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Part of USS Marduk: Secret Rescues and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Secret Rescues Pt. 7

Black Cluster
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“That's great Olivet, but there's still a warship out there that disabled us in the first place.” Sky was trying to see Olivet's plan.

“That's the thing, before boarding the Marduk, I sent a pulse of delta wave radiation into the Breen warship.  It should incapacitate them temporarily, should be just long enough for us to start running.”

Turned out, a Phoenix class ship doesn't need much to get her going.  However, the Plesh Tral raider started chasing them almost immediately.  Meanwhile, Olivet notified Sky that he'd managed a distress signal during his time abandoned on the array, so help should be coming.

“Captain, they're swinging around to the port.” 

“I see 'em” Sky swung the ship around, using the damaged comms array as cover, being grateful that the rest of the crew was not that hard to wake up once liberated from Breen custody.  “Maybe we can keep them on their toes until help arrives.”

The hull shook as the rear Medical console exploded in a shower of sparks, just missing the good doctor as she had just moved over to scan Antylion Cruger, making sure everyone is ok.


At that moment, Antylion waved the doctor away, “Captain, I've got a really stupid plan that might buy us a few moments.”

“At this point Cruger, I'll try anything.”

Anything turned out to be having Antylion grab the antipersonnel phase cannon from storage, stand on the outer hull of the Marduk, patch the phase cannon to the ship's power supply where the worker bee was supposed to go, and fire indiscriminately at the Plesh Tral raider.

It took quite a few shots before he managed to even hit the raider, but it did little more than annoy the ship.  After a couple of hits, Antylion figured out that he was more effective attempting to intercept incoming fire, managing at one point to hit a photon torpedo right out of its tube. 

Sky, on the other hand, could not be more stressed as he wrangled the small corvette into moving in ways it was never designed to.  He even managed, at one point, to flip upside down, causing the ship to slide backwards for half a kilometer before the impulse engines managed to slow the ship.  An alert popped up on the console, warning him that the impulse reactors were overheating and would undergo emergency shutdown procedures in 10… 9…

It was a bad day to be a soldier for the Breen.  First, the only prey their trap brought in was a small Federation Corvette, which they overwhelmed quite quickly.  Second, before they could break the corvette's computers, a strange type of radiation washed throughout the ship, causing physical deformities and damage to most of the crew.  Then, when they were finally able to get enough crew well enough to run the ship, the corvette started running away.  When the Torpedo blew up less than a foot outside its tube, it rocked the whole ship.  The Breen commander was seriously thinking about whether continuing to mess with the corvette was a good idea.

It wasn't. But not for the reason anyone else expected, but for a much larger, more dangerous reason. A four nacelled reason. A four nacelled, Borg technology inspired reason. Emerging from her warp drive vortex, the comparatively massive Sagan-class USS Hathaway flew into a protective position between the Breen vessel and the Federation corvette. Within seconds, the much smaller Marduk was encompassed in the protective shield bubble of the Hathaway as a tractor beam locked onto her and dragged the smaller ship along with her. 

It did not take long after that for the five remaining Plesh Tral Raider crew members to lose the resultant fight.  With the Hathaway firing all phasers, the unfortunate ship was carved into several pieces.

Hathaway to Marduk,” a voice from the heavens seemed to fill the corvette. “Standby to receive medical and engineering teams.

“Are we glad to hear from you Hathaway,” Sky sank so deeply into his seat from exhaustion that he slid right out of it onto the floor. “Welcome aboard.”

“Captain's Log, Supplemental.  With the timely assistance of the USS Hathaway, we were able to defeat the Breen Raider.  Honestly we got out of this one with sheer luck.  James Olivet is in sickbay, apparently his Henshin device has some backlashes to its use, and the doctor says he'll be out of commission for at least a few days.  Antylion survived his little stunt, though he suffered some rather extreme vertigo at first.  Hathaway and Orange have brought the damaged array back online after replacing the parts Olivet used.  The Marduk is back to operational status, the impulse engines took some time to fix, however.  Hathaway was even nice enough to retrieve my Captain's Yacht, which is charging in its port again.  Our new orders have us stopping over at Starbase 514 for a refuel and resupply, which we will accomplish tomorrow.  For now, goodnight.”