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Part of USS Marduk: Secret Rescues and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Secret Rescues Pt. 6 (Phoenix Rising)

Black Cluster, USS Marduk
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The airlock door opened with a hiss.  Olivet poked his head in and, seeing the surrounding area free of Breen, rushed to the nearest room, which turned out to be a spare bedroom currently being used as a storage room.  Upon entering, he rushed over to the computer terminal.

“ok let's see just what happened while I was out.”

Ten very disappointing minutes later, he had lost much faith in the crew.  They had been taken out like they were cadet candidates!  The scientists at the various projects he had participate in would have given a bigger fight.

“the Captain didn't even activate the ESH system.” muttering to himself, he went to that very system and prepped it for activation.  “Computer, activate the Emergency Security Holograms.”

On the other end of the ship, a compartment in the ceiling opened and two small spheres fell out and activated, turning into holographic security officers who then retrieved their rifles from the nearby compartment.

“Computer, have the ESH officers begin sweeping the ship for Breen intruders.”


Meanwhile, Olivet had grabbed a hand phaser from the airlock's armory and began moving towards his room.  Turning the corner, he ran into a single Breen engineer, and their quick draw contest was short.  Leaving the unconscious engineer behind, he safely makes it to the room.

“It should be around here somewhere.”

Meanwhile, Sky and Desiree were grouching at each other as a disguise to keep the Breen from figuring out their plans.  Unfortunately, they were so good at speaking in code, they were not sure what their plans were.  Sky was pretty sure Desiree wanted him to feign ill to get to sickbay and release a sedative into the air, an Desiree thought Sky wanted her to reach a comms panel to try and electrify the guard.

Needless to say, it was not going well.

Olivet stood at his door, finalizing his preparations to exit the room and return to combat.  On his wrist was a curious device about 15 centimeters in length with a dial and three buttons.  He set the dial to ‘1’ and pressed the first button.  A light hum was now audible in the air around him. 

“Hope this doesn't fry me like it did subject 97.”  Olivet muttered.  He tuned the phaser pistol to the same frequency as the Henshin device, and opened the door.

This was obviously a mistake, as right when the door opened, a Breen guard happened to be stalking through the hallway.  The Breen guard immediately shot the poor scientist, but the Henshin device held, scattering the blast in multiple directions and giving Olivet the chance to stun the guard.  Then the device started smoking, before Olivet flipped open the cover and ejected a chip, replacing it with one from a bag he had over his shoulder.  He then set the device to ‘2’ and pressed the first button again, resuming the humming.

Three cleared rooms later, and he ran into his second Breen, managing to get the hit in before this guard could fire.  He swore his aim was improving.  Up next was the medbay, and his luck started running out again, as the four Breen inside were ready for him.

A very intense firefight later, the Henshin was smoking again as he stood victorious over three stunned breen and one that managed to get himself killed by friendly fire.  Olivet sighed as he changed the chip out for his last replacement, set the dial to 3, and pressed the second button.  This time, instead of a hum, there was a visible sheen over his body. “Last one.”

Desiree had been stunned when she went for the comms panel while Sky was faking a stomachache.  The Breen hadn't bought it at all.   Now he was handcuffed to an unconscious Desiree on his right and an unconscious Dr. Harper on his left.  The Breen didn't seem to keen on paying attention to him, however, as they started discussing something too quietly for him to make out before one of them ran out the door, weapon ready.  It was not long before Sky heard the phaser fire and the door opened again, showing a… shiny James Olivet, firing at the remaining Breen.  It took a few tries, but Olivet managed to knock out the Breen and free the members of the crew on hand.  

“Captain, the two ESH officers are clearing engineering as we speak.  We can now transport the unconscious Breen to a makeshift holding cell and get out of here.”