Prey decloaking directly ahead…. Wait… make that 2 fore and 2 aft…we’re surrounded”

Kara didn’t bother to answer, she had read enough over the last few days in her reports to know exactly what was happening


 News from Task Force 93!



Canon Updates

There are several canon updates in progress or ready for you to have a read through! With the closing of the Gorn story arc, the Task Force canon will be focusing more on the Romulan and Klingon side of the TF bringing an awesome opportunity for compelling storytelling.


Bravo Fleet and Task Force 93!

There are some new policies in place regarding sim activity levels, which I know sounds scary out of context. These new classifications give you the power to tell your story, your way, without having to be worried about volume – I would strongly urge all COs to look over the new policy shift and determine which classification is best for you, your crew, and the stories you’re trying to weave.

Bravo Fleets First Competition is live – I’d love to see plenty of great entries from TF93 in our Design a Logo Competition

Our Task Groups have been re-organised to form some structure around the Task Forces Area of Operations and bring in some much needed nostalgia to the Task Force


In Conclusion

Well it’s only been just over a week and what a week it has been, I’ve been really amazed at the engagement and activity levels of every player within the Task Force, I can’t wait to see what we can do together. 

Coming up with be the announcement and final details of the TF wide mission arc, the Task Force fiction site on DS6 going live and lots of joint posts.

Keep doing what you’re doing, writing great stories and hosting great games.

Jolan Tru, Quapla’, Peace & Long Life