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Part of USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier’s Edge and USS Venture: Season 1: Into the Frontier


USS Venture, Nate Wilmer's Quarters
August 4th, 2400, 2100 hours
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Nate had the strangest first day aboard ship he had ever experienced. In his 25 years of service to Starfleet, he had never reported for duty, met a beautiful woman, been offered to sit in the Captain’s chair by the first officer, gotten beaten up by a beautiful woman, and then found himself unable to get said woman out of his mind. It was a bizarre series of events, and yet somehow it was the perfect snapshot of his life.

After his shift had ended, he had taken the remainder of the afternoon to tend to his injuries, clean up and unpack the personal effects he had brought with him. His quarters were beginning to take shape. His favorite hard bound books were now in their rightful place on his shelves, next to the window. His favorite twelve inch statue of Christ the Redeemer was centered perfectly on his living room coffee table.

After changing out of his duty uniform and slipping on his favorite blue jeans and most comfortable black t-shirt, he was nearly done in the decoration of his living space.

He was almost finished, and was in the process of hanging up his framed vintage movie poster collection. He was just about to place his Lawrence of Arabia poster on the opposite wall in the living area, when there came a chime came at the door. It was nearly 2100 hours, and Nate was immediately curious as to who it might be at such a late hour.

“Come?” He said, posing more of a question, than granting permission to enter.

Amiyah was not on duty so it gave her more time to think about this man she had met. She couldn’t get him out of her head usually it was easy to just forget people. She went to her room and changed into more comfy clothes. She had no makeup on and her head was down, which most people said was attractive.

She usually just laughed it off, but today she was pacing in her room with an old rock band Skillet beating in the room. She was trying to decide what to do and the music believe it or not calmed her nerves.

She made a decision and was going to go with it. She turned off the music and dimmed the lights in her room changing them to a dark blue. She left the room and headed down the way to Nate‘s room. She activated the chime and waited.

After hearing a leery come she walked into the doorway parting her hair from her eyes and awkwardly stood there scanning the room and looking at Nate trying to make eye contact.

Nate was confused to see her again so soon, and yet was happy that she was here.

“Hey,” he said with his typical smarmy smirk on his face, “If you’re here for round two, I’m not fully healed up from the last time.”

He placed the poster up on the wall, but found himself having difficulty getting the frame straight and aligned with the objects around it.

“But I could use a hand with this poster now that you’re here…” he said, with a friendly tone.

Amiyah thought for a second and nodded as she got next to him and helped him hold the frame touching his hand and quickly pulling it away. “Lawrence of Arabia hmm that’s a classic though the way it ends I can’t say I like. Regardless can’t beat a classic.” She said as she scanned the disheveled room yet again and saw a Bible on the stand. Religion wasn’t something she got into with people, but if anyone heard Skillet they could ask questions. 

“So what’s next?” She said snapping back to Nate.

Nate looked about his room, if he asked her help with every single detail they might be in there for days. He focused then on the most important work that needed to be done; things he could most benefit from having an extra set of helping hands.

“Nothing crazy,” he said, “But I don’t think I like the couch where it is…grab an end.”

Nate took one end of the couch, and awaited her to do the same.

She stepped over and smirked “You know you could say please. No manners like that may just get you beat up again.” She shook her head as she picked up her side with considerable ease.

Nate thought about Amiyah, and how unusual she was compared to the women he typically found interesting. He had made the mistake previously of comparing her to Charlie. He now knew based off her response, and the way she spoke, that she was proving to be less and less like the woman he once loved.

He found the idea of getting to know someone again, strangely attractive and magnetic.

The two of them began to rearrange the furniture, and he used that moment in time to try and ask her important questions about herself. He had to get to know her.

“So Amiyah, tell me about yourself. What does the Venture’s second officer do when she’s not beating the crap out of her fellow bridge staff?”

Amiyah laughed for a moment “Beat the crap out of others to make sure I don’t hurt someone.” She winked for a second “I do a lot of different things, but martial arts hits the top of the list between that and weapons training. I also like holo adventures like ziplining and competition archery. Also like listening to music.” 

She stopped and looked at him “And what about you? What do you do when your not being beaten to a pulp?” She winked at him.

“Let me show you.” He said.

Nate stood up, satisfied with the location of the couch and plopped down on it.

“Have a seat, you’ve earned it…” He said, “…and the reward you’ve earned? Well, you’re in for a treat.”

He held up a finger in a moment of pause.

“Computer, play some blues.” He said, calling for a request for his favorite music.

The computer selected a song from his favorites, and to both the surprise of Nate and Amiyah it chose: “You don’t know what love is” – by Chet Baker.

Amiyah rose an eyebrow at the selection “Are you hinting at something Nate?”

Nate smirked and even blushed a slight bit. That would not have been the song he would have chosen at that particular moment. Then again, it made him realize how many of the songs he had chosen for his personal selection were of a romantic nature. But all the same, it was a fantastic song, and he was glad the computer had chosen it.

“I assure you, the computer is conspiring against me,” He said jokingly, “But its a great song, and you mentioned you liked music. I just wanted to see your reaction to blues. Some girls love it, some hate it. Just wanted to see if you were one of the haters.”

Amiyah looked at him skeptically “I can’t say I hate it but it’s not my favorite. Let me let you hear one of my favorite songs. Computer play Feel Invincible by Skillet.”

Nate listened to the song, and really tried to absorb its meaning. He had a broad range of musical tastes and interests. Though his favorite genres were blues, new age, and classical, he was always on the lookout for a new song. Something about her music was raw, and powerful. He was no stranger to rock, and now he had a new song that he could add to his musical library.

He looked at her with a new sort of appreciation and a smile on his face. His eyes squinted and it was clear he was deep in thought.

Amiyah saw the change in his facial expression and looked confused for a moment” What is it?”

“Oh it’s nothing,” he said, “It’s just that everything about you is… I don’t know… fierce… and I like it.”

His smile indicated that it was a compliment. The twinkle in his eyes when his gaze locked with Amiyah’s indicated something more.

Amiyah kind of stopped for a moment with a loss for words. She saw Nate’s look and could tell there was something deeper to what he was saying. She stopped for a moment the air around her standing still as she looked into Nate’s eyes. “I am not sure what to say here, but there is something about you that makes me go weak.”

Nate decided that was a more positive statement than anything else. For someone as strong, and put together as Amiyah to admit weakness around him was a big vulnerability for her. She didn’t strike Nate as being someone that enjoyed dropping her guard around anyone. That fact that she was doing it now was a big deal, he decided. He made an effort to lean into the vibe she was sending out, and see where it took him.

“You know,” He said with a subtle pause, “there’s worse things that not being on red alert all the time. As long as you’re with someone you can trust.”

He leaned towards her, his eyes still locked with hers. For the first time in a long time, he had absolutely no clue what would come next…

Amiyah looked for a moment and clenched her fist nearly punching Nate before giving him a gentle slap on the face before whispering to him “Close your eyes.” Once he did she planted a huge kiss on him probably one of the best he would have ever had. Something about Nate made her happy and she made a decision like she never had before.

Nate opened his eyes. Perhaps it was the combination of the kiss, or the smack, but the connection between them was electric. He officially liked this girl.

However, it was late, and if she stayed much longer he wouldn’t be able to trust himself.

“I’m glad you dropped by,” He said, standing from the couch, “Two kisses in one day. Not sure I can take much more excitement.” He said with a smile.

Amiyah smiled and pulled her hair behind her ear again “It was the best decision I made today. Don’t think that’s always going to happen.” She winked before getting up and departing heading back to her quarters. There was something about Nate that she really liked and she hadn’t felt that way in a very long time.