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Omega means the End

Back on the Ship
~late Oct. 2400
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Note: This is really disjointed, but wanted to wrap up loose ends, as much as I can. 

An hour later, Jamie had gotten his requested team assembled. A variety of volunteers, from redshirts to enlisted, including one medic and two security officers. A team of seven total people, four men and three women. Perfect. He escorted them into the briefing room. “Everyone, take a seat. I need to let you know that this mission might be dangerous. We don’t know what is out there-Astrometrics only had a short read for us today, due to an incoming storm.  If you are not ok with that, feel free to walk out. You will not be punished for that.” He paused for a moment, but no one stood. Good. Hopefully. “Ok. You will take a shuttle to the planet that we *believe* the aliens to be on. Once there, you will do your best to convince them to return to Sides, and if you can’t, you’ll return to the ship. If you CAN, you will escort them to Sides, get them set up, and then return. You have five days to do this. Lieutenant, you have the command of this.” He looked to Lt. T’Kol, the Vulcan operations officer. The man nodded his understanding. “Whatever you assign when you’re settled on the shuttle is your call. Who is my medic?” A young nurse raised her hand, the same nurse he’d run into a few days ago, assisting Roger. If he thought she was capable, she WAS. 

“Great, thanks. Ok, good luck out there.” The team stood, as did he. They left the area, and he returned to the helm. ———————————————————————-

The shuttle took only an hour, as it could do warp one and the planet wasn’t too far. The team landed, and went about their tasks. 


They were able to get five former residents of Sides to return, and set them up with a new start. Maggie and Ben enter a “will they/won’t they” THING that drives the Captain insane.