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Starbase Bravo
July 2400
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If it’s one thing Thevius hated, it was back end paperwork and politics. He was already in a rather soured mood from the entire ordeal on the Ridaere. He returned to Starbase Bravo to find out that the engineers who were working on his ship when in drydock completely blew out some of the life support systems and they were stranded here longer than he desired. That meant he couldn’t get away from his own higher ups and the whole… Kidnapping ordeal.

He was now sitting in a conference room awaiting some more senior officers to come and likely scold him and hound him for answers. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, emitting a tired sigh. He was wondering how much if the blame he should place on himself and how much he should divide it between himself and Ashihl. To be fair, Ashihl did do as requested, though not at all how Thevius wanted it to be done. 

He opened his eyes and straightened up as he heard the doors hiss open. He pushed himself up to his feet as two older humans entered, a man and a woman. Thevius retook his seat slowly as the humans sat. Another thing to add to the pile of his displeasure. He disliked dealing with humans. He saw them all as naive and rather childish, no matter their age. He pressed his lips into a thin line and waited for them to speak first.

The woman of the pair started first, tucking a stray strand of greying brown hair behind her ear as she spoke, “Captain Thevius… You have quite a situation on your hands. The unauthorized removal of a Starfleet officer from their post is quite a serious misdemeanour.”

Thevius nodded slowly, “I am well aware. Forcefully removing him was not my intention in the slightest. If I had known that my desire for a quick and immediate transfer would have been interpreted as a forceful kidnapping, I would have assigned Lieutenant K’Vibo to oversee it, not Ashihl.” The woman inquires, “Why Ensign Lihran?”

He had anticipated that question. And dreaded it. He hated admitting his Romulan heritage, resenting everything to do with it. It reminded him of his estranged mother and their volatile relationship and now his grief of having lost her during the coup. Thevius drew a shaky breath, taking a moment, “Lihran and I grew up together on Romulus. Our parents were friends and we were, and still are, very close friends. I do not openly disclose my Romulan heritage, though it is in my records.”

The man grabbed his PADD and pulled up Thevius’s records, looking through it. Up till now he was silent, “Ah, there it is. No idea how I missed it.” Thevius barely hid a grimace as they spoke about him, “I have no living relatives amongst the Romulans now, nor does Lihran. I knew this situation would have been close to home for him as well and knew he’d desire to have some part in it.

The woman leaned over to look at the records, then pulled up her own PADD, scanning the documents there, “According to the records, one of your officers, Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashihl, was the one who conducted the assualt?” Thevius nodded, lacing his fingers together and resting his hands on the table, “Yes, that is correct. According to statements from both, Lihran was in a holo program; something about ancient Earth history and Roman gladiators. Ashihl took up a shield constructed of solid bronze and hit Lihran over the head with it, knocking him out instantly and beamed about the civilian cargo ship we used to transport to where the Thyanis was docked.”

The female officer’s lips twitched, apparently finding that quite amusing for whatever reason. She hid her expression by taking a sip of coffee, setting her mug down and emitted a small sigh, “I see. Did you retain the medical records from that?” Thevius noded, unlacing his fingers to grab his own PADD and sent her the medical records, “And… sent. Yes. I like to retain all medical records of personnel and otherwise on the ship that happens.” She nodded in approval and starts to look it over, “No serious cranial damage done to Lihran. That is good. We will need to send him in for another physical and a psychological examniation after what had happened.”

Thevius opened his mouth, about to ask if he could get psychological help for himself, however, his pride and ego got in the way. He clamped his mouth shut and dismissed the notion from his mind. He gave a small nod, “That is no longer under my jurisdiction. He is not under my command. Though if I may make one small request?”

The woman looked up, gesturing for Thevius to continue. Thevius reclasped his hands together, “If I may borrow Lihran at periodic times as needed, it would help me immensely; he is a close friend and I greatly trust his engineering capabilities. Not often, mind you, but in serious situations that I would need, I may request for a temporary transfer.”

The woman nodded slowly, “We would apprectiate that next time, thank you. We will take statements from Ashihl and Lihran as well. Ashihl will receive a suspension and possibly demoted back to Ensign. You will be suspended as well, though by the time your ship is out of drydock, yours should be over.” Thevius nodded, “That sounds more than fair and reasonable.” Relief showed on Thevius’s face. He was expecting the worst possible thing to happen; either of them to be ejected from Starfleet. Thevius asked, “Was there anything else required of me?” The officers whispered amongst themselves and shook their head, standing and dismissing Thevius. Thevius stood and quickly hurried out of the conference room, relief flooding his features.