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Part of USS Kison (Archive): Episode 1 | The Encounter and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

The Encounter | Act Five

USS Kison: Bridge | USS Xyston: Transporter Room, Bridge, and Conference Room
Stardate 24017.9, 0650
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Captain’s Log, Stardate 24017.9. It has been two weeks since our encounter with the lost fleet. My ship has been fully repaired and is ready to return to the stars. My crew though I’m not so sure about. At my request, command gave us another week to relax so they can grapple with the thought of them almost dying. Though they knew what might happen when they signed. We all did. My only hope is that they are ready to go back into the unknown. Commodore Ekwueme has already transmitted our new mission. It’s a search and rescue operation, we’re looking for one if our doctors that transport had gone missing. The USS Santos was meant to arrive here at Starbase 514 twenty hours ago. We are about to venture into the dark again. I just hope we make it back to the light.

The Kison would be seen still docked to the starbase via a cooridior connected to the ship’s airlock. On the bridge Enzo sat in the center chair. Nitus walked onto the bridge of the ship, and upon seeing her Enzo went to his station.

“Mr. D’Antonio, prepare for departure.” She said to him, Saying this caused him to turn and face her. His face showed that he was perplexed on why she would want him to leave when they haven’t received their next assignment.

“Do you have a problem with your orders, Mr. D’Antonio?” She asked him, her face showing no emotion. “N- No, ma’am. Preparing for departure.” He said hesitation very clearly in his voice.


“Set a course for heading 343, mark 34; maximum warp.” she said to him as he tapped at the console putting in the course. He sat there waiting for his commander to tell him to step on it instead. 

“Punch it.” she said to him. When she said this to him he became even more anxious. Even though they had only been together a few weeks, he knew whenever she said punch it instead of step on it that the situation was serious.


“Ma’am, may I ask something?” Enzo asked her. She sighed then looked at him, she could see the confusion and fear in his eyes. 

“I know what you’re going to ask. We are going on a search and rescue mission. A doctor has gone missing.” she said, speaking out loud. She looked at her officers and realized they all had worried expressions aside for T’Soni. “The ship that was carrying them is no longer responding to hails.” she said aloud which made her have a deep pit form in her stomach.


“They were last reported to be near the freighter we went to two weeks ago.” she said to them. “We don’t know what has happened to the Santos or the doctor. With that being said Mr. Zolath. Bring us to yellow alert, weapons hot. Prepare a zero-g assault team just in case.” she spoke, issuing him his orders. “Yes, ma’am.” he responded to her.

“Captain, we are approaching the target.” Enzo cut in. They came to a sudden stop in front of a derelict Constitution III-class ship, battle damage was evident across its hull. 

“Number One, scan the ship for any life signs.” Nitus said to her. T’Soni turned from the viewscreen to her console, she then tapped at the screen before turning her attention to Nitus. “I’m reading thirty life signs aboard.” 

“Hail them.” Nitus said to her. “Hailing, Captain.” She responded. T’Soni tapped at her console before turning back to face Nitus and nodding.


“This is Commander Nitus of the USS Kison, do you read me.” She said, waiting for a response from her hand came to rescue. “We read you, Kision, ” a feminine voice said.  Nitus sat there waiting on the imagine to show up on the screen as she couldn’t believe the voice she heard.  

The screen flickered then she was greeted by an all too familiar face. “Nitus, it’s good to hear your voice.” the woman said. “Scar!? What are you doing here?” Nitus said, stunned to see her old friend  “I was tasked with commanding this ship to escort a Doctor by the name of Zinn. He’s been captured by the Breen they were using Dominion ships.” Scarlett responded.


“So they’re working together again?” Nitus questioned. “It would appear so, Ni.” Scarlett responded. Nitus smiled at her, calling her by her old nickname. “What do you want us to do?” She asked.  

“I’ve already sent out a priority signal so we should be joined shortly. The Santos will be taken to Starbase 514. Where they will repair it and put it back into service.” Scarlett said before being interrupted by Enzo. 


“Ma’am there are three incoming signals” he said urgently before sighing and adding “they’re Federation.” 


The USS Xyston a Galaxy-class, USS Hawk a Inquiry-class, and the USS Bishop an Nebula-class dropped out of warp. 

“Captain, we’re being hailed.” T’Soni said to Nitus waiting for her response. “Open the channel, number one.” She said to her.  

“Kision, what are you doing here?” The Captain of the Hawk asked bitterly. “Commodore Ekwueme tasked us with investigating what happened to Santos.” She responded, trying not to sound rude.

“All ships with is Captain Christopher Davenport of the USS Xyston. Commanders of the Hawk, Bishop, Kison, and Santos report to the Xyston for briefing. XOs are welcome. Davenport, out.” He said before signing off.


“Yes, Sir on my way” Scarlett responded. “Yes, Captain” Nitus responded. “Yes, Sir” the CO of the Hawk said. They all signed off.  

Nitus stood from her seat. “Mr. Zolath, the chair is yours. Number one with me.” She said to them.


Nitus, and T’Soni walked off the bridge and went to the transporter room. They walked on to the transporter pad. Nitus nodded to the officer at the station signaling to them to energize. The familiar hum and the blinding blue glow of Federation transporters clouded their senses. They were then reconstructed on the Xyston. They stepped off the pad and were greeted by a rigelian female in a red uniform.

“Commander Nitus, Lieutenant Commander T’Soni. I’m Commander Kate Davis, the First Officer aboard. Please follow me to the conference room.” she said to them. “Lead the way, Commander.” Nitus respondes. 

They walked out of the transporter room and down the hallway. They turned a corner and walked down to the turbolift. They stepped on board, and then Kate spoke. “Bridge.” she said, and the computer beeped in response. “Kate, can I ask you something?” Nitus asked her. 

“What is it, Commander?” she responded, as she turned to face her. “What is your rigelian name?” Nitus asked her, trying not to seem insensitive. “My rigelian name is Koseisheed, Commander.” Nitus stood there looking at the ground before looking up at Kate. “Koseisheed?” she attempted to say it right. Kate smiled at her signaling that she had indeed said it correctly.

“You know you are the first person to say it right on your first try.” Kate said. “Really!? What’s the average?” Nitus asked playfully. “Usually they give up around their ninth try.” she said to her. “So not much of a comparison, huh?” Nitus asked jokingly.


“Yeah.” Kate responded giggling slightly. The turbolift beeped and the doors opened. They walked off of the turbolift and onto the bridge of the Xyston. Nitus stood there awestruck at its beauty. “Commander” Kate spoke before continuing. “This way.” she said as she stood on the other side of the bridge motioning to the door with T’Soni stood next to her. 

Nitus walked through the door to a hallway then walked down to the first door and Nitus walked inside. Once inside she could see that Scarlett, and Captain Davenport were already seated at the table. They looked at the door to see who it was. Scarlett upon seeing Nitus smiled and walked over to her. She then gave Nitus a hug which Nitus graciously took.


“It’s so good to see you, Ni.” Scarlett said to her, while smiling. “It’s good to see you to, Scar.” Nitus responded. They heard someone clear their throat and looked over to see Christopher was standing only a few steps away. “Commander Nitus, it’s good to finally meet you.” he said to her. 

Nitus looked at him confused then you continued. “I find it admirable that you defended that freighter with a Raven-class and still managed to get away. Very impressive, Commander.” He said to her smiling. She smiled back at him.

“Look at you, Ni. You’ve already gotten a reputation.” Scarlett said smiling to Nitus nuding her shoulder slightly. “It would appear so, Scar.” Nitus responded to her nuding her back.


“Please,” Christopher said before continuing “Have a seat, Commanders.” Nitus sat down across from Scarlett with T’Soni sitting next to her. The doors opened and the Captain of the Hawk walked in followed by his XO. Nitus noticed the ridges on his forehead and knew that he was a klingon; she also saw the three pips that were on his collar. Once on board he looked at Nitus in pure disgust as if he had seen a cockroach on the floor.


Christopher took notice and stood up. He walked over to him and extended his hand in an attempt to ease the tension. “Commander M’Ras welcome to the Xyston.” M’Ras shook his hand.  

“Thank you, Captain.” he said to him, forming what appeared to have been a smile. “It is good to be aboard a Galaxy-class ship again.” he said smirking glazing at Nitus. “You served aboard one before?” Christopher asked him. “Yes, sir. I was born on the USS Arquitens, and then served aboard for five years before being reassigned.” he said. “Althoght it is good to be aboard one once more.” 

“It’s good to have you aboard. Please.” he said. “Have a seat.” M’Ras nodded and walked on the other side of the table, he sat down near Scarlet. The doors opened again and the captain of the Bishop walked in. She looked to be human but had vulcan ears with long black wavy hair.


“Captain Devenport!” she said exited almost running into him for a hug much to the surprise of everyone else in the room including T’Soni even though you couldn’t tell by looking at her face. 

“Welcome back to the Xyston, Christana.” he said, hugging her back in a long overdue hug.

“It is sooo good to be back aboard, Captain.” she said before pulling away. Then she looked around. And started nodding before looking back at Christopher. “I have messed this place. Though the Bishop is a Nebula it just can’t beat the Xyston.”


Nitus then cleared her throat causing Christopher and Christana to turn and look at them. “Oh that’s right. Umm, Christana have seat we need to discuss something very important.”

“Starfleet Command has tasked us to go after a doctor. He is of the utmost priority and we must begin our preparations at once to retrieve him. Nitus you and Christana are tasked with exploring the southern edge of Dominion occupied space. Starfleet Intelligence assumes that he will be someone near breen space. M’Ras you and Commander Holland will go to the northern edge, the Xyston will be in the middle and don’t worry we will be joined by a Duderstadt-class for additional support.” 

“What about me, Captain? The Santos is too heavily damaged to be of any assistance.” Scarlet said to him. “Don’t worry a new Connie is coming to take you and the rest of the Santos crew. And commander please don’t break this one too.” he said smirking. Scarlet smiled back. “I’ll try not to, Captain.” she said. 

“Nitus their will be two Inquiry-class ships close by incase you or Christiana need it. We are sending you to the lion’s den. Be careful and watch each other’s backs. That goes for all of you. Understood?” he asked them. They all nodded in response. “Good, dismissed.” he said before standing up. Nitus and T’Soni followed suit when they were about to walk out when M’Ras stepped in their path.


“Move.” Nitus said angrily. M’Ras took a step forward to the point where he was only a few centimeters away from her, “Number One, go to the ship.” she said through gritted teeth. “Yes, Captain.” T’Soni walked outside the door. 

“I’ve missed you, Ni.” he said, smiling slightly. Nitus sighed heavily “As much as I hate you. I’ve missed you too.” she said looking around making sure no one heard her before looking at him again. Nitus looked down trying to avoid his stare. “Don’t look at me like that.” she said to him, blushing slightly.


He then put his finger under her chin and made her look at him. “Don’t look away when we are talking.” he said to her softly. “What if I don’t want to look at you?” she asked him looking at his eyes then to his lips then back to his eyes. “Don’t tempt me, Ni. Remember the last time that happened.” he said to her his lips inches for hers.


She then gasped and backed away. She smiled slightly then said. “Careful now, Commander. The human in you is starting to show.” she said to him playfully. Knowing that it would tick him off.


“I’m going to choose to let that slide, Ni. But when you are ready to talk. You know how to reach me.” he said before walking away. Scarlett then came up from behind Nitus spun around to face her where she could see her huge smile.

“What. Was. That, Ni.” she asked her. Nitus looked puzzled then it clicked. “That was my old boyfriend. We dated a long time ago back when I was an ensign.” she said dryly. “That didn’t look like what an old boyfriend. It looked to me like that were sparks.” she said smirking at Nitus. “No. No. No, me and M’Ras are completely done we have been their and we have done that. Never again.” Nitus responded before she tried to leave then Scarlett stepped in her path. “Ni, I can clearly see that you and him still have something. You should try and explore it but no pressure.” Scarlett said while smiling slightly and nodding. Nitus nodded in return then Scarlett turned and left the room.


Nitus once again moved to walk out of the room then Christina ran up next to her. “Hi, my name is Christina Davis, Commander in charge of the USS Bishop.” she said sticking her hand out to shake Nitus’. Nitus looked at her puzzled. “I know what your thinking. Why does she have vulcan ears but act so human? It’s because I was raised by humans. My mother passed away during my birth and my father and my aunt raised me and my younger brother.” 

“Intriguing.” Christina said aloud. You appear to be romulan but you carry different attributes of different species as well. If you don’t mind my asking. What are you?” she asked her. Nitus breathed trying to remember what her father said about her mother. “My mother was part human and klingon, and my father was romulan. So fifty percent of my genetics are romulan, twenty-five human and twenty-five klingon.” she said to me.


“Ladies. As much as I would love to hear the rest of your genetic makeup. We need to get underway as soon as possible. Please get to your ships.” Christopher said softly, trying not to sound hostile. They both looked at him and nodded before walking out. The whole way to the transporter room they talked to each other and got to know each other they both explained their childhood, and even their time in the academy. Upon Nitus’ departure she turned to Christana and said to her something she had been waiting for her entire life.


“Live, long and prosper.” she said to him before making her fingers do the vulcan salute. Christana smiled visibly, starting to tear up, and then she responded in kind. Then the hum of a Federation transporter filled the room and the blue light shined brightly.


Captain’s Personal Log. We have been assigned to go into Dominion occupied space. The crew is unaware of this but I have to tell them. I just hope they are ready for what is up ahead. I hope I’m ready.

  • Nitus

    Commanding Officer

  • T'Soni

    Executive Officer / Chief Science Officer