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Part of USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

No longer who I am

USS Rhyndacus
June 2400
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“Doc, please take a moment in the ready room, you’ll know when I need you.”


Dr. M’Gok heads towards the ready room “Sir, please do not let her play you, she is good at that with those of your particular sex. She will try but do not let her. I’ll be waiting.”


Kr’Antren nods his head as she exits the bridge. 


“Ahhhh what’s this a federation toy, how nice of them to send us a plaything, This is Cmdr Avasa M’Gok of the IKS Amazonian Ruby.”


“Computer, view screen” Kr’Antren sits in his chair “ I am LTjg Kr’Antren we would like to speak to captain Klollo. We have things to discuss.”


“No, Federation you will talk to me, Captain Klollo is no longer in charge of this ship, I have assumed those duties. Hmmm yes I see a Raven class ship how quant. Helping the Romulan scum, did they run crying to their new masters when they could not take care of themselves. Hold on you were not in the convoy how did you get on the planet’s surface.” Waves a hand and adjusts herself in the command chair showing a bit more leg than she was. “No, matter you you will only leave if we allow it, maybe it’ll be nice to have some federation playthings as we wait for your federation’s ships to come to your rescue.”


Pulls out his PADD “Hold on just have to update the federations notes here.. hmmm I see a lieutenant Avasa assigned to the crew, hmmmm as an operations specialist. Just so I get this right in my report, how did you get promoted from a LT to the captain of the vessel.”


“I did what Klingons have done for eons, federation. I crushed those who stood in my way and those that could not command as a Klingon should.” 


Avasa pulls out her PADD, “hmmm yes, USS Rhyndacus lately from the shipyards of Devron by way of starbase bravo. How come I see no crew notes? I know you are not by yourself?”


“We’ll know how it is captain we get thrown together in when things like a Romulan faction falls apart. Hell captain,  4 days ago I was nothing but a shuttle pilot. Well yes in fact, the crew is unloading the medical supplies, food and other emergency supplies that the federation has been sending to those in need, than once that is complete” shrugs his shoulders “who knows?”


Avasa leans slightly forwards in her chair “maybe I’ll bring you up here to my ship and I’ll let you have the honor of being my special guest as we wait.”


“Thanks for the offer captain, but I think I’ll pass. You are not quite my type. I like my friends to be soft, if you know what I mean.” Raises and eyebrow.


“Oh federation you are funny, though I can be, how do you say “soft” when I need to be, but I am Klingon and as such I must always be looking for battle.”


Well that brings me to my next question. Why attack the Star empire? They were already falling apart, I’m sure you could have just waited a bit longer and you could have had any planet in this sector without expending energy.”


Avasa angrily stands up and approaches her view screen” Watch how you say your next words captain.. We are Klingon we take what we want and crush those who oppose us. You would not understand this, you sound like the old men on  QO’Nos too old too afraid to do what Klingons must. They would rather sit back and listen to their federation masters. We will no longer be slaves to the federation we will return yo the old ways the ways when all we’re afraid of the Klingon empire.”


Kr’Antren looks down at his PADD as she is saying all this and than looks back up “Are you done with your propaganda speech now, not really interested in all that. Just wanted to hear the simple answer to why. We’ll look at that, how time flies. If you don’t mind, I have a meeting with the council of this planet to discuss how else the federation can help them.”


“You dare leave your betters, federation scum. Do not discuss such things with the Romulan and reman scum who call themselves the ruling council. The Klingon empire will help them not the federation.”


Kr’Antren starts to walk out of the bridge and stops, and turns around “We’ll you see I don’t really think the Klingons will be helping these fine folks, seeing as your not part of the empire, now are you?” Looks at the door leading to the ready room. “ No, from what I heard just a few moments ago I think you have bigger problems. well I do have a meeting to goto but, I’ll let you discuss your options with one of my officers.” Walks over to the ready room door,knocks once turns around and heads out the turbo lift doors.


“Where are you going? We must discuss your surrender into my custody. If you do not come back I will beam down myself and kill the council so you have to deal with me.”


Behind the ready room door, as the captain knocks dr M’Gok stands silently listening to every word through her comments badge. “ USS Rhyndacus. This is Dr. M’Gok. Be advised we may have some unwelcome guests coming. Have weapons set on stun as I really don’t want to have to do more paperwork than necessary.” Several quick chirps come back over her comment badge and obvious answer to her request. Dr. M’Gok takes a deep breath and lets the rage start to boil once more as she enters the bridge.


“Yes, sweet sister please do. It would make things so much easier.”  A very sarcastic tone to her voice.


Avasa turns around immediately upon hearing the voice, a scowl appearing over her face.”You…. Fathers human whores bastard. Father mentioned you had joined the federation after turning him down. You could have had all this and much more. Hahahahahaha, you are nothing to me and I’m disgraced that you are part of this house.” 


“Disgraced, haaaa, who is the one that has brought dishonor to the house? Who is the one that has disgraced father? “


“I have disgraced no one, father should be happy and glad I’m bringing honor to the family after your mother disgraced the house by having you, a half blood.”


“That’s a good one sweet sister, you weren’t even born yet. You have no idea what happened, only told what your mother wanted. Let’s get down to business shall we? What the hell are you doing on my ship? Where is Klollo? And why are you starting a war in which you know damn well it will not end good for you?” The anger starts to boil up again as her Klingon half takes control of her emotions, knowing some of the answers but wanting to hear it from the mouth of the one to commit the acts. 


Avasa sits back in her chair and laughs “You mean this ship” she motions around the bridge and crew “My ship, the one I took command of how a Klingon should. You know where he is sweet Shoji, your once fiancé is floating amongst the debris of my great victory, thrown out with the trash. Ahhhh.  I see by the look on your face you already knew this. Did our father tell you? Did father tell you the honor I have brought back to his house.” A knowing smirk comes over her face.


Dr. M’Gok rolls her hands into fists, knowing where this will go.”Ahhhhhh, the only thing father told me before telling me you were on my ship was the disgrace and dishonor you and your friends have brought to the  houses and the Klingon empireYou do not get to call yourself a Klingon any longer nor a member of house M’Gok, father told me to tell you that. He has disowned you, no longer sister of mine. Even now the Klingon empire is moving forces to the borders to deal with the repercussions of the roaches, because that is what you are,  that will come from this. You and your friends have been branded traitors and criminals to be dealt with as such.” Starts to laugh that deep guttural laugh brought on by anger, pain, hatred.


 “Llliiieeeesss, these are all lies. Coming from the mouth of a whores daughter. Even now they are proclaiming these deeds amongst the empire. Today we have started to become Klingons once more. We have struck the first blows that will return the Klingon empire to prominence amongst the stars. After today all will fear us, all will tremble in fear when they see a Klingon. You know Nothing of what it means to be a Klingon, federation scum.We, the Klingon empire, will no longer bow down to the likes of you.”


Dr. M’Gok starts to show a toothy smile that has a bit of a snarl to it“Yes, I see the picture now. I see what the roaches problem is. You want a legacy, you want power, you want your father to name you his heir. You want this.” The dr reaches for a heavy braided chain worn around her neck, center is a scaled down version of the emblem that would be on her baldric if she were to wear one. The symbol that deems her as her fathers heir and shows her rank within the house, A house she has never intended to return to. “Only one problem with that dear sister, it is MINE and we know there is only one way for you to claim it, isn’t there. No matter what you think you have done or how much honor you think you have brought to the house, battles won, enemies killed. We both know father could not name you as long as I am alive.” Gives an even broader snarl of a smile “however, you know where I am. You think you deserve it, don’t hide behind me and disgrace yourself even farther than you already have. Face me like a Klingon and try to take it.” Dr. M’Gok immediately kills the transmission 


“USS Rhyndacus crew expect visitors any second, however do not kill them and do not face the captain till I give the signal.”


Several chirps follow 


Dr. M’Hok hurriedly returns to her room and pups a long flat case out from under her bed, she lets out a long breath and a loud sigh. “I never wanted to touch this thing again, I am no longer what it represents. But if I don’t, many others may not make it past today. Today I must remember who I am and what it means to have two bloods running through my veins.”She reaches down and holds her thumb on the pad, opens the case and retrieves her Bat’leth and leaves the room. 


Nearing the ramp to the landing area she hears the sounds of transporter beams ending, the rapid fire of Klingon weapons , federation phaser and Romulan disrupter. She exits the Rhyndacus to see several Klingon crewman on the ground withering pain or gaveling already perished, than her eyes take in several of the colonists in the same condition and one of the crew from the Rhyndacus laying on the ground near the ramp, nurse matthews kneeling over him trying to save his life. Dr M’Gok glances up seeing her sister standing the middle of a cleared area Rhyndacus crew holding colonists back.


Where is she, where is my precious sister? Come out and federation scum so I can end you like I ended your fiancé Klollo. Face me you pathetic excuse for a Klingon, no not a Klingon a half breed a human federation whores daughter.” 


Dr M’Gok walks over to the downed crewman and the nurse working on him and touches nurse Matthews on the shoulder. Nurse Matthews looks up at her and shakes her head. Dr M’Gok looks at her sister and let’s out a blood curdling howl of rage


Noticing the Bat’leth in one hand of her sister and a knife in the other, she makes a quick decision to face towards her sister and takes a running start into a roll. She feels the air move above her knowing that is the knife being thrown, moving so fast she doesn’t really register the sound of the knife hitting flesh or the sound of a body hitting the ground. As she comes out of the roll raising her Bat’leth in a two handed over head strike intended to cut a victim in two she see a blue flash and her sister stiffen and slump to her knees. Holding the strike for just a mere moment in time to savor the blow she notices the captain standing in front of her with what she gathers are the council members behind him. She sees the slight head shake and the words being mouthed “Not who you are.” 


Looking down at her sister she lets out a howl and brings the Bat’Leth down and as sure of herself as if she was in the operating room she brings the blade down, slicing deeply into her sister’s flesh leaving a deep slice of a wound across her sister’s face. “You are no longer of the house M’Gok, you are no longer a Klingon as you are no longer worthy of that. You are a traitor, a murderer, a criminal and most of all you are dead to all.” She looks up at the captain and mouths “Thankyou” she than looks over one of the Rhyndacus remaining security crew “cuff her, shackle her feet, remove all electronics from her  forcefully if you must. And watch over her, do not let her move do not let her speak. Understood?”


“Yes ma’am” looks over at the captain and receives a nod.


“Doc, DOC, DDDDOOOCCC We need you now doc!”


Dr M’Gok hearing this turns around and sees the FO and several other crew members kneeling or standing over Nurse Matthews, a Klingon knife protruding from her chest right above her heart.


“No, No Noooo. Not today, not her.” As she runs over and takes a position over the prone nurse, quickly pulling out and running a tricorder over her nurse. Let’s out a long sigh and a sobbing cry. “Damn it, I did not mean for this to happen Samantha, no no no. This is my fault, my fault.”


Nurse Matthews opens her eyes “No it’s not, I stood when I should have stayed down. It was meant for you.” She closes her eyes and lets out a last final long breath


Dr. M’Gok nods her head and closes her eyes for several moments, lets out a long sob and reaches for the knife pulling it from the former nurse’s chest. Dropping it on the ground beside her. She stands and walks over to the prisoner. Reaches down and rips the baldric off of her, “you are dead to the house and to the empire, you do not get to wear this.”


“Haaa l, you have won nothing this day. You are a coward, you are the one who does not deserve to be part of the house. You could not even kill one who was going to kill you.”


“That’s right, I did not kill you though we all know in truth I did. There is nothing you can do to change that. But I am stronger than that, I have sworn oaths to not take the life of another unless in self defense. I am the federation and I am a Klingon of the house M’Gok and you are nothing but a traitor and lower than a worm I would crush under my feet. The death I would have given you was too fast, I promise you what your future holds for you will be far worse than you can imagine and you will call out wishing I would have given you the swift death.”


Kr’Antren and the council members of Alth’Ndor IV  walk up behind the doctor


“What should we do with her, doc? Take her with us to our next stop, leave her here, turn her over to who knows who?”


Dr M’Gok looks around at the sky “No sir, I think it will be handled soon enough.” At that time slightly behind the group another group comes into the area as the transporter sounds and energy of a Klingon transporter dissipates To the left of them six Klingons come into focus.The Captain and the council turn around and quickly start to pull weapons and find something to hide behind


“Hold, we do not have any intentions besides picking up my traitoris former daughter. And dealing with the rest of her ilk”


Kr’Antren looks at the Klingon talking then back at Dr M’Gok, she slowly nods her head. “Figured you were lying about your location, father. She is yours do with her as you will.” Dr M’Gok goes over picks up her Bat’Leth turns and renters the ship, she turns looking over her shoulder to those near enough to hear. “Bring the injured and any others that are sick or have medical needs to the medical bay, it may take me longer but I will do what I can for them.”