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Part of USS Hathaway: Episode 10: Blood Dilithium Part II (A Price Paid in Blood) and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

CH9: Blood Dilithium Case Reports

Stardate 240011.22, 1930 Hours
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Blood Dilithium Case Report Number: Charlie-376

Person of Interest: Chiera, Vittoria

Species: Betazoid

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Position: Ship’s Counsellor

Recording Officer(s): Lieutenant Akaria Okan, Chief Science Officer (CSO); Lieutenant Josue Torres, Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)

Begin Recording: (ACMO) Upon returning to the Ulysses, Subject Charlie-376 presented as fatigued, with some bruising to her face and arms which she has so far been unable to explain. Upon medical examination, we have identified some heightened activity in her prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes which we have attributed to her exposure to blood dilithium, but this is diminishing over time. This has proven to be common across the previous three-hundred-seventy-five cases, albeit at different rates of decline. Subject reports no new symptoms from her exposure to blood dilithium, or continuation of other previously exhibited symptoms. In consultation with other members of the away team (Z, MR, TT), the subject was part of, previously exhibited symptoms reportedly included: extreme rage presented vocally and targeted at one particular subject; a minor increase in physical strength; a perceived hormonal imbalance leading to increased sex drive. MR reported that upon the subjects return to their prison cell after presumed exposure, previous symptoms seemed to have rapidly disappeared, replaced instead by feelings of guilt and emotional outbursts of regret aimed at aforementioned target.

In her recollection of events, subject was able to describe her environment (see addendum Charlie-376-Alpha) and heightened senses for a period. Unfortunately, she is unable to recall anything once exposed to blood dilithium at close range, presumably due to increased adrenaline and dopamine levels, or possible unconscious state.

(CSO) In the subject’s recount of events, she made specific reference to a being of unknown species, apparently colluding with the Devore staff on the facility. Described as ‘languid, tall and gangly’, approximately seven to eight feet tall with ‘slow movements’. The creature purportedly had four long, upper limbs with pointed digits, skin of a pale gray color and pronounced rib cage. What I found most intriguing was the subject’s claim that this creature was able to communicate telepathically, and only telepathically, despite close proximity to blood dilithium. I have asked Commander Noli and her security team to identify any guest that matches this description, but so far no one has been identified. It is therefore probable this being was among those left on Haess IV. The Executive Officer will join me in questioning the Devore prisoners aboard the ship later today, to see if they can shed any light on this particular being.

Blood Dilithium Case Report Number: Gamma-312

Person of Interest: ‘Arivek’

Species: Unidentified

Begin Recording: (ACMO) Subject presents as a male of an unidentified species, currently unconscious and unable to be woken. Subject was reportedly conscious at the time of transportation. Nurse Li is providing 1-to-1 care in the isolation ward. Green-skinned, with long, scraggly white hair and presenting as roughly sixty to seventy Earth years of age, reports from other survivors and members of the away team indicate the subject has apparently suffered some form of rapid age acceleration. Until we can confirm this with the subject, this will be taken at face value. It is the only case identified so far among the near six-hundred rescuees.

(CSO) Interviews with the away team and subject Gamma-313 known as ‘Maevis’ reveals that the subject entered the facility on Haess some four years ago. Prior to his first exposure to blood dilithium, subject was apparently a fit and healthy thirty-seven Earth years of age. Other than the rapid aging process, our interviews have indicated that the subject suffered no other symptoms usually associated with exposure to blood dilithium. I am most intrigued to talk with the subject once he has regained consciousness. Nurse Li and Lieutenant Brady are currently conducting research and analysis to ascertain any other examples of such premature aging.

Blood Dilithium Case Report Number: Charlie-377

Person of Interest: th’Zorati, Tempestava

Species: Aenar

Rank: Ensign

Position: Assistant Flight Operations Officer

Begin Recording: (CSO) Subject has reported an intriguing new symptom since reporting back to the Ulysses; she is gradually gaining the use of her eyes, which should not be possible for a member of her species. Medical examinations confirm that the nerve receptors behind her eyes appear to almost be regenerating. No time frame has been given for the total regeneration, and we have no idea if total regeneration is even possible. It poses a very important question, perhaps the most important question to date. Is it possible that among all of the pain and suffering it appears to be causing, blood dilithium might have healing properties for some species?

Blood Dilithium Case Report Number: Gamma-313

Person of Interest: ‘Maevis’

Species: Unidentified

Begin Recording: (ACMO) Subject presents as a fit and healthy humanoid female approximately twenty-five to thirty Earth years, but confirmation is impossible as subject is declining examination. Subject has not declared suffering any symptoms following exposure to blood dilithium, but reports from the away team, and MR in particular, indicate that she is a telepath of extraordinary ability. Independent verification has confirmed reports of the subject being able to use her telepathic abilities even in the presence of the neuroinhibitors which limited the abilities of virtually every other prisoner on the planet. Various reports indicate that the subject was able to emit some kind of shockwave pulse when exhibiting signs of anger, but this has yet to be attributed to blood dilithium exposure. Subject is to remain under quarantine until she has undergone a full medical examination to the satisfaction of Doctor Torres.

Blood Dilithium Case Report Number: Gamma-300

Person of Interest: ‘Hebe-G-B’

Species: Unidentified

Begin Recording: (CSO) Subject identified as ‘Hebe-G-B’ or Hebe the Gelatenous Blob, so called because it scares the hell out of people when it shrieks in response to questions it dislikes. My conversations with the subject have been… curious. It is unable to tell me where it has come from, how long it was in captivity and whether it had been exposed to blood dilithium, but given its peculiar appearance, I am almost certain the Devore scientists would have conducted more than one experiment. It was able to confirm one thing for me; it loves Starfleet field rations. I’m half tempted to confine it to the brig and place it under the care of Counselling department. It clearly needs help…


  • Entertaining and very novel way of presenting the effects of Blood Dilithium on various Delta Quadrant inhabitants (particularly Hebe the Gelatinous Blob). It's a great bit of extra characterisation too for the colourful characters we've seen imprisoned together with the Ulysses crew on Haess IV. I'm forever in awe of the creative ways in which our writers have thought to make our Bravo Fleet telepaths suffer from Blood Dilithium exposure, and these case files are certainly no exception!

    November 25, 2022
  • Reading this, my heart goes out to your telepathic crew members. There was something about reading Vitoria's experiences through the clinical perspective of medical and science officers that made them even more GRIM. Those unfamiliar bruises and her memory loss during the worst of the blood dilithium exposure is so upsetting. I've got to agree with Mek, it's been so gratifying to explore all of the creative avenues every writer has taken blood dilithium, and you've certainly provided me plenty of unexpected twists and turns here! Thank you for that! Can't wait to read more about the echoes blood dilithium has left on the crew and visitors.

    November 29, 2022