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Part of USS Phaesis: The Prime Directive Quandary and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

The Guardian

Starbase 38
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Cassana stood by the viewing port of the Starfleet Transport ship, along with several others. She had never seen a Guardian Class Starbase before and was keen to see one for the first time. She had been to Starbase 1, several times and the first time she had seen, it had awed her. It was huge, but incredibly old.

“Waiting to see Starbase 38, Commander Brack?” a male voice asked next to her. She turned her head to the right, in the direction of the voice. The voice belonged to a man, who sported Bajoran nose ridges.4 “Have we met?” She asked, not seeing the rank insignia on his shirt jacket.

He turned, giving her a look at his rank, which was Lieutenant. He offered his hand, in the human gesture of greeting. “Lieutenant Orzal, Nejem, Lead Security Officer of the Phaesis. I recognised you from your personnel record.” He revealed. Cassana nodded. “Oh I see.” She said offering a warm smile and taking the offered hand. “Lieutenant Commander Cassana Brack.” She replied, noting the traditional Bajoran earring on his right ear, signalling him as one that followed the Bajoran Faith.. “Have you been to a Guardian Class Station before, Lieutenant? She asked, turning back to the viewport.

“I’ve spent time on Starbase Bravo before. The Fourth Fleet, I think, is the only fleet that’s even got one, let alone two.” He replied, turning back to the view port. Nejem, who had spent his entire career in space, felt the tell-tale vibrations change on the deck plate of the old Transport ship, indicative of the ship beginning to slow. “I think we’re nearly there.” Nejem stated.

“How do you know that?” Cassana asked, confused, her face scrunching up, looking around to see if she had missed something, but all she could see were the stars streaming past, like the were moments ago. “The vibrations from the warp engine.” Nejem, began to explain. “On a ship this old, it’s easier to tell. I take it you haven’t spent much time in space?” He asked.

She turned to him, a little sheepish.  “Am I that green?” She replied with a weak smile, uncomfortable at the reminder of her inexperience in space. Whilst she had led scores of Nursing and Medical Officers, her leadership ability was not in question, but her spacefaring experience and even ability was very much in question, if only by herself.

The Bajoran man chuckled at Cassana’s response. “You’ll get used to it, Commander.” He said attempting to reassure her. “And from the rumours I’m hearing,” He said his voice growing serious. “it’ll happen sooner rather than later.” As he finished, the ship dropped out warp and Cassana and Nejem’s eyes were instantly pulled to the blurry shape with what looked like a single light in the distance.

Gradually, the lights started to separate, and the ‘blob’ started to take the shape of the Guardian Class. She could see the similar design of the Stardock, but clearly an updated distinctive design. It was darker than the lighter Stardock and she could see the heavy influence of the Regula Class too.

“Welcome to Starbase 38, Commander.” Nejem said.


  • Oh, I'm liking Cassana Brack. Even in this first glimpse, she shows a lot of promise as a featured character. I love the choice of the Phaesis being assigned an executive officer who is ALSO the head nurse. The Raven class is so useful for more of a mishmash crew that doesn't necessarily have to follow the formula of all the shows. Her insecurity in shifting to the command track, and reapplying all she knows about leadership already to a starship crew at large, sounds like straw that can be spun into storytelling gold. I can't wait to read what her dynamic with Korrath will be like!

    November 12, 2022
  • After I read this story, I found it interesting that you went with a Lead Nurse and not a Medical Officer. Having worked in the Medical Field for some time now, I know Nurses can genuinely be the backbone of any good Medical Department; but don't tell the Doctors I said that. I think your Commander has a lot of potential, and I am excited to see where you take her and how she gets development over time. This is an excellent setup for a fantastic adventure.

    November 12, 2022