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Part of USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier’s Edge and USS Venture: Season 1: Into the Frontier

See Ya When I See Ya

Starbase 11
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“So, this is it, aye?” The short redhead raised her glass to the Klingon.

“It is, Mara Shepard.” The Klingon raised his glass. “I’ll miss our time together, my friend.”

“To me best drinkin’ pal!” A bit of stout spilled as they tapped their glasses together. Mara chugged her pint down. Commander Mas did the same; foam dripped from his beard when he finished. Mara couldn’t help but laugh.

“So this is an Irish pub?” Mas placed his boot on the brass foot railing and scanned the room. Red faced patrons laughed aloud while the band played Whiskey in the Jar. The bar itself was made of dark wood and incorporated both intricate millwork and etched glass. Football flags like the Shamrock Rovers and black framed news clippings lined the walls. An old man, puffing on his pipe, sat two stools from him. The old man and the barkeep swapped fishing stories as their prize increased in size with each tale. The air began to haze.

“It’s jovial and welcoming. There are a few establishments like this on Qo’noS, but with less tall tales and more head butting.”

“Ye don’t think there’s no honor in snagging a whopper?” Mara joked.

“Perhaps, if honesty was a consideration.” Mas eyed the old man and bartender as they continued to brag. The pipe’s haze grew thicker. “I see no reason to boast a lie.”

“They both know it’s shite, but neither one gives a feck.” Mara ordered another pint for her and Mas. “Ye come to a place like this with friends. If ye can’t joke around with a friend, then what’s the point of having them, aye?”

“I understand. Klingons take their leisure time seriously, but our war stories are for the old who won their glory. This pub is soft. There is no glory here.”

“We’re here. Don’cha recall that battle with the Gorn I helped ye with?”

“Battle?” Mass chuckled. “That was a bar brawl and as I recall I fought the Gorn while you clung to his back. He swung you around like a ragdoll.”

“I kept him off balance fer ye.”

“Now you sound like that old fool at the bar bragging about his fish.” The Klingon grimaced and waved the smoke away.

“I’ll miss ye, Mas.”

The Klingon nodded and grabbed another drink. “I’ll miss you too, Little Red.”

“Where will ye end up, ye think?”

The Klingon upended his stout, killing the pint in one go. To Mara’s question, he wasn’t sure he had an answer. “The Captain is leaving the Leda, though she refuses to divulge any details. I thought to stay on, but I’m not sure I will.”

“Why not? Yer one of the best XOs in the fleet.. Hell, ye deserve yer own command and everyone knows it.”

“True,” Mas nodded.

“And it’s good that yer so humble about it,” joked Shepard.

Mas smiled briefly as he pushed his pint glass away from him. “What about you? Chief Science Officer on the Venture, a Sovereign-class starship. Quite an accomplishment.”

“Yeah.” Mara’s cheeks reddened. She couldn’t help but give in to the smile ready to burst forth. “Me, in charge of people, telling them what to do. Can the galaxy handle it?”


Mara leaned forward. “You best be ready to crack a smile, Mas or –”

The Klingon burst out laughing. “Of course I was joking. You will honor the Venture with your knowledge and talent.”

“I don’t know about honor, but I’m pretty sure I won’t feck up too bad.” The two friends sat at the bar through a moment of silence. Commander Mas once again waved the smoke from his scowled face.

“Enough of this poison,” he said and rose from the stool. Mara flinched from the sudden outburst. Mas grabbed the old man’s pipe and crushed it in his hand. Mara downed her pint and sprang up just as the barkeep reached over for the Klingon. Mas was quick and pushed the old man aside then flung the bartender into the floor. The crowd’s banter came to a halt. “Does anyone else want to spew his poison into my face?” Mas opened his hand. Bits of the ruined pipe fell to the floor.

The crowd burst like confetti. Before she knew it, Mara was on the floor, tackled by three patrons. “— Off me!” she howled. Mas stood his ground with four men on top of him. He grinned cheerfully and tossed two from his grasp. Two more rushed in.

“Now, this is a good way to say goodbye!”

Mara felt a punch to her stomach. Another hand grabbed her arm. She kicked and bit back. A stream of blood arched over the rumble. “We’ll remember it, that’s fer sure.”

A tall, blond man grabbed a shotgun from behind the bar. Mara spotted him coming from the corner of her eye. “Mas! Look out!”

The Klingon tossed the four men off and ducked just as the shotgun pumped a load of buckshot into a nearby table.

“The safety’s on, right?”

“Of course, Little Red. We could turn off the safety,” Mas grinned.

“No!” she yelled. She bit into an arm that snaked around her neck. A man screamed and tripped over the other three. All fell to the floor. Mara stood, her fists at the ready. A fat patron flew over the bar, crashing into the glass. Mara ducked. “Warn me next time, why don’cha!”

The crowd turned and began to act as one. Mara placed herself beside the Klingon. “Ready?” she asked.

“Always,” roared Mas, his eyes crazed with the heat of battle.

Mara’s combadge chimed. “Lt. Mara Shepard. You are due to report to the USS Venture by 1400 hours. It is now 1315.”

Mara shook her head. The angry crowd inched closer.

“Computer, I’ll be here shortly. End simulation.” The pub and its angry patrons dissipated and gave way to the grid of the holosuite. Mara and Mas stood together, still in a fighting stance. “That’s it I guess.”  Shepard turned to her friend and extended a hand. The Commander eyed the woman’s hand and shook his head.

“Until we meet again, my friend,” said the Klingon and headbutted her.

Mara staggered back in a daze. “What the f —” Once she gained her wits, the woman felt blood trickle from her lip. “Ye gave me a busted lip? The hell?”

“Wear the scar to remember me, Mara Shepard.”

“Ye gonna make me cry now, huh?” The tiny redhead looked upward to the towering Klingon. He too dissipated soon after. “I really wish you could have been here, Mas.” She touched her lower lip and winced. “Good thing I’ll remember ye.”

Shepard’s combadge chimed again. She tapped it quickly. “Keep yer panties on, I’ll be on there shortly.” The woman sighed as she looked back. “See ya when I see ya, Mas.”