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Part of USS Gagarin: The Unknown

5 – The Unkown

Captain's Ready Room / Observation Lounge - USS Gagarin
January 2401
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It’s been a few days since the crew arrived on board the Gagarin and they have yet to receive any orders. Tajir had woken up earlier than normal as he could not fall back asleep, so he decided to get the day started early. After getting dressed and grabbing something quick to eat from the replicator as well as his coffee he left his quarters, he began his journey down the corridor towards the turbolift.

“Bridge,” came his reply as he entered the lift and the doors closed behind him. A few moments later the lift began to move toward its destination. Standing there staring off towards the door though not looking at anything in particular, he was lost in thought and began to wonder what might lay ahead of them.

“You alright sir?” An ensign spoke up as he didn’t realize that the lift had stopped.

Snapping out of his trance he smiled at the ensign, “perfectly.” Tajir replied as he tugged on his jacket before exiting the lift, the ensign nodded and entered the lift after him. He walked further onto the bridge as Tilana stood up from the chair she had been sitting in. She too was known to be an early riser, he walked up to her as she held out a padd for him to review.

“Thank you,” Tajir replied as he took a short glance at the contents to see what it was before he looked back at the commander. “I am going to work in my office for a while. you have the bridge,” Tajir said.

“Understood,” Tilana replied with a smile before sitting back down in the chair that she was sitting at.

Tajir had made the short distance to where his ready room was located and walked in, he had spent some time the day before making it his own. He knew he would probably be here for the long haul, he was happy with that. Sitting down at the desk that was near the middle of the office setting his cup of coffee on the desk. He began to read the status report that his first officer handed him.

Just as he was getting started his commbadge went off, “bridge to Captain Derohl.” Came the voice of the ship’s Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Khadija Crayton.

Taking a deep breath before setting the padd down on the desk and tapped his badge, “go ahead .” Tajir said in reply as he sat there looking up, even though no one was in the room it was a habit he had that he always looked up whether they were physically there or not.

“You have an incoming transmission from Fleet Captain Azras Dex of the USS Saratoga,” Khadija replied.

“Patch it through to my ready room,” Tajir ordered.

“Aye sir,” she replied before ending the comm channel.

After a few moments, the computer beeped, tapping the console his holographic projectors came to life as a lifelike image of Azras appeared at the front of his desk. It was as if she was there in person, “what do I owe this pleasure, sir?” Tajir asked looking at her.

She gave her best smile despite what she was feeling, putting up a facade of everything being alright when in reality it wasn’t. “Congratulations on your new command,” Azras began. “I have a few things to discuss with you, though one will be your first set of orders.” She said looking at Tajir as she stood there.

“First off the Gagarin is being assigned to my squadron with the Saratoga being its flagship, you will report directly to me. I will also be the one relaying orders, and anything you could think of.” Azras began as she looked at him for a moment.

Raising an eyebrow, though he had no objection as he thought that this could benefit the both of them with a ship like the Saratoga and with the Gagarin caring a dozen Valkyrie-class fighters. Tajir had briefly worked with Dex before he was promoted, so at least he would be working with someone he already knew. “Understood sir,” came his reply after a few moments of silence had passed though he didn’t realize that he hadn’t said anything right away.

Azras tapped a few buttons on the console that was located on her desk before looking back at Tajir. “I am sending you detailed information on your mission, which I will let you just read the details then me explaining,” Azras spoke up as Tajir noticed the incoming information. “What I will tell you is that you are being sent within the former Romulan Star Empire, specifically to the planet Rhijun,” Azras said looking at him.

Tajir began to read the information as Azras was speaking and raised an eyebrow at what he was reading. “Wouldn’t that be something along for the Saratoga to respond to?” Tajir asked as he looked at her for a moment.

“Normally yes, but due to the damage the ship sustained during the situation within the Delta Quadrant, it is not possible for the Saratoga to respond as she is heading for Starbase 93 for repairs and resupply. So, you were the best one to send at this time.” Azras responded to his question.

Tajir nodded as it made sense, he had read about the situation that had taken place though he didn’t realize that things had gotten that bad. “Understood,” Tajir replied as he continued his reading.

“I am going to be assigning my Senior Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer to the Gagarin for this mission,” Azras added which caused him to stop reading and look back up at Azras. He was about to speak up when Azras just raised her hand to stop him. 

“It is only temporary, they are there to assist your team.” Azras replied, “it will also help with morale on Rhijun to see a couple of familiar faces as we had assisted their planet during the fall of the Star Empire fiasco last year.” Azras added, “Commander Zoran has experience with this type of plague and Commander Atur will assist your science team to figure out how this started and hopefully come up with a way to stop it before it spreads to other worlds.” Azras said as she finished speaking.

Tajir sat there for a few moments taking in all that he was hearing and reading, he wondered what had caused this plague as well. “Understood,” Tajir finally spoke up looking at the captain. “When do want us to depart?” He asked.

“As soon as the supplies are loaded onboard the Gagarin,” Azras replied. “My officers will be onboard shortly, and they have been instructed to follow your instructions during their time onboard,” Azras replied giving him full authority to call the shots when needed, just because they were her officers doesn’t mean they were not going to listen to another commanding officer.

“Understood,” Tajir replied.

“Any further questions?” Azras asked looking at him.

“Not at this time, we will get underway as soon as possible,” Tajir replied.

“Great,” Azras said before the holographic image disappeared from his ready room.

Sitting there for a few minutes still processing everything before going back to read all the files that Azras had sent him. After he finished he tapped his commbadge, “All senior staff report to the conference room in thirty minutes.” Tajir replied before ending the channel. He spent began to spend some time preparing for the staff meeting and had gotten word from the starbase that the supplies has begun to be transferred over to the Gagarin.

Time had passed by and most of the senior staff had already arrived though earlier than the given time. “I wonder what this is about?” Asked Zann Raro breaking the silence that had filled the room.

“Probably getting our first set of orders, Starbase 93 has started to send over supplies that are not a part of ours.” Replied Zilan looking back at the Bolian woman. “I also heard we are getting two officers that are being temporarily assigned to the ship,” she replied.

“I am sure we will find out as soon as the Captain arrives,” Tilana responded as the two officers looked at the first officer.

Aleish Trol had sat there quietly listening to the officers when the doors opened to reveal the chief engineer. Ashatia had stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the Cardassian officer in the room. She huffed and walked over to the empty chair which caused Trol to raise an eyebrow but brushed it off. She was used to reactions from Bajorans, she didn’t let things bother her.

Dedre and Kriia both looked at each other for a brief moment before turning their attention to the doors as they opened to reveal Tajir along with two officers in teal uniforms walking in. The two new arrivals took their seats at the observation room table and nodded to the others in the room.

“Thank you all for your promptness in reporting,” Tajir began looking at everyone in the room though he raised an eyebrow at his chief engineer who seemed like she couldn’t be bothered. Tajir would address that at a later time, right now he had a briefing to discuss.

“First, before I get into the main part of our briefing.” Tajir began looking at everyone, “The Gagarin has been assigned to be a part of a squadron lead by Fleet Captain Azras Dex of the USS Saratoga,” Tajir said.

“What does that mean for us?” Tilana asked.

“We will be working together alongside the Odyssey-class ship from time to time and will directly report to her,” Tajir responded.

“Understood,” Tilana replied.

Moving onto his second point of their briefing he began tapping a few buttons on the console that was located on the table where he sat, he brought up the information. “We have our first mission,” Tajir began looking at them. “A few worlds within the former Star Empire have somehow contracted the Terrellian Plague and have asked for help from Starfleet.” Tajir began which caused Commander Tilana to raise an eyebrow at the news.

“We are being dispatched to the planet Rhijun to assist with humanitarian aid, assisting with helping distribute the cure, providing food and other supplies.” Tajir began as he continued to talk about their mission in more detail. After he was done speaking he turned his attention to both the two new officers that were in the room.

“Commander Teila Zoran the Senior Chief Medical Officer and Commander Jeesa Atur Chief Science Officer onboard the USS Saratoga have been temporarily assigned to the ship for this mission. Zoran has experience with dealing with this type of plague and can assist Commander Kriia and her medical team in treating those afflicted.” Tajir said as the two officers nodded to those in the room.

“Atur will be working with Lieutenant Commander Rar with figuring out how this even started and putting a stop to it before it spreads to other worlds,” Tajir said looking at everyone as everyone just listened to what was being said.

“We do not have the medical facilities on the ship to deal with this kind of problem,” Kriia spoke up.

“There is a hospital on the planet that you will be able to use,” Zoran spoke up before Tajir was able to. “The Saratoga spent much time assisting the people of Rhijun last year during the fall of the Star Empire including building a hospital,” Teila replied looking at Kriia hopefully answering her question.

Tajir nodded at Zoran’s answer, “Once we get the supplies we will be departing Starbase 93, heading towards Rhijun. Upon arrival, the away team will consist of Commander Kriia and her medical team, Lieutenant Commander Trol and her security team, as well as Lieutenant Ch’vhirol and the Hazard team.” Tajir began before taking a breath.

“Understood sir,” they replied in unison at their orders.

“Zoran will of course accompany the medical team while Atur will be the only one beaming down to gather the information to send back to the science team to begin their investigation.” Tajir said as he took a breath before turning to Commander Tilana, “You will be leading the away team Commander,” he replied.

“Understood,” Tilana replied.

“Any questions?” Tajir asked looking at the others.

After a few moments and no one spoke up, “alright you are dismissed we will depart within the hour.” Tajir replied as everyone got up from their chairs and began to exit the observation lounge. Tajir sat there letting out a huge sigh once everyone had left, thinking of what they will be facing. The crew was new, he only knew a few officers from previous assignments. He would see how they worked together to solve this problem and hopefully help those people who would be counting on them to help. After a few minutes, he stood up from his chair and exited the conference room to return to the bridge.


  • Another one knocked out of the park! I loved the opening paragraphs purely because it captures early morning starts very well. The need for caffeine, the early morning stares and the wandering thoughts. The interaction between Dex and Tajir while being friendly enough also ensured required information was relayed promptly and efficiently. Being able to successfully shut down protests effectively and concisely with stellar reasoning is a true asset and testament to her command abilities. The briefing was also very well written allowing a view into the inner workings of the crew and motivations behind them while effectively writing in the guest characters and getting them integrated into the rest of the crew. Im excited to see what's next for the crew of the Gagarin and how they tackle the situation before them on Rhijun.

    April 2, 2023