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Part of USS Kison (Archive): Episode 1 | The Encounter and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

The Encounter | Act Three

USS Kison: Bridge | Civilian Freighter: Bridge
Stardate 24017.4, 1605
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Captain’s Log, Supplemental. I had the ship redirect to a civilian freighter that was in distress. What happened to them is unknown but I can only assume that it has something to do with this so-called ‘Lost Fleet’.

The Kison is still at warp heading for the civilian freighter. Nitus is seated in her chair looking at a PADD thing about if she made the right decisions to redirect towards the freighter.

“Ma’am,” Enzo spoke to her. “We have arrived.” They come out of warp and are greeted by a civilian freight that has a massive hole in it and its cargo is floating around it.

“Number One, scan for any life signs even if it’s faint. Enzo brings us in closer. Arva prepare a security team to go investigate.” Nitus said to them, giving them their orders. “Yes, Captain,” they said to her in response.

“Captain, I’m showing multiple signs of life,” T’Soni said to her. “How many are we talking, Number One?” she questioned. “It appears to be three humans, two vulcans, and a romulan.” T’Soni responded to her question.

“Number One, Arva you two will lead an away time over to the ship. Locate the survivors, apply aid if necessary and get yourselves and the crew back to the Kison.” she stated them. “Yes, Captain.” They responded in unison.

They both stood from their seats and walked off of the bridge to the airlock with four security officers joining them.

Over on the Civilian Freighter

“There appears to be a federation ship nearby.” one of the humans stated. “Good, we need to get out of here before those ships return to finish us off.” another human said.

“It appears to be a Raven-class corvette. One of Starfleet’s smallest ships,” one of the vulcans said while looking at a display.

“Great, so they sent a dinghy to rescue us,” one of the humans said sarcastically. “I know that ship,” one of the romulans said, causing everyone to look back over to him.

“You know the ship?” A human questioned the romulan. “Yes. It’s the USS Kision. It rescued me and my crew a few weeks ago. The captain is one Commander Nitus, a half breed.” He said with emphasis on the half breed.

“Can we trust him?” One of the humans asked. “She may be a half breed but she does what’s right and always follows her gut.” the romulan replied.

A loud bang can be heard outside the door interrupting their conversation causing them to jump, then look at each other. The door then shoots open and T’Soni, Arva, and a team of security officers can be seen with phasers in hand.

They look relieved, and sigh heavily.

Over on the Kison

“They are all safe, no injuries. We should redirect back to Farpoint once we are back aboard.” T’Soni said to Nitus dryly. “Understood, Number One. Get back here as soon as possible. Nitus out,” she said to her in response.

“Ma’am, I’m picking up multiple incoming warp signatures.” Enzo paused then gulped. “They appear to be dominion.” He says before turning back to look at her with concern written all over his face.

“Shields up red alert. Get Mr. Zolath back over here immediately. Comms send out a priority message we’re about to engage the lost fleet. Relay to all frequencies and languages.”

Captain’s Personal Log: Upon arriving at the stranded ship we are awaiting our first encounter with this Lost Fleet. I know I made the right decision to help them but will it be at the expense of my crew.


  • It's excited to read about the Kison getting into action on a mission of mercy. You've presented Nitus in a sympathetic manner, struggling with the classic captain's struggle of doing the right thing and the risk it creates for her crew. I wonder how she'll continue to navigate that journey. Even more so as the Kison is about to engage a Dominion fleet directly!

    May 17, 2023