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Part of USS Kison (Archive): Episode 1 | The Encounter and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

The Encounter | Act Six

USS Kison: Bridge
Stardate 24017.9, 0704
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Captain's Log, Supplemental. We are preparing to depart from the other ship all we are waiting on is the Daven, Scarlett’s replacement ship. Then we and the Bishop are ready to depart.

The USS Daven dropped out of warp, its impulse engine glow brighter and moved closer to the Santos. Twenty minutes later the Daven sent out a signal saying they were green to go and are ready for departure.


Then the Xyston hailed us. “Open the channel.” Nitus said to T’Soni. “All ships that the Xyston you are cleared to go to your set points. Be ready for everything. Godspeed, Captains. Davenport, Out.” he said before the galaxy class ship moved majestically past the ships then took off at warp speed toward the DOS.

“Well it's best we get going. T’Soni sends a message to the Bishop that we are ready to depart.” Nitus said smiling, turning her head to face her before picking up a PADD. “Yes, Captain.” T’Soni said, turning to her console. “Mr. D'Antonion set a course heading 259 mark 38. Warp 6, please.” she said looking at him before looking back at her console again. “Waiting on you, Captain.” Enzo said to her, making her look up from the PADD that was in her hand to the viewscreen.


Then she smirked and said to him, “Engage.” Enzo smiled and the ship took of at warp speed towards the DOS.

Captain’s Personal Log. I have no idea what awaits us in the DOS but I do know that whatever it is will meet the crew of the USS Kision. Though they are wary about going into the lion’s den they have shown no crack in their drive to keep moving forward.