Part of USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Better Safe than Sorry

Observation Lounge, USS Crazy Horse
October 28, 2400 @ 13:00
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Captain Órlaith Murphy sat at the head of the table as her officers sat around her. They were actually going to leave the Federation,  the first time in decades the Crazy Horse had done so.  Survey teams back in September have discovered a planet with a very large vein of blood dilithium a few weeks prior and they were to mine it.”

Entering command into  the computer she brought up the mission briefing onto the main monitor, “I’m glad you are all here. This morning at 08:00 the USS Crazy Horse received our new orders.  We are to proceed to the Barzan Wormhole and enter the Delta Quadrant. From there we will proceed to the third moon of a gas giant in the Gantz System in the Gradin Belt.  But first we will head for Starbase 4 to pick up supplies for the Markonian Outpost.  This is not an opportunity for shore leave.  Make sure your people know this.”

There were nods of understanding.

“We will also be taking on mining equipment to extract and refine the blood dilithium.  Our main shuttle bay will be converted into the refining facility.  Mr. Washington I expect you to take care of that in preparation for the equipment.”

Marcus nodded, “Aye captain.  I assume ‘some assembly required’. Do we have specifications for this or am I winging it?”

Órlaith smiled at the comment, “I’ll make sure you have the directions you need.”

“Now for the big one,” Órlaith said taking a deep breath. “Doctor T’lar, including yourself, how many telepaths are onboard?”

The Vulcan chief medical officer thought for a moment, “Twenty-three captain.  Three in science, ten in security, five in operations, three in medical, and five in engineering.”

Órlaith frowned and nodded,  “I have discussed this with Commander Torin and we both agreed the risks from the blood dilithium makes this just too risky for the crew.”

“We have talked to the station Commander and all of the telepaths aboard the Crazy Horse will receive temporary assignments to Starbase 86 or extended leave will be offered,” The ship’s XO added.

“We hate to lose these people,  but your health and well being of the ship is my top priority.”

“Captain,” T’Lar started.  She hesitated torn between her logic and emotions that were normally so bottled up that you never seen them. “I… a most logical approach.  I could use some time back on Vulcan.  If possible I would like to take the leave.”

“I’ll get the paperwork submitted immediately,” Commander Torin said. 

“So this means every department will be a bit short handed from one degree or another.  I will need full shift rotations submitted to the XO by 0800 tomorrow morning.  This is a next crewmember up situation,” Órlaith said.

“I could install holoemitters in key locations of the ship,” Lt. Marcus Washington suggested. “I can fill holes in my staff with holographic engineers.”

“It would be logical to also bring an EMH aboard,” T’Lar suggested.  “The ship will be left with only one doctor. I believe it is safe to assume Dr. Mulder isn’t going to want to be on call for the entire duration.”

“You’re probably right,” Órlaith agreed. “Commander Hayden I need you to assist Lieutenant Washington.”

Thr blonde operations officer nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

“Mr. Talon I expect you and the rest of your department to be fully briefed and prepared for the Delta Quadrant,” the captain stated.

“Yes ma’am we will,” the young chief helmsman and navigator replied. 

“Also I want shuttle simulations for all shuttle pilots.  Let’s make sure they are all current and up-to-date on their training.   I don’t know what this mission will require.  Hopefully we won’t have to shuttle the ore to the ship, but I fully expect some equipment requiring shuttle work.”

Ensign Anthony Talon was furiously jotting down notes, “Aye ma’am.”

“Any questions?”

The crew shook their heads back at Órlaith.

“Very well you are all dismissed.”

The captain stood with her crew, but didn’t walk out. Instead she waited for the senior officers to file out of the observation lounge before returning to her seat and opening a PADD to continue filling out a report for Starfleet Command.


  • An excellent decision to have the telepaths and empaths reassigned for the duration, especially if you are mining the blood dilithium. With them there it is just asking for trouble and lots of it. I like the suggestion of having holographic projectors installed throughout key areas of the ship for holographic engineers, not to mention having an EMH on board. Shows that the Crazy Horse has not been in a situation where these upgrades have been needed. Hope they won't need to be put to use in the Gantz system.

    November 21, 2022
  • Such a smooth briefing, love the atmosphere that is being created in this post. The rundown on how many telepathic are onboard is something I also like, the fine details to show where every person on every department is. The choice to let your telepathic stay behind is something many made, but it also shows the weakness of understaffed while operating in DQ. I wonder if this will backslash on the CH. Look forward to more!

    November 24, 2022