Part of USS Issedon: Whisky Tango Foxtrot and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Sendin’ Out an SOS

DQ-Elsewhere in the Universe.
Circa October 2400s
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Chapter Alpha


Captain Jamie Taylor woke to the godforsaken *beep**beep**beep* of his alarm. He usually set one because he could be counted on to sleep through ANYTHING. Roger said it was a trauma response. Maybe it was. At any rate, his blue eyes opened to find a swath of golden hair spread across his left bicep. His whiskey- addled brain wracked itself for an explanation. He’d gone to the ship’s bar after work, and…oh yeah. The teacher. What was her name? Mary? Maria? He couldn’t remember. Instead, he tried for “cutesy”.

“Hey, love. Time to get up.” She groaned to life, as well, brown eyes fluttering open to the kisses he placed on her back. Whoever she was, she was nice looking and he was…not ready to face the day yet. However, a voice over his comms system made him roll his eyes to the ceiling.

Captain? It’s LtCdr Johnson. I need to brief you as soon as you’re ready.

He let out a sigh that he was PRETTY sure could be heard all the way back on Earth, but stood, and redressed into his uniform. Luckily, it wasn’t too wrinkled, and he ran a hand through his hair. It would do. He tossed the dress the woman had worn the night before-he assumed?-at her, and watched, a little wistfully, as she dressed, too.

“Had a good time. Thanks for everything.” He said, as he escorted her out of his room, and then turned to Johnson. “Go.” As they walked, the other man talked.

Molly. Johnson nodded at the woman, his face blank of emotion. Ah! That was her name!! Lt. LeFebvre was working the night watch. Picked up a signal. I have it saved for you, but it was essentially an SOS of sorts. Who the hell was LeFebvre? Oh, yeah, the hot blonde tactician. He shrugged.

“The blonde woman? From where?” The other man just nodded.
She’s the one. Uh…I am not sure, but uh, I told her to head towards the signal…

He winced. Johnson was a yes-man, there to “babysit” him. He wasn’t well-liked around the Fleet, and while he understood why (the drinking, the attitude problems, the women), he WAS a full Captain and didn’t need a babysitter. But still. It was the same order he would have given.

“All right. Any idea how long?” He entered the Ready Room, seeing his department heads already gathered. He took a seat after the formalities were done.

A few hours, perhaps. It’s several hundred lightyears out.

Jamie blinked. How far was a lightyear?! Before addressing anyone, he replicated himself a cup of coffee-strong, black, HOT- and let out another loud sigh.

“Fine. What do you have for me, people?” He sat as each person presented their plans for the day, and they discussed personnel matters, and anything else his brain registered as important. After a half-hour, he’d had enough, and dismissed everyone. To Johnson, he spoke.

“I will be on the Bridge in ten minutes. Tell whomever took over for Lt. LeFebvre to put us in The other man nodded, and stepped out of the room. Jamie went back to his quarters, brushed his teeth, splashed some water on his face, and straightened his uniform. He quickly straightened the bed, and then went to the Bridge.

Once he was in his chair, he motioned for the Tactical Officer on duty to share their pass-down.

Sir. We’re heading towards an SOS beacon. Unknown planet. Coordinates are –60° 50′ 2″ We should arrive shortly.

Jamie nodded. Perfect.

“Thank you. Lt. Jackson, keep the shields up. Miller? Alert me to any and all fuckery.” The brunette woman gave him a LOOK, but nodded. He looked to Johnson. “ Sounds like a far flung corner of the Gamma Quadrant, doesn’t it?” His XO stared at him.


“Well, if it’s not in the DQ, the next one after that is Epsilon, right?! Then Gamma!! Didn’t they review the Greek alphabet at your fancy prep school?” Jamie hadn’t meant for that to sound as rude as it did. “I am sorry. What I mean is…if you can deduce what it ISN’T, it’s easier to figure out what it IS.”

Johnson seemed to consider this for a moment.

I suppose.

Jamie nodded. “So. It’s probably not technically CALLED the Gamma Quadrant, but we’ll call it that for our purposes. Please alert the MedBay to be on standby. If it’s an SOS, there will likely be casualties.” He let out a sigh. He was too old for this. Or not old enough. Or…something.

As Miller brought them out of Warp, he let out another long suffering sigh. She turned around again.


“I was hoping we’d have more time. How are the shields?”

Steady. Nothing visible in my sensors or even a few knots out.

“Great…” As he was about to issue another order, the Tactician interrupted.

Capt. Taylor, sir? I have the signal.

He nodded. “Thank you. Can you share it, please?” The woman nodded, and pressed a few buttons. After a moment, the signal rang into Jamies’ ears.

Please send help

The woman looked back to him and shrugged.

That’s the entire message, sir.

Of course it was. Jamie brought his left hand to his temple, and massaged gently.

“Ok. Maintain course. Johnson, get a security detail at the ready. Take an Engineer with you, and, uh, take the Romulan from Science with you. I forgot his name.” Jamie shrugged. How could be expected to know 500 names in three weeks’ time?!

Johnson nodded, and got moving. He rounded up a six-person team, three women, three men (including himself), and reported back to the Bridge that they were on standby. A moment later, the ship docked with a satisfying *click* noise onto the helipad. He let out a sigh of relief and then shouted.

“Keep the shields up. Johnson, go! Keep your comms on you at all times. DO NOT ENGAGE. Someone get Baker up here.”

Baker was the Chief Tactician, and he’d need the help on the Bridge.


  • “Please send help.” Short and sweet. I enjoy how much that absolutely concise distress call infuriated Captain Taylor. A more traditional Starfleet captain might have had the patience for such a cryptic little plea, but Taylor is clearly in no mood to puzzle it all out. You have such a clear vision for Taylor that comes across through the cadence of his dialogue and the way you characterise him in the prose. I can’t wait to discover how else you’re going to try his patience in the blood dilithium campaign!

    November 12, 2022