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Part of USS Marduk: Secret Rescues and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Secret Rescues Pt. 5 (Secret Comms Pt. 3)

Black Cluster
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Sparks flew from the corridor ceiling, showering down on the unconscious form of Dr. Harper.  Around the corner, a Breen soldier marched, unopposed in his route through the ship.

Elsewhere, in Engineering, Cruger and Cooper lay across the consoles, the warp core dimming as it powered down.  A pair of Breen engineers investigating the core step right past the unconscious officers.

Desiree Rios held her phaser rifle at the ready, pointed at the only entryway to the bridge.  “Sir, I don’t know how long we can hold them.”

“You won’t let me down Ex.” came the voice of the captain. “It’s only until I can reengage the engines to get us out of here, then I’ll be up there to assist.  You just need to be ready to hit the button to take us to warp.”

An hour later…

“So, Captain, how’d they get you?” the sarcasm in Desiree’s voice was thicker than cold gagh.

“You know, it’s the darndest thing, I popped out of the jeffreys tube and got hit before I even knew they were in there.”

“I know, I watched on the monitor as you popped up facing the wrong direction.”

 Back at the workerbee

James Olivet was working on his solution.  He cannibalized the nearby defunct comms array for parts, and over the past hour had managed to make a partially functional delta wave generator.  Attaching it to the bee was a bit harder than he thought it’d be, but with the addition of a smaller comms antenna, his project was finished.

Now if it’d only hold until he got to the crew.  The last time he tried this was the Henshin II project.  He pointed the nose of the bee at the still visible Plesh Tral ship in the distance.  “Engage”

He would later describe this part as being much more dramatic than the overworked thrusters inching the bee towards its final destination.

It took about thirty minutes for the bee to reach the position.  Once there Olivet donned the emergency flight suit and set the generator’s timer.  Three seconds should do it. He pulled the door’s latch, ejecting himself into space.




The Delta generator kicked in, and the antenna began spinning the delta waves at the nose of the bee like a spider’s spinneret.  Olivet grabbed hatch doors on the Marduk and braced himself.  This part should be done in-

With an imagined might crash, the Wave Generator Launched the coalesced waves forwards at near light speed, right into the hangar of the Plesh Tral ship.  The devastation was immense, as the delta waves unspun and began unraveling the DNA of any unfortunate enough to be within 67 meters of the generator.  Luckily, delta waves aren’t able to survive in a vacuum, so he and the Marduk was quite safe.  The bee, however, was not so lucky, as the pure force being unleashed burned out the batteries on both the bee and the delta wave generator before spinning the unfortunate craft off into space, likely never to be seen again.

Olivet saluted.  The brave little craft would probably be forgotten, but it had served its purpose.  Then he turned to the airlock and began working on opening it.


  • I love the character development of Desiree and how Olivet is creative with his surroundings in this post. It keeps the attention of the reader with the post. Wonderful job!

    June 3, 2023
  • Unknown Author

    Your story is so well done. The characters were beautifully portrayed, and the writing was truly captivating. Thank you for sharing this great piece of storytelling.

    June 6, 2023