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Star Crossed and Very Unlikely Lovers

Starbase Bravo
August 2400
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Ivin stood in front of a large window, facing into the endless void of space. He had his arms folded over his chest tightly, as if trying to hug and comfort himself. He was relatively middle aged, bordering old for a Bajoran. He was greying and ageing. Today was one of the days where he felt it more than most. His chest stuttered and he fought back a confusing swirl of emotions threatening to spill.

His eyes were locked on the Mellstoxx system, watching the busy hub of ships and shuttles in space. He started to fantasise and dream about home… Home? He left his ‘home’. His residence was whatever ship he was serving on with his husband. His home was occupied once. He could never bring himself back, far too many memories were there. Horrible memories of blood, of death and violence. Yet here he was now, married to one of Bajor’s oppressors and in Starfleet, the cowards who wouldn’t dare help due to some pathetic ‘prime directive’.

A dull, throbbing ache coursed through his body, remembering the gruelling, back creaking labour he did in the mines when under occupation. Nivox was the overseer of the mine he worked at. Ivin caught his eyes and Nivox caught Ivin’s in turn. For whatever reason, Ivin found the Cardassian male alluring and charming. He hated himself for falling for who was essentially his slaver. He wasn’t supposed to love Nivox, he was supposed to destroy him. That’s what resistance fighters were supposed to do.

Ivin felt familiar, strong arms snake around his waist, jolting him out of his dark, glowering thoughts. Ivin turned his head just in time to receive a gentle kiss form Nivox on his cheek. Nivox offered a faint smile, “Were you trapped in your head again, my love?”

Ivin sighed and turned slightly, resting his head on Nivox’s shoulder and closing his eyes, “I… yeah. I was thinking.” Nivox settled his arms around Ivin adn rested his chin on top of Ivin’s head, “Thinking about what?” Ivin fell quiet for a moment, “Why the hell did we join Starfleet?” Nivox blinked a few times, seemingly caught off guard by that. He was silent for several moments before responding softly, “We wanted a fresh start. Somewhere where we could be wed and live together without angering either of our people, where we could be safe and protected.” Ivin interjected, “You say safe but the last mission…” He trailed off.

Nivox emitted a soft snort, smirking, “Well, beyond that. At least we were together. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. As much as I was shitting myself the entire mission.” Ivin mumbled into Nivox’s shoulder, “Wear your brown pants next time.”

Nivox took a moment before laughing softly, “I will…” He leaned back to look at Ivin’s face, frowning as he tried to read his expression. He could tell that he was holding back a lot of pent up emotions. Nivox pulled him back into his arms, rather tightly. He let out a soft sigh, just embracing him silhouetted by the busy station traffic and the stars.

Ivin wrapped his arms rather tightly and fiercely around Nivox, hiding his face into his shoulder. In the safe haven of his husband’s arms, only now did he let the tears he had been holding back silently fall down his cheeks, soaking into Nivox’s shirt. Ivin whispered hoarsely, “As long as I have you, I am home.” Nivox murmured in reply, “I will always be at your side, my lover. I promise.”