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Part of USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

In Hot Pursuit

Orbit of Eden - USS Crazy Horse
November 27, 2400 13:00
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The Vidiian ship broke through the clouds and into open space as the USS Crazy Horse was coming around to intercept.  With weapons charged the Federation closed the distance.

“We are in weapons range,” Chief Petty Officer Darren Collins announced from tactical. “Reading two life signs.”

“Target engines and fire!” Órlaith ordered.

Reddish-orange beams of energy lanced out from the saucer and on either side of the deflector dish.  The phaser beams slammed into the alien ship and it shuddered under the onslaught. 

“Warp engines are disabled.”

“Good shooting Chief,” Órlaith said, “Hail them.”

The NCO entered commands into the console and at made the open frequencies sound effect a moment later, “Channel open captain.”

“Vidiian vessel this is Captain Órlaith Murphy of the Federation Starship.  Stand down.”

There was a long pause.  Órlaith turned to the tactical station and the Chief shook his head, “They are receiving,  they just aren’t responding.”

“Can we beam them off the ship?”

“Shields are still active ma’am.”

“They are adjusting course and powering weapons,” Operations announced. The ship shook over a volley of weapons fire.

“Report,” the captain demanded.

“Direct hit minimal damage,” Tactical replied.  “Their ship is far more maneuverable. Having difficulty locking on.”

“Helm stay on them!”

“Aye captain,” the helm replied. 

The Crazy Horse rolled and banked hard to the left as the alien ship slipped away from them and ducked through the asteroid field.   It had gotten a head start, but the Crazy Horse’s impulse engines were far more powerful and were closing in.

The Vidiian ship started dropping torpedoes using them as mines , and the pursuing Federation struck several of them illuminating the shields and exploding several consoles aboard the ship.

“Report!” Órlaith demanded.

“Shields holding at sixty percent.   Damage to Deck Nine: Forward.  Damage control teams are en route,” Operations reported.

“Chief,” Órlaith spoke, “We may not get another chance make your shots count.”

“Should I load torpedoes?”]

The captain considered that for a moment and then nodded, “Proceed, just don’t use them unless you have to.”

“Understood. Closing in on the Vidiian ship.  Weapons range in five seconds.”

The alien ship rolled right and ducked around a Class J planet using the gravity well to slingshot it around the planet and achieve nearly light speed, but the Crazy Horse was right on its tail and used the same trick. “In weapons range,” the Chief spoke as he pressed the fire button.  The phasers slammed into the back of the Vidiian ship and the smaller craft shuddered and then the lights flickered on and off for a second before going out completely and the ship started to tumble out of control with a dead stick.

“Enemy ship is disabled,” Chief Collins announced. 

“Beam the occupants directly to the brig,” Órlaith ordered.

“Unable to get a lock,” Operations announced.  “There’s too much radiation present. If I had a combadge or transporter enhancers that should give me enough to lock on to.”

“Status of life support?”

“Minimal,” Operations replied, “but breathable.”

Órlaith stood from her center seat, “Bridge to Doctor Mulder. Please report to the bridge.  Chief Collins assemble an away team, and meet me in Transporter Room One

“Aye captain,” the NCO replied, and headed off the bridge making calls to various security personnel on the ship

A few moments later the Assistant Chief Medical Officer walked onto the bridge concern on her face expecting a medical emergency to see an orderly ran bridge.  “Ma’am?”

“Doctor, thanks for coming.  The ship is yours.”

 Her eyes went wide in surprise, “Ma’am?”

“Doctor, you are the highest ranking officer on this ship other than me right now. I’m going over to that Vidiian ship.  The Crazy Horse is yours.”

“Aye captain,” Dr. Mulder replied the implications sinking in.

“You’ll do fine doctor,” Órlaith said as she walked to the back of the bridge and disappeared inside the turbolift.  Dr. Mulder uncomfortably slid into the captain’s chair.  She was not prepared for this, but she also didn’t think the captain would have put her in command if there was a major threat to the ship at hand.  

“Keep a continual lock on the away team, and beam them back at the first sign of trouble.”

“Aye Captain,” Operations said looking over her shoulder at Dr. Mulder and giving her a grin.


☆     ☆     ☆

Órlaith materialized in the dark hull of the Vidiian ship. The air was thick with smoke.  The popping and groaning of the hull illustrated how much damage had been inflicted on the ship.  She switched hands with her phaser pistol, flexed her fingers and wiped the sweat from her palms.

“Two life signs ten meters ahead in a compartment that I think is the bridge,” Chief Collins reported reading from his tricorder.

Órlaith nodded and lead the team forward ducking under a fallen beam and climbed over the debris of a wall caused by an exploded EPS conduit.  They came to the doors to the bridge and Collins with the help of another security officer pulled it apart to grant access.

The two Vidiians were still sitting at their stations with defeat on their damaged faces.  “You are under arrest for the murder of two of my crew,” Órlaith said without preamble.

“It is a matter of survival,” one of them wheezed. 

“I sympathize with your situation,” Órlaith, but that doesn’t give you the right to kill someone else to extend your life.  If you had just came to us we might have been able to help you, and you know that, but instead you opted for your sick harvest.”

“What is it that you are going to do to us?” the other one asked.

“The Devore have claimed this territory as their own.  I will let their legal system take care of you,” Órlaith said coldly. Tapping her combadge, “Murphey to Crazy Horse. Six to beam directly to the brig.”

A moment later the transporter beam swept them away leaving the Vidiian ship to it’s fate.