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Tomorrow starts anew

USS Rhyndacus
June 2400
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Kr’Antren walked over to the replicator in his room, still blinking the sleepy just waking haze from his eyes. “Chai tea with cream and medium sweetness, vanilla yogurt with almond honey granola and a banana.” The items materialized on the replicator PADD, he took them and walked over to his small eating table that is set up beside the portal to the outside. Taking a deep breath he began to eat his breakfast and drink his chai.


As he was finishing up eating his door chimed with someone outside. “Enter, ah good morning doctor.” He looked over his Chief medical officer as she entered, noticing Ed that she looked like she had not slept at all last night and he could still see the sorrow and the emotional toll the events from the previous day had taken on her. He started to say something till he saw the look on her face and knew that now was not the time.


Sir, you do have some medical training correct?”


“Just what we learnt at the academy”


She slumped her shoulders and nodded her head at hearing this. “It will have to do.” She placed a basic field medic kit on the table and opened it up. “ Medical tricorder, hypospray kit and dermal regenerators.” She shows the captain where each is located in the kit. “We have some visitors this morning, guess the word got spread around the immediate area that we can help, most are basic run of the mill minor issues. I have asked a few of the crew that were not busy in other areas to help set up a triage area. The local military garrison is sent over a couple of their doctors and medics to help out. The doctors will be in the med bay with behandeling the most severe cases the medics handled the next tier down. That leaves you and ensign Tazzeth to handle the basic cases and the triaging.”


Kr’Antren knodded his head. “We can do that, but first you have to sit and eat something. You have been going all night and it is taking a toll on you already. Events like what you went through yesterday are not something you can just push aside doctor.” She started to say something, but then closed her mouth and sat down. “ Good I thought I was going to have to make that an order.” He walked back to the replicator, looked over his shoulder to see her sobbing and let out a slight smile. “You know doc, you do not have to bury yourself in work, I would understand if you needed a day or two.” 


“Patients first sir, then I’ll worry about me.”


Laughs “Guess he was right, ok doc but I am not going to let my chief medical officer run herself to death. Got me. “


“Loud and clear”


He looked down at the replicator and tugged on his beard a bit. “Raktajino, large, extra strong, black. One egg, cheese and sausage bagel.” He took the plate and placed it in front of her. “Eat, I’m going to wash up.” 


By the time he came back, she was already gone with the cup of Raktajino. He noticed the crumbs on the plate with a last bite sized piece of the bagel still on the plate. “Well at least she ate.” He picked up the medical kit and made his way outside to help out who he could.


Later that morning


Kr’Antren had just finished a shower when his comm badge went off “Captain, number one here. The Alth’Ndor IV council is here and wanted to speak to you as you had agreed to last night.” 


“Please escort them to the ready room number one and informed our guests I’ll be there in a couple mins.”


“Yes, sir”


Several minutes passed as he entered his ready room. “Good morning councilors. Have they offered you anything to drink or eat? Sorry for the delay I was fleshing up after the work this morning.”


As he filled a large glass of water from the carafe on the table next to  the view screen. 


“Yes captain, your first officer was a very generous host while we waited. We received word that your medical team helped many from the local area.”


“Yes ma’am we did, that’s why I was delayed.”


“Captain, you were helping the medical team this morning?”


Laughs and stretches his back a bit “Yes, we have a small crew onboard the Rhyndacus and many of us are trained in several key areas, field medicine or emergency medicine is one of those areas. Unfortunately we lost our one and only nurse yesterday, she was the one that passed away after the altercation, so some of us had to pitch in to help the doctor. Commander Vexiesh thank you for sending the doctor and the medics, they helped greatly and were much appreciated.”


“Your welcome captain, I will pass that onto their commander.”


Kr’ Antrim nodded in approval.


“So how can we help the people of Alth’Ndor IV today, I remember you mentioned something about some ideas.”


“Yes, we do. But first let us extend our condolences for those that were lost yesterday. We would be honored if you would agree to your crew members being buried here on Alth’Ndor IV, we are planning on building a Remembrance monolith here that will have the names of all those that have been lost since we overthrew the star empire regime on the planet. Those that were lost yesterday will have a place of honor around the monolith. We ask as we thought that their families and loved ones would like to know that they are buried here in a place of honor versus floating in space. We have also decided to rename this landing area as “Remembrance Field”, and this will become our main landing area for interplanetary guests.”


Kr’Antren nodded at this, the crew and hopefully star fleet would see this as an act of kindness and honor and an olive branch being laid out by what he hoped was the new governmental body of Alth’Ndor IV.


“I believe that would be an agreeable item to all involved. What was the other matter you wanted to discuss? As I said last night I am a low man in the order of things but will give my full attention to your ideas and base my recommendations off of that. I can not agree to anything “ splays his hands on the table “ as I’m not part of the diplomatic core, all I can do is pass it up to those that make those types of decisions.”


“That is all we ask, captain.” The meeting went over several ideas that have been brought forwards to the council. These included becoming a federation protectorate, forming their own governmental and planetary body that would run the planet, asking another romulan faction for help or for entrance into that faction. How they could update and modernize the mining systems and logistical problems of operating the minds. Kr’ Antren nodded and asked questions where he thought more clarification was needed and had the computer record the session for star fleet command and took down his own personal notes that he would add to his report when it was sent.


Kr’ Antren looked up and the council went quiet as his comm badge went off “Sir, sorry to interrupt but we are being hailed by a Commander Cemib, he is here to represent the Romulan Empire in talks with the Alth’Ndor IV council. Said he was told to contact us by 4th Fleet and Bravo command. We are getting a request for visual comms sir.”


“Patch him through to the view screen in here Chief.”


He Looked around the table at the council, “well that was fast. I thought it would take another few days before any of the other factions reached out.”


“So did we captain, so did we.”


  • I was taken by the boldness of the CMO assigning triage grunt-work to the Captain! Not sure anyone would have done the same to Captain Picard, haha. But everyone's got to pitch in aboard a Raven. I thought it told the readers so much about Kr’Antren that he was fully supportive of lending a hand to the medical staff, and the priority he put on the wellbeing of his CMO. It amused me that the CMO followed the captain's orders and ate every bite of breakfast -- but still JETTED out of there right quick to attend to her patients. Speaking of those patients who didn't make it, I thought the notion of the remembrance monolith was touching. It was a mighty interesting angle to consider it an act of diplomacy to participate. Love it.

    July 6, 2022