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You may not like the answers you seek

USS Rhyndacus
June 2400
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“What do you mean you had no idea that they would go this far?  Can the great Klingon Navy not keep their young pups in check? “


“Shoji, it is not as easy as it once was, we have too many young ship captains, captains of your generation. They want their legacy, their battles, their honor. They want to return things to the way they were in the past, they want everyone to fear the Klingon empire.


“Hmpf, is this what the old guard has become? I’m glad mother got me away from… that. And father ( grimace or rage across her face) DO NOT call me by that name, you lost that right years ago.”


“Fine, but remember you are still my daughter and you would be wise to remember that young pup. I see that Klingon blood running through your veins even now. That’s the one thing your mother was never able to understand; battle, rage, honor, (looks into the screen with a scowl starting to come over his face) and obedience to your house are what we are, it is what makes Klingons who we are.”

“Father, that is not the issue here and you know it. Stop trying to bring up our history to cover up the real issue. The real issue is here and now (Dr. Shoji slams her fist onto the ready rooms table) Do not play games with me father. Your pups are killing and attacking Romulans and threatening star fleet ships and personnel. We have reports, which I’m sure you have by now, of these pups attacking Star Empire ships and threatening federation ships throughout the Velorum Sector.”

“What is it you want then, daughter?”

“The truth, ruch ‘e’ ngIl ‘Iv?(what the hell is going on?) and what is great Klingon empire doing to stop it (in a very sarcastic tone)”

“(Sits back in his command chair) if only you would have stayed we would have turned you into a Klingon captain to be proud of.” 

“We’ll mom won on that account, quit stalling. I can tell by the commotion behind you something is going on and you’re trying to hide it and not doing a very good job of it, sir. (again sarcastically)”

The view screen goes mute as she sees her father turn around a say something to the Klingon crewmen to the sides and behind him, she notices one of them, a commander from the rank he is wearing, say something to her father, in a flash he pulls his D’k tahg and stabs it into the commanders chest not once or twice but several times. “Oh crap, this is bad”  she see’s her father make a motion with his other hand and several crew pull their weapons and gun down certain individuals amongst the bridge crew. “This is really bad.” The sound comes back we can here more weapons fire in the background and than silence.

“That, that is what we are doing about it. That fool dared to threaten me, should have just tried to kill me versus doing what he did.” Kicks at the dead body from his chair, “dare to threaten me with the information he had, what he just shared with me. Did he not think I already knew, and as you saw and heard we knew who he was plotting with, a good captain always knows. You would do well to remember that, daughter.”Wipes his blade on his pants leg and sheathes it. “As for what you asked here is what I can and will tell you, the Klingon forces are reinforcing the borders. Im sure you would have guessed that would be our first reaction in case there are any repercussions against the empire. Secondly all known members are being dealt with as you just saw and the rest are being branded as traitors to the empire. Currently I’m taking my ship to the border. The Klingon ambassador should be going to the federation any moment to make it understood the the empire has no part in this nor will we tolerate such acts.” A Klingon wearing the bloody rank of the commander that her father just dealt with approaches her father and hands him a PADD. We see her father face go red, froth and saliva fly from his mouth and the comm channel goes quit as she see her father have what could only be a fit of rage as he stands up and then punches his chair and retakes his seat. He looks at the PADD as the channel’s sound comes back up. 

The comms shows him sitting back in his chair viably still mad but it looked to Shoji as if he had gotten over the initial fit. “I know you did not say where you are at but my communications lieutenant is quite good at his job. I can see here that you are located at Alth’dor IV. Ahhh the dilithium mining planet. Yes I can see why they called the federation for help after overthrowing the star empire dogs.” 

“And the other piece of news that you’re trying to hide from me, the news that sent you into such rage. What are you not telling me, old man?”

Sits back into his chair and starts to laugh a deep guttural laugh. “Just like your mother, could never hide things from her either. The arguments we used to have brought great love to my heart, a Klingon needs battle even in his home, and the making up wasn’t bad either.”

“That is not something I need to know about old man, you’re still diverting the question. Make it easier on us both, I don’t have time for these games and I expect neither do you.”

Her father looks into the screen a look of trepidation coming over his face, he looks down at the PADD again and shakes his head. “Shoji, the Ruby is there.”

Anger starts to boil on Shoji’s face “ how is that? Where is this information coming from? Klollo would not side with dogs such as these. You know this and I know this. Someone is spreading lies.”

Her father looks deeply into the view screen after checking over his shoulder. “Klollo is no longer in command. Avasa is now in charge.”

Anger and fury come over Shoji as she picks up her PADD and launches it into the view screen. “‘ach vay’ ghotpu’vam! (That b____ will pay in blood)”

Dr M’Gok come flying out of the ready room, and goes through one of the security personnel who was coming to check on the sound of something crashing.

“I’ll check on you in a second” as she barely even looks at him. Taps her comm badge “Chief Ruz, I’m afraid my conversation in the ready room did not go the way it should have, you may want to send someone up here. Oh and tell them to bring a new view screen for the ready room.”

Looks at the captain “I’ll take whatever punishments you deem necessary sir once we take care of the infestation of roaches” looks at Captain letting the anger show across her face. “Those do not get to be called Klingons any longer.”

Kr’Antren looks down the doc, she is only an inch or two shorter then him, more of a glance. “I’m gathering the colonel didn’t have the answers to our issues.”

“Oh he did and more.” Gives the captain a quick rundown on what she learned, heard and saw except for the last part, that she is holding in letting it fuel the anger and the want for blood that is coursing through her veins

“Damn , that’s. I can’t even  think of the words to describe that. The rest is what I would expect for them to do, now the question is what do we do?” Watching on the view screen as the Rhyndacus lands in the area designated, he can see roughly 40-50 Romulans and Remans gathered around the area with loaders, anti grav skids and whatever else they could get to help speed up the unloading process. “Number one, Chief Kaha, I believe you’re up. Number one, inform the council I will be down to meet them in a few minutes, let them know. We’ll just tell them I’ll be there in a few minutes. While we try to figure out this mess.” 

“Sir, we will have more information in a couple seconds” doc says as she turns to face the view screen. “Computer pull up the image from the attacks on the Star Empire on the view screen”

“Affirmative” as the pictures appear on the screen, dr M’Gok steps forward glancing between. “Computer, can you zoom in on this bird or prey, bottom left second one.” Anger starts to show on the doctor’s face, as the captain steps up beside her and the computer zooms in on the bird or prey that she mentioned as it zooms in Dr M’Goks eyes focus on the name on its side and the symbol under the bridge and lets out a blood curdling scream

“Doc, what is it, what is the meaning of that?” As he points to the name and symbol.

“That is my ship or better, was supposed to be my ship in a past life and now that bitch has it and she is a roach.”

Kr’Antren nods “i’m guessing this is what caused that” points over his shoulder in his ready room

Dr. M’Gok nods her head as she is seething with rage and anger. 

Computer open all comms channels”

“Comms channels are open”

“What’s the ships name doctor”

Dr. M’Gok looks at the captain “IKS Amazonian Ruby” Kr’Antren raises an eyebrow “I’ll explain it all over drinks sometime. It’s a long and rather painful story” Kr’Antren nods 

“IKS Amazonian Ruby, this is LT. Kr’Antren of the federation vessel USS Rhyndacus. We need to speak to your captain.”


  • You've made a terribly interesting choice here, taking the Fleet Action escalation of the Klingons entering Velorum, and turning it into such a personal conflict, between J'shorji and her father. The way you've written their dialogue, I can feel the weight of their past history and read into their repeated patterns of behaviour that they might have otherwise outgrown. In context, the fatherly advice of "always now who's plotting against you" is actually really kind of sweet, oddly. (Especially after he gave such a FATAL performance review to a member of his crew.) You've certain bait the hook effectively too; I'm quite curious to know the story of the Amazonian Ruby. I hope we'll learn more soon!

    June 28, 2022