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Part of USS Galahad: Mission 1 – Voyage to the Living Ship

Introduction: The Living Ship Awaits

USS Galahad
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“Captain’s Log stardate 2401. The USS Galahad, my new command, has been dispatched to undertake a unique mission. Starfleet has tasked us with establishing second contact with a newly discovered civilisation – one that resides within a massive, sentient living ship. This mission not only serves as an incredible opportunity for diplomatic relations but also challenges us to understand a form of life vastly different from our own.”

Orila slid her chair back and rubbed her eyes. Casting her eyes around the room, still adjusting to the fact that this was now her ready room and Starfleet had trusted her enough to give her command of the Galahad. Admittedly it was an older ship and no doubt had a few quirks, but it was her ship. She allowed her gaze to linger, the soft hum of the ship’s engines providing a constant, reassuring background melody.

She stood up and walked over to the windows. Stars streaked past as the Galahad cruised at warp speed, each a distant sun with its own set of mysteries and wonders. Gazing out of the window Orila couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of responsibility, not just to her crew, but to the unchartered territory they were headed to. The mission to the living ship was unlike any she had undertaken before – she was an archaeologist by trade, and diplomacy was still relatively new to her, and although a second contact mission she was acutely aware there were still many things that could go wrong.

As she turned away from the viewport, her commbadge chirped, pulling her back to the present. It was Lieutenant Commander T’Ren, her first officer. “Captain, we’re nearing the coordinates of the living ship and there’s something you need to see.”

Orila’s heart quickened. This was it, the beginning of their mission. She took a deep breath, feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation. She responded, “On my way, Commander.”

Upon entering the bridge, the panoramic view of space greeted her, the central viewscreen displaying the vast expanse ahead. The bridge crew worked with quiet efficiency, each member focused on their respective duties. 

Lieutenant Commander T’Ren looked up, concern etched on her face.”What do we have, Commander?” Orila asked, as she took her seat beside the Vulcan.

T’Ren entered a few commands into her console. “We’ve picked up a distress signal, Captain. It’s coming from a nearby inhabited planet, not far from the living ship’s coordinates. The signal is weak, but it’s definitely a call for help.”

This was an unexpected complication. Their mission was to make contact with the living ship, yet, the principles of Starfleet were clear – they could not ignore a call for aid.

”Set a course for the planet. We’ll investigate the distress signal. Prepare an away team – I want to know what happened there.”

As the Galahad changed direction, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The stars outside the viewscreen shifted as they entered a new vector towards the distressed planet. Orila’s mind raced with possibilities. What had transpired on that world to send out a call for help? How would this detour affect their primary mission?


  • This is a great start! The use of the captain's log to cut straight to the action is very effective - no briefing scenes, just a clear explanation of an intriguing premise that's classic Trek weird sci-fi as a concept. But with the added layer of promised SECOND contact; we're not here to just stare with wonder at an amazing discovery, there's the promise of the nuts-and-bolts practicality to have to deal with. So fancy my surprise at the added twist of a distress signal! I'm very curious to see what connection there'll be. Is this living ship the cause of the distress? Or is this to be a tale of a crew being torn by the choice of what to prioritise as the stakes inevitably rise? Good stuff, very keen to see more.

    February 1, 2024