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3 – The Unknown

Promenade - Devron Fleet Yards / Main Lounge - USS Gagarin
January 2401
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Starbase 93, better known as Devron Fleet Yards within the Devron sector, was a hub of activity. Being so close to the old Romulan Neutral Zone they tend to get a lot of traffic. The headquarters of Task Force 93 and humanitarian efforts, made the starbase even busier. It was a starbase that Dedre didn’t think she would get to see again since her last assignment was stationed in the Delta Quadrant.

Sitting at one of the local coffee shops, she reviewed her reassignment orders again while drinking her coffee. She knew the captain, she had served with him while he was the executive officer of the Vesta. She was surprised that he requested her as his chief science officer.

As she sat there lost in thought she saw a middle-aged Caitian walk by, snapping out of it she recognized that officer. “Commander Kriia!” Dedre said which caused Kriia to stop and look in the direction of the person who called her name.

“Dedre, what a pleasant surprise,” Kriia said with a smile as she walked over to join her. “What brings you here?” She asked taking a seat next to her.

“I got reassigned, just having a cup of coffee before reporting to the ship. What about you?” Dedre asked as she took a sip of her drink.

“I am about to go pack up my office here on the station as I have been reassigned as well,” Kriia responded.

“Oh, where to?” Dedre asked.

“The USS Gagarin,” she responded which caused Dedre to get a bit excited.

“Me too!” Dedre said with excitement in her voice that they would be serving together once again. 

“Well isn’t that just great!” Kriia said with a smile as she had enjoyed their time together on the Vesta. Though they were sad to leave the ship, they both had their reasons and felt it was for the best with how the situation went during the mission they were on. Though Tajir was the first officer at the time he was much in the dark as the rest of them and was just following orders. She held no ill will against him and would be good to now serve under him.

They continued to chat amongst themselves until they realized it was getting late. “Shoot I better get to my office to finish packing,” Kriia replied after she looked at the time.

Dedre nodded as they lost track of time catching up, “I can help you if you like?” She offered with a smile as it was partially her fault for keeping her so long chatting.

“Sure why not,” Kriia replied with a smile as the two of them got up from the table they were sitting at. They made their way through the crowd toward where the infirmaries were located. Upon arrival, Kriia noticed that the crates were there as she requested and smiled. The two continued to chat while they worked on boxing up all of Kriia’s belongings to be transferred over to the Gagarin.

Lieutenant Ashev Ch’vhirol had just arrived on board after receiving his new assignment, he would be both the chief of watch and hazard team leader. He had extensive experience with hazard teams so they felt he would be a good fit on the Gagarin. Once he got settled he decided that he was going to meet the rest of the hazard team. He could have a formal meeting, he thought that wouldn’t feel right at least not at the moment.

He invited them to some drinks in the ship’s main lounge, after sending off the invitations Ashev walked into his bedroom and began to get ready. After a while, he came out wearing a nice shirt and pants, nothing fancy just something comfortable. Walking out of his quarters he began to walk down the corridor towards the lift that would take him to the lounge.

Nolash Tal and Ch’Tor had previously served together on their last assignment. “What do you think of the new ship?” Ch’Tor asked as he took a sip of his drink while they waited for the others to arrive.

Tal looked at him and huffed, the Tellerite looked at his companion. “She is sure different than the Nova-class ship we were assigned to. I am sure we will have way more excitement on the Gagarin.” Nolash replied with a hefty laugh before taking a swig of his drink.

“I sure hope so,” Ch’Tor replied with a laugh slapping his companion on the back which made Tal choke a tad.

The doors to the lounge opened to reveal Enja Arime walking through, followed closely behind were Savu and Deeli Brea. The three walked over to the bar to get their drinks and then were waved over by Ch’Tor. Soon after the doors opened to reveal Ashev who noticed that all were sitting at a table talking amongst each other.

After grabbing his drink he walked over to join the group, “thank you all for agreeing to join me tonight for some chit-chat and drinks before the fun begins.” Ashev said with a smile.

Enja was a young Bajoran woman who would have preferred to stay in her quarters than participate in casual drinks. Though she didn’t want to be rude, so she decided to come. “No worries, don’t mind meeting those who I would be working with during away missions,” Enja replied as she took a sip of her tea, she wasn’t much of a drinker.

Savu just shrugged as she took her drink, after she met with the chief engineer she needed a bit of a winding down. The Rigelian was usually the party person and life of the party, though tonight would not be one of those nights as she would just relax and chat more than party. “Should be fun the Gagarin is a very interesting ship,” Savu said with a shrug.

Deeli Brea was a happy-go-lucky person who enjoyed being around people no matter who it was. One could be the grumpiest person and she still enjoys being around them. “Wonder what our first mission will be, into Romulan space as I hear that things are even crazier since the fall of the Star Empire,” Brea commented as the others looked at her.

“Who knows, I am sure we will find out soon enough,” Tal spoke up.

“You’re right, I just like to guess and see if I am close,” Brea replied with a grin.

The group continued to chat and have a good time for the next few hours before heading off back to their quarters for some sleep. Some of them worked the alpha shift while others were on beta. Ashev decided to stay a while longer and have a couple more drinks before turning in for the night.


  • I do enjoy a good social occasion. These moments are generally very far and between, but offer a great degree of insight into what makes the crew tick. Not everything needs to be non stop action and stress and this allows for so many opportunities to expand and explore a new team dynamic. Can't wait to see what happens when the Hazard Team gets deployed and what you have in store for the crew next.

    March 8, 2023
  • Great work with the "Encounter at Farpoint" or "Emissary" vibes, gradually assembling the senior staff together. It's such a good choice for a lot of the characters to have pre-existing relationships; it's not like the characters were simply born yesterday because this is a new story on a new ship. I'm intrigued to learn more about the shared history between Dedre and Kriia; sounds like they had a rough go of it. I wonder how their bond will serve them on this new command??

    March 8, 2023