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To serve and protect – 10

USS Osiris
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Cairo briefing room

“Gentlemen, I just received news from Task Force 17 and the USS Discovery. If I am reading this correctly somehow the science staff on the Discovery came up with an idea that if Blood Dilithium was affecting telepaths as it does that maybe we could communicate with it.” He played the recording of the first test of communicating with Blood Dilithium, and holds up a hand stopping the recording right before the science officer ends the communication. “ That gentleman is a subspace trumpet, which we also received schematics and plans for.” He passes a PADD over to his chief Engineer.``Lt.Mathison, start working on putting one of those together for us.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll get a team right on it.” He turns and hands the PADD to an ensign that was sitting behind him along the wall.” Ensign, put a team together and get started on this, priority alpha one.”

“Yes, chief.”

“Oh and Ensign, have Ensign Ngin join us here.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll pass the message.”

“However, that is not the most interesting thing that came out of that test on Discovery.” He restarted the tape. He looked around the table as several mouths dropped open and noticed Doc M’Gok and the counsellor start reading the report on their PADDS.

The Doc raised her hand, “Did I hear that correctly Sir, did he say it is the Brenari?”

Kr’antren ran a hand through his beard. “Yes, you heard correctly. It seems like the power behind or in the blood dilithium is the collective consciousness of the the Brenari prisoners that the Devore Imperium has been using as slave labor.”

Counselor Sia drops her PADD upon hearing this.”That explains a lot of why those that have had experiences with Blood Dilithium explain that it feels like pain, sorrow, fear, hate.”

“It does.”

Lt. Tazzeth looked up from his PADD.”But it doesn’t explain the Dilithium growth in conjunction with the subspace anomalies?”

“That is true, how are they connected though?” Lt. Mathison said as he read through the report and rewatched the video on his PADD.

“That is the next question I’m sure the Discovery and Task Force 17 will be trying to answer.”

The doc slams her fist on the table. “ Sir, there has to be something we are missing. Well actually quite a few things. Sir with your permission i would like to take the counsellor and go down to the site planetside. We were supposed to be on the first shuttles that went down but I had an emergency come up in the sick bay that I had to attend to, so I sent my head nurse down in my sted til I could get down there.”

“Permission granted, though I want you both back up here as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir”

Both the Doc and the counsellor stood, picked up their PADDS and made their way out of the briefing room.

“Oh Doc, one thing. Find out if there are any Brenari amongst the telepaths? Maybe they could help us figure out what is going on or how they are doing it.”

“Was already thinking of that. Sir” As she stepped out of the room.

As they were exiting the room a young Klingon ensign makes his way into the room. “Got here as fast as I could chief.” Lt. Mathison handed the ensign his PADD and pointed at one of the chairs along the wall. The ensign nodded, sat down and started to read what was on the PADD.

After several minutes “Damn, could it be? Possibly.” The ensign looked up from the PADD. “oh, sorry sirs.” and goes back to reading.

“What was that about, Ensign?”

“Well, sir” He looked nervously over at the chief engineer, who nodded as a confirmation to continue.” If I may?”

Kr’antren nodded. “Go ahead, ensign”

“Ensign Ngin, sir”

Another Nod from Kr’antren.

Ensign Ngin stood and approached the view screen in the briefing room. “Computer can you bring up the scans and visual data of asteroid Osiris - AB243.” The view screen showed the visual recording of what the Nile Oasis saw when they were investigating the asteroid.

“Sir I was part of the Exec’s team on the Nile Osiris when we conducted the planetary scans and route recon a couple days ago. As you are aware sir, part of that mission was to look into the request by governor Buoln’Drit. While doing so we found that the Governors site on the asteroid was covered by a dome of Blood Dilithium. Pretty sure it wasn’t when they built the site as I believe that they were using that site prior to the blood dilithium situation and no report was made by the company that it was an issue before the last day or two before we took a look.”

Several of the other officers along with the captain started to look through the report on their PADDS as they listened to Ensign Ngin.

“Ever since then sir it's been bothering me on how this happened. But after reading this” he holds up the PADD.” I think I know how, This subspace trumpet uses a subspace signal much like the ones created by the anomalies that cause the Blood dilithium to grow. What if they were in the early stages of developing their own version of this? What would happen if the signal got away from them or they were not able to control it the way that the folks on the Discovery have been able to do.” He looked around the table “Sir,What if we are not the only ones looking into trying to communicate with the Blood dilithium, I would think that we could not be the only ones to have reached the same conclusion about the possibility that this new Dilithium could house some sort of new species.”


“Sir, Ensign Ngin makes sense. Theoretically what he has deduced is quite possible and fits this situation.”

“Ensign Ngin, write a report of what you just told us. Back it up with whatever information you can. Send it to Lt. Mathisson, get him to sign off on it and then send it to me. I will forward it with my thoughts to Task Force 17 and the Discovery for action. If what you are thinking is correct this may open up another can of worms for Starfleet to look into.”

“Sir, if I may add something. I believe that we need to see what happened inside that dome. I don’t think what happened there happened from the outside. I’m willing to bet that whatever it is that they were working on was inside that dome.”

Both Tazzeth and Lt. Mathison looked at Kr’antren. “It would make sense sir. Though I doubt we will find anyone alive there now.” Tazzeth stated “Sir, I could send a small team to the location and see if we could find a place in the dome where maybe the dilithium is not as thick, maybe find an airlock. See if we can get inside.” Lt. Mathison added.

Kr’Antren looked at the view screen and then turned to look out the view panel. “We could at least offer the governor that much. However if by doing this we find what the ensign theories than the governor may have a lot more to answer for. Ensign Ngin, when you looked at the other two sites it was guessed that they had lost power and or communications on those sites, is this correct?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Could those other sites have been test sites for this device also?”

“It’s possible sir, maybe not enough power at the site or a failure on the devices side.”

Kr’Antren looked at the view screen again. “ So it's possible that we may not be only looking into an Imperium operation in this system but into a possibility of another group, maybe even Imperium, looking into what makes Blood Dilithium act the way it does.”

Kr’Antren looked at the chrono on his LCARS on the table top. “ Gentlemen, I have a dinner to attend with the Governor's Council.  In roughly 90 minutes, just enough  for a sonic shower, a fresh uniform and to make my way down. So, unless there is anything else you all are dismissed.”








  • A nice summary within the confines of the Osiris plot for what is happening within the larger Blood Dilithium campaign. And a chance for the Osiris crew to also all sit down and catch up with each other as well, to bring each other up to speed on some of your plot ideas. I'm liking the recombining of plot threads and hope that bringing some of them together will start to give answers that I'm craving for.

    November 22, 2022