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Part of USS Issedon: Whisky Tango Foxtrot and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Paper Boats and Toy Soldiers

~Late oct 2400
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Back on the ship, security took the Devoran to the brig while Maggie filled in the command team on what Back on the ship, security took the Devoran to the brig while Maggie filled in the command team on what had happened and also why Ben wasn’t back with her. Captain Taylor relieved her for the day, and she headed for her quarters to sleep. The woman was relieved; she was exhausted but also had some things to think about.  

Captain Taylor himself went to the Brig. They didn’t have a JAG-why would they, being such a small ship and all? He hadn’t expected to see action like this…ever. Of course, that’s when things happened, wasn’t it? When you weren’t prepared. 

After a security guard let him in, he approached the man sitting at the table. “You know I will have to pursue this legally. You admitted to murder in front of two of my officers. Two of my officers who have no reason to lie about it. Particularly Cdr Johnson. He’s gunning for Captain in a few years, he would be STUPID to make up something like that.” He paused to give the Devore a chance to speak. You people always believe you’re better because you hide behind the uniform of the Federation of Planets. If you were *really* better, you would HELP people. 

Jamie considered a moment. “I do. I am staying here for now, not just to rescue my crew but to help those plants. And figure out what the hell is going on. My chief Counselor said they’re sentient. Sentient beings deserve at least our attention.” He considered telling the Devoran about his past, but thought better of it. Better to keep detached. “And you’ll notice we’re hardly the best or biggest ship in the Federation; the Isse is an old girl but a sturdy one.”  He watched the alien shrug again. I noticed. With unwelcoming accommodations for the worst of us. 

“Well. Three squares and a cot got me through basic training. I think you’ll be fine. Once we pull out of here, you’ll be transported to the nearest prison ship. What they do with you will be solely THEIR discretion, but I can make some calls. IF you make it worth my while.” He paused a beat, and pulled one of the crimson dilithium crystals from his pocket-Lt. LeFebvre had given him two. “Tell me what you want with these.” The Devoran raised an eyebrow. I just wanted to take one home. Show everyone. I could start a mining operation, you see. Make a killing. 

“Ah, that’s the issue here. Killing. Why did you need to kill the man you did to access these? And what the hell IS it, anyway?” He’d sent the other sample down to the labs for the science team to do whatever they did with their microscopes and stuff. Dilithium. Of a new origin. No idea how it got this far out. I’ve been trailing it since…well. THe Beta quadrant. I think…the color comes from a new compound. I call it Blood Dilthium but I guess the species that don’t bleed might prefer something else. And I had to kill him to kill the plants. The dilithium grew beneath them. 

Jaime just shrugged. Frankly, he thought the idea of alien blood, while once appealing to the man, when he wore a younger man’s clothes, turned his stomach but he wouldn’t let it slip. “Interesting.” He replaced the jewel in his pocket, to pass on to the Science team.  “I am going to let Ms. Clark in the Chem lab take a look, if you don’t mind, at these things.” He patted his pocket. The Devoran seemed to follow his movements, but also didn’t play HIS hand. Jamie rubbed his face. It was going on…36 odd hours and he hadn’t slept once. He’d had a meal a bit ago and the days and nights were all running together. He was feeling his years, and those years were many and filled with weariness. He stood up. “I’m done here. If you need me for anything, send a word with a guard. I’ll see what I can do.” Jamie left for his cabin off the command deck; he needed a nap, and maybe a quick shower. Definitely a meal. Someone find him some rum, too. Once in the sanctum, he lay down, ignoring the fact that his back was irritated with the fact that he had been sitting upright for 28 hours and he hadn’t worked out at all in a week. His mind wandered. What was he going to do? He thought for a minute-no one was going to believe anything about sentient plants, but they would DEFINITELY believe a Devoran was up to some shady things. But what he was going to do PERSONALLY was another thing. Should he release the man to roam unfettered about the ship? Would it be hypocritical of him, given his own past, to blame the alien for HIS? Soon, he was asleep. ——————————————————–

Over in the Medbay, Roger, too, was dead on his feet. He was working overtime, going back “home” for a few hours at a stretch, even though Jamie’s words rang in his ears. His ACMO was down for the count, being a telepath, and half the counseling staff was, too. He was at a loss as to what to do; most were not seriously hurt or ill, but the four that were were having VERY bad reactions. 

Lucy was keeping him alive with a steady stream of coffee, snacks, visits, and sweet kisses but he couldn’t rely on that forever. He was now sitting in his office, the EMH turned on, paging through the machine at rapid speed, searching for SOMETHING, ANYTHING, that would spark an idea. Brain surgery? No, that was too extreme. Shock therapy? Again, too extreme. Letting them just figure it out for themselves? Tempting, but *definitely* against all the ethics he was aware of. Grasping at straws. A shock of dirty blonde hair peeking around the doorway in his peripheral snapped him back to the present. He smiled. 

“Luce! Come in.” 





  • I like the way you're building up tension between Captain Taylor and his prisoner. The Devoran isn't clamming up and giving military precision silence. He has a snappy answer for every question and it seems like that's affecting Taylor in his exhausted state. It doesn't seeeeem like the interview went the way Taylor was expecting, which is always an interesting writing decision. Roger's exhaustion, meanwhile, is palpable. I appreciate the way you've portrayed how the medical mysteries of the blood dilithium's impact on telepaths is weighing on him as the campaign drags on.

    December 9, 2022