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Part of USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier’s Edge and USS Venture: Season 1: Into the Frontier

Jīng Shí

Holodeck 1
August 4th, 2400 - 1400 hours
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Amiyah had decided to train especially after a long day of reports and making sure things were prepared for their upcoming departure. She was a master in many forms of martial arts, though most of the members of the ship had no clue regarding this. She sighed as she though back to her test to become a master in most of her classes it had went better than she had expected. Her room adjourned with many trophies and medals. 

She looked at the few she had received from the Olympics and smiled proudly especially for those because it took an intense training for her participation. She also looked at some of the weapons on her wall, as she was versed in many including holding the title of Dahar Master with a Bat’leth. A rare accomplishment, but somewhat easy when being stationed with some Klingons. She didn’t flaunt the title and usually never mentioned it.

She snapped back to reality as her mind had began to wonder and zipped her bag before leaving her quarters and heading to holodeck one, upon arrival she activated the program and stepped in the room. It had turned into a martial arts training gym. She approached the locker room and quickly changed before coming out to see her opponents waiting. She prepared to spar when she heard the doors slide open. She looked over and saw an unfamiliar face standing at the doors. She returned to a normal stance “Computer clear opponents.”  The chime of acknowledgement occurred before the opponents disappeared.

“You look lost is everything ok?” She asked making sure to determine if the newcomer was ok.

Lt. Cmdr. Nate Wilmer stood in the doorway of the holodeck. Sooner or later on every self-tour of a ship, he inevitably made his way to the holodeck to test the wide assortment of programs available. He had not expected however, that the holodeck would be in use, by another bridge officer.

Generally speaking it was poor manners to barge into another program that was in use. After all, holodecks were intended for a wide assortment of entertainment and escapism. However, whenever someone engaged a program of a more adult nature, they usually had the presence of mind to lock the door. Which is why when Nate approached the exterior holodeck panel to see what programs were available, he was immediately taken off guard when the doors opened instead.

“Sorry… I was…” He stopped and smiled and extended a handshake to the young woman, “Lieutenant Commander Nate Wilmer. I’m the new helmsman here.”

Amiyah smiled “Nice to meet you I am Lieutenant Commander Amiyah Palmer” she said in a British accent. She was trying to figure out why the door did not lock to the program as it normally had. She continued “I am the Chief of Tactical and the ships Second Officer.” She stated as she grabbed the hand firmly to shake.

Nate was pretty easy on the eyes, but Amiyah couldn’t admit that.

Amiyah was attractive to Nate, as well. She checked off most of the boxes of the things that he liked in a woman: physically fit, shorter then he, and she seemed sharp. Beyond these things, however, it was her voice he noticed first. She was so proper, so smooth in her speech, that she immediately reminded him of Charlie. After absorbing her personality and her speech patterns, he could not help but smirk to himself.

“Right, well, you clearly were in here before I was… I better clear out.” He said, realizing that he was still shaking her hand.

He released her grip, but not immediately. He began to exit the holodeck.

“Well, now that we’ve met, I’m guessing I’ll see you on the bridge at some point.” He said walking backward and keeping eye contact, “Don’t be a stranger.”

Amiyah spoke up immediately “No we aren’t done yet. You came into a training area so now it’s time to spar.” She grinned mischievously.

Nate stopped walking and a massive grin crossed his face. He had no idea what she had in mind, but he was certain that he could hold his own against her, whatever the competition she had in mind. If she chose basketball, he had her beat hands down, in the world of soccer… well he scored the winning goal against Bayview his sophomore year at Starfleet Academy. Running… well, he was rubbish when it came to running.

He looked down at her and smirked.

“Is that right?” He held up his hands in an accepting stance, “Well you better go easy on me, these hands have to fly the ship. That’s harder to do with busted fingers.”

He tilted his head in genuine curiosity.

“What sort of sparring did you have in mind?” He raised an eyebrow, “Suus Mahna? Tsunkatse? A little MMA perhaps?”

He knew that he was dead out of the starting gate if she chose any of those styles. But sometimes, one learned more from losing than winning at everything.

Amiyah smirked and shook her head “I thoughts we’d start with some Kenpo then maybe switch to Ju Jitsu with a mix of Krav Maga. If you really want a chance to try something we could always spar with some Bat’leths?”

Nate approached the young woman, and removed his uniform tunic top. He was not overtly muscular. In fact, he was lean, skinny, with only the slightest bit of muscular definition. This was his genetic heritage. Generations of Wilmer men before him were tall, lanky and wiry. However, with Starfleet training under his belt, proper diet and exercise, he’d built an above average physique that he could be proud of.

He looked at her and took a level one combat stance, which was taught to all Starfleet personnel in basic training.

“Why don’t we skip Bat’leths for today.” He said with a smirk, “After all, we should probably save that for our first date.”

Amiyah immediately took stance and kicked Nate in the stomach for the remark. She could silently admit it made her smile but not openly in this case. She heard him groan and she stepped back into her stance “Was that a great idea Wilmer?” She smirked as she threw another punch, which he blocked though not countering the punch from the other hand. She than threw a roundhouse into his stomach having him fall to the floor protected by mats.

She had caught him off guard with the ferocity of her attack. Nate had been so distracted with flirting and trying to be seductive that he had left his guard down. He deserved that hit. However, he used the failure of his fall, to reposition himself. Feigning slightly more injury than had been taken, he used the attack of opportunity and struck.

With a sweep of his leg, his reach exceeded her own due to the length of his legs and he swept her out from underneath herself, causing her to hit the mat hard. Jumping up to his feet, he looked down at her with a smirk.

“It’s only a great idea if it leads to a yes on your part.” He said with a wink.

The nerve of this man was uncanny but Amiyah liked the game he was playing she figured a way to get him good. She stood back up and took stance before quickly getting around him and putting him in a headlock. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before whispering “Be careful what you wish for.” As she let go she kicked his back pushing him away from her and anticipating his next move. Each move he threw she countered especially after falling to his first move. Not letting him know she opened a few times to let him feel good, but his face has some blood and she quipped “Looks like someone needs some medical attention.”

He tapped his lip, tasting the blood and seeing it across his fingers and gave her a smirk.

“You win… you win.” He said holding up a hand in defeat, “I still haven’t met the Captain yet, probably wouldn’t be a good idea with a couple of black eyes.”

He looked back at her, bruised in the backside and his ego.

“A bloody lip?” He cocked his head with a charming grin, “Totally worth the kiss.”

And he stepped back towards the exit.

Amiyah smiled and watched as the man departed the holodeck she spoke up before he disappeared “Let’s do this again soon.” She said as he walked out of the door. She smiled as the encounter was much more pleasant than she would have anticipated the evening to be. She secretly hoped to see Nate again very soon!