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Tomorrow is a new day

USS Ryhndacus - Alth'Ndor IV landing area
June 2400
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Kr’Antren looks up at her as she enters the ship, looks down at the prisoner “Well I guess he is here for you.” and walks over to the large formidable looking Klingon that is a few steps away. “ Sir, I am Ltjg Kr’Antren captain of the federation ship USS Rhyndacus.” Offers his hand to the colonel. “Ahhhhh yes, nice to meet you captain. Sorry we were a bit late. Had to deal with them others up there.” Points with his thumb up towards the sky. “Don’t think they were expecting a squadron of Klingon ships to suddenly appear with weapons locked on them. Haaaa gave up as cowards do, did not even try to fight back. Pathetic excuse for Klingons they are. Luckily for the others we were already on their trail when my.” Looks up at the ship and shakes his head with a disgruntled sigh that only a father could give. “daughter contacted me about the situation here.”


Kr’Antren releases the hand shake, looks at the colonel and nods his head. “Is there any way we can help you any further with the current issue here on Alth’Ndor IV? As you can see we were in the middle of off loading supplies for the folks of this planet. Then we will see what else we can do for them before we leave. As you can see we are just a small ship with a small crew but we will do what we can.”


The colonel looks around watching the goings on and taking note of what was being off loaded. “Hmmmm, yes, as is the way with the federation. We did bring along things so we can build friendships with the planets in this region of space.” Looks at Kr’Antren and gives a knowing smile. “The more we can do for these peoples who have overthrown their Romulan scum overloads the more it may lead them to looking our way when decisions are made in the future.” The colonel pulls out his communicator. “qoHvaD jatlhchugh jIH,unpu’, nIHwI’ je Sov (food, medical supplies and mining equipment)” 


Larger cargo style transporter beams start to materialize further down the field and off to one side “Someone has had their eyes looking down here I see. That should be a good spot for consolidation.”


“Father what are you doing, these Romulan and Reman scum deserve to be crushed and shown the might of the Klingon of the empire.” Colonel M’Gok stands over the prisoner and slaps her across the face. “ As you have already been informed, YOU are no longer my daughter nor are you anything but a criminal and a traitor. Speak once more with permission and you will be dealt with.”


“Father can you not see the truth, we have” a hard slap is heard again with a spray of blood from the reopened wound goes spraying across the ground. Colonel M’Gok looks over at his security detail. “ I do not want to hear this traitor’s voice again, gag her and take her to the brig and make sure that max levels are set for all facets.”


“Yes colonel” as we see three of the security detail surrounding her, one each on a side and one from behind, the one from behind pulls from his belt what can only be described as a medieval looking ball gag and quickly starts to put it in place. One then pulls out his communication device and speaks into it.


Kr’Antren looks at Colonel M’Gok “Sir, would you like to meet with the planets council? Or talk to your daughter. You may have the use of my ready room if so. It’s probably the most comfortable place on the Rhyndacus besides the personal quarters.”


“Not today on both discussions, I fear we have some more of these traitors and cowards to find and deal with and I promise you it will not be as nice and easy, as humans say, as this was. As for my daughter” looks up at the ship”,that is another issue that I am not quite ready to face yetSomeday maybe but not today. I’m afraid and problem not for a very long time.” holds up a hand as if saying I know what your next question will be but don’t ask it. “She will have to tell you our history and her story sometime, then you will understand the complex problem between us. Captain, please remember that not only did she lose a fellow officer and I’m guessing by the uniforms I saw and knowing a little about starfleet her nurse today she also lost her fiancé. She has remarkable coping skills, got those from her mother, but she will be hurting for a good amount of time I can assure you of that.” 


Kr’Antren nods and looks from the ship to the landing area and the work going on around them, and notices the group of people collecting the wounded and the dead. “I believe most of these folks would agree with you, it’s been a hard past few weeks for them. As for my crew, I believe the events today may have opened a few young people’s eyes and made them realize just what is at stake.”


“Yes, events like today have a way of doing that same with the first time you are in a battle or a ship encounter. Take it from an old Klingon, watch over your crew, take care of them and your ship young captain and I promise they will do the same with you and most importantly remember that respect goes both ways.” Nods his head and reaches out a hand to Kr’Antren “especially that last bit, that’s the one that can ruin a man, a  demoralize a crew and the end ship the fastest. Qapla’ in you mission Kr’Antren”


“Qapla’ in yours as well, wo’batlhvad Colonel.” As the colonels body starts to energize and fade out.


Kr’Antren turns till he spots the council and makes his way over to them. “Ma’am, sirs I’m so sorry that those events transpired just now. The crew and I will do all we can to help the families of those who fell today. Knowing that the issue of planetary security has been taken care of, I do believe that we will be able to remain for the next 72 to 96 hours to help in any way we can. Also as you can see the Klingon empire has graciously delivered materials and supplies to the people of Alth’Ndor IV. My crew and ship are at your disposal. Please spread the word to bring the wounded and anyone that is sick or in need of medical attention to the Rhyndacus and we will do our very best to help all that we can.”


“Captain, do you know what will become of the other one, we hope she will find justice.”


Kr’Antren runs a hand through his hair and then roughs it up as he brings it forward. “ knowing Klingons and their culture I would I’m sure she will meet justice in a very harsh way.The Klingon empire does not look kindly on traitors and murders.”


“Captain, it is nearing the end of a very long and stressful day, if we may call on you tomorrow morning, we would like to discuss some ideas that have been spoken amongst us and the people as they concern how we see our future as a planet and as a people.”


“I will be more than happy to meet with you in the morning. Remember though even though I am captain of the Rhyndacus in the grand scheme of things I am just a lowly LT. Not sure how much help I can be in deciding the future of you and your people but I will be more than happy to send the information to StarFleet.”

“Captain, do not let your young age cloud your mind, today you showed many here and In your crew. That you have a spark, an aura of budding leadership that will lead to great things. You gained much today even though you may not see it yet. Go take care of your crew, especially that young doctor, she hides it well but she is hurting inside. Grieve for your losses as we shall grieve for ours. Tomorrow is a new day and thanks to your crew and you, it looks much brighter than yesterday.” The council bid Kr’Antren good night and the commander gives him a salute of respect from one leader to another