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Part of USS Kison (Archive): Episode 1 | The Encounter and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

The Encounter | Act One

Starbase 375: Deck 1, Admiral's Office | USS Kison: Bridge
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Captain’s Log Stardate 24017.4. The Kison is currently en route to Starbase 375, to receive new orders. With the emergence of the so-called ‘Lost Fleet’ I have become increasingly worried about venturing into these sectors. But nevertheless command has tasked us with ensuring every installation and ship in the area is fully stocked, for what I can only assume is big.

Nitus walks on to the bridge of the Kison. A whistle blows in the background, Nitus walks over to the center chair and sits down as she looks to her right towards T’Soni.

“Number One, open a channel to Starbase 38” she spoke plainly to her while sitting in the captain’s chair. “Channel, open,” she responded.

“Control, this is Kison requesting permission to dock,” she said.

“Kison, this is Control permission to dock granted. Welcome aboard Commander,” they replied.

The ship approaches Starbase 375, and docks to the station.

“Number One, Zahir with me. Enzo, the bridge is yours.” she said to them while standing up and walking off of the bridge followed closely by T’Soni and Arva.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said while getting up to sit in the chair with an officer coming to replace him at the helm console.

Nitus, T’Soni, and Arva walk into the ship’s airlock, they walk through the corridor inbetween the ship and the station and then into the station. Once aboard they are inside of a lounge they look around and go to a turbolift an officer just walked out of.

“Deck 1,” Nitus spoke plainly, the lift beeped in response then started moving. “I wonder why command has made us come here,” she questioned.

“Probably another resupply mission,” Arva responded.

“Agreed, mostly likely to Farpoint or Starbase 514. Due to the emergence of this so-called ‘Lost Fleet’ that has been rumored through the ranks. I have been dreading our vessel venturing near this area of space. We don’t know what to expect with this fleet seeing how it’s been some time since we have seen them but only a blink since they have seen us,” she stated to her officers.

“I’m inclined to agree, Captain.” T’Soni said, causing both Nitus and Arva to look at her intently. “I have been analyzing reports from those who have encountered this fleet. They are a formidable force, if we were to encounter just one of these ships the probability of winning is extremely low.”

“The Kison is strong. She might not have the speed of a Defiant or the strength of Inquiry or even the firepower of a Sovereign but she is tough and can withstand anything,” Zahir countered.

Just as T’Soni was about to respond to him, the turbolift doors opened up. They see standing in front of them, Admiral Rae Davidson.

“A- a- admiral Davidson!?” Nitus questioned with confusion very evident in her voice.

“Follow me please,” she said to them, smiling.

They stepped out of the turbolift and began following Rae down the corridor. They walk into the Admiral’s Office, and sit at a circular table in the right corner of the room.

“If I may, Admiral?” Nitus questioned her. “Yes, Commander” Rae responded.

“Where are we delivering the supplies. Also with all due respect what are you doing here? The last I heard of you were liasoning with the Klingons to discuss allowing us to venture through their territory.” she said, looking at the three officers before focusing back on Nitus.

“First I’m tasking you and your crew with traveling to Farpoint Station, and Starbase 38 and give them the supplies that is currently being loaded onto your ship.” she stated before continuing.

“As for what I’m doing here the talks with the Kliongs didn’t end well so the command made me the commanding officer of this station,” stated before continuing. “I’m sure you already know about the fleet of Dominion ships that have emerged. Command is task other ships with leading the front so you as well as other ships like yours are benign task with resupply and some SAR,” She states to them looking at the three of them.

Nitus looked nerves before asking, “What do you mean SAR?”

“Ships have been coming caught in inoti Nebula, and Black Cluster. Theirs also rumors that the First Federation has began to attack our ships that come to close to their space.

Nitus nods as she speaks, then looks at the other officers and stands up. “Understood, Admiral. We will be careful and check in in three hours. Rae responded by saying to her, “Of course. It was a pleasure.” she put her hand out for Nitus to shake.

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Admiral.” she said to her in response while shaking her hand. Rae then shakes T’Soni’s and then Arva’s. Nitus nods to her then turns to leave the office followed by her officers.

“Was that not your mother?’ Arva questioned.

“Indeed it was, Lieutenant.” Nitus responded unfazed. They continued to walk down the halls until they reached the turbolift they had only left moments ago they walked inside. 

“Docking Bay 3.”  Nitus spoke and the turbolift beeped then started moving.

“If I may, Commander?” Arva questioned

Just as she was about to answer, Nitus’ combadge beeps. “Hold that thought,” she said before taping the badge. “Nitus, here.” Enzo’s voice came through “Ma’am the supplies is aboard, we are ready to leave as soon as you arrive.”

“Copy, Ensign. We will be there in two. prepare the ship for departure,” She said to him. “Yes, Ma’am. De Niro out,” He said to her before the transmission ended. The turbolift doors opened and they walked out into the lounge, through the corridor, back on to the ship. They immediately go to the bridge. The doors open and they walk to their stations. Upon seeing Nitus is back aboard Enzo stands up going back to his station at the helm console.

Nitus sits down and clicks a button on the chair which opens a channel to the entire ship “Departure, stations everyone.” 

She looks over to T’Soni and says “Number One. Open a channel to the dock master.” T’Soni clicks a few buttons then nods signaling to her telling her the channel is open.

“Control, this is Kison requesting permission to depart,” she says.

“Kison, this is Control permission to departure granted. Godspeed Kison,” She replied.

“Enzo, clear us of all moorings. Set course one quarter impulse power,” she spoke to him. “Yes, Ma’am,” he replied. The ship disconnects from the starion and begins to move away from it.

“Set a course for heading 359 mark 45.7, warp factor eight.” Lucas lays in the course standing by for the order to leave. “Step on it,” she said to him.

The ship then took off at warp eight leaving the station behind and heading to the Deneb sector.

Captain’s Personal Log: Admiral Davidson has given us our orders. I do not like them at all. This ‘Lost Fleet’ is of great concern for me. With little to no information from command we are going into the danger zone and we are  blind. The admiral has given us barely any information so we are stuck with learning what we can in the field. 


  • I'm so excited to read about the USS Kison entering the Fleet Action and taking first flight in Bravo Fleet! You did a good job of conveying Captain Nitus' sense of dread regarding the Lost Fleet. Not every commanding officer is comfortable with sharing their authentic feelings with their crew. I'm so curious to read more about how Nitus' command style, and camaraderie with her crew, will show up in the mission ahead!

    May 6, 2023