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Part of USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

A Big Job Ahead

Gantz System
November 22, 2400
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The USS Crazy Horse dropped out of warp as it entered the binary star system.   The Gantz System had twelve planets, the largest being the fifth,  a gas giant, with eight orbiting moons.  One of those moons, named GG-5, was a Class M planetoid.  It was just a bit smaller than Earth, but it was a moon after all.

The Crazy Horse banked around an asteroid field and emerged into the habitable zone.   The Gas Giant loomed big on the viewscreen.  Streaks of oranges, browns, yellows made up the perpetual storms of the giant’s atmosphere.   There, a blue marbel orbited.

“Approaching GG-5,” the helmsman Anthony Talon announced.   GG-5 was simply the designation Gas Giant and fifth moon. Hardly the most creative of names.  “Since no one has named it,  why don’t we call this moon Eden?  It is the cradle of life in this system,” the ensign suggested as he adjusted the ship’s course slightly. 

Órlaith glanced around the bridge, “Works for me. Any objections?”

Commander Torin shook his head,  “I have none, but I don’t understand the reference.”

“It’s from Abrahamic religious mythology on the origins of life on Earth.  The Garden of Eden.”

The Trill first officer nodded, “It does seem fitting.”

“Good,” Órlaith said with finality, “I’ll make a note of it in the log.”

“Initiating standard orbit Captain,” Ensign Talon announced from the helm.

“Tactical report,” Órlaith ordered. 

“No other ships in the system,” Lieutenant Diego Garza announced.   “I am scanning the moon.  No indication of a power source or lifesigns.  I believe we are the only ones here.”

“Stay alert. That could change,” Órlaith said.

“Aye captain.”

“Full scan of the planet.  Let’s find the highest concentration of blood dilithium,” Commander Torin ordered. 

“Initiating scan,” Lieutenant Commander Erin Hayden responded. “Looks like the highest  concentration is on the Western continent in a central basin.”  She Brought up the preliminary scans and with the help of the ship’s computer a 3D animation was rendered on the view screen as the blue ball planet dissolved into atmosphere which gave way to a land mass that grew closer and closer.  The animation camera swooped over tall mountains covered in snow and tall pine like trees.  In the distance a basin appeared.  Possibly the result of some ancient and massive asteroid.  As it grew closer the forest gave way to a reddish desert. Along crags in the earth blood red crystals erupted from the barren soil.

“Not the most hospitable environment,” Torin commented. 

“We have a few of those colonial pop-up structures in cargo bay 4 don’t we?” Órlaith asked.

Torin thought for a moment and nodded, “Yeah, we do.”  

These structures were instant colony designed to be built within an hour and could house twenty colonists.  With its micro-fusion generator there was more than enough power to provide HVAC for comfort and replicators.

“Have Commander Hayden supervise the structures so Mr. Washington can get the mining operation established.   Take Lt. Garza and a full security detail with you as well Commander.”

The first officer nodded, “Aye captain.” He stood and as he did so he was tapping his combadge, “Alpha, and Bravo teams report to transporter room two.  Commander Hayden and Lieutenant Garza you two are with me.”

With that the XO, operations officer, and tactical officer stepped off the bridge. Órlaith watched them go longing to be a part of the action.  But, as the captain her place was on the ship.  

Standing she started for the ready room, “Lieutenant Shrin the Conn is yours.  I’ll be in my ready room.”

The Andorian science officer nodded, “Aye captain.”


  • A planet named Eden that is not as hospitable as it may look, interesting approach for sure in combination with calling it Eden. The crew gets ready for a professional mining operations. Nothing will go wrong here right? Or will they meet something on there that they didn't expect. Wonderful buildup!

    November 24, 2022