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Med Bay more like a sick bay

USS Rhyndacus - Med Bay
11 June 2400
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Doc K’gok’Muzi and Nurse Matthews make there way back to the med bay after the all hands meeting in the ready room.
So, Nurse Matthews what do you make of our new captain.

We’ll ma’am, he is young to say the least, though I did read up on him before we reported in seems to have a good head on his shoulders, he is Helm qualified on most small and medium star ships and of course his parents being professors at the academy probably helped him growing up with the right influences and morals. Over all I think he will be ok, what do you think?

I would have to agree with you for the most part, knowing his species I know honor and integrity will be a big thing with him which fits in with my Klingon half. My human half is still going boy is he young.

Well, here we are, our new home. Well let’s see what we have to work with. I didn’t get much of a chance to look around it when we came on board last night. Fist off this is not a med bay its more like a sick bay. This is small even for a Klingon vessel Shudders at the memories that surfaced at that thought.

Hmmm so we have 4 bio beds and one surgical bed alcove. So not bad there. Should be ok for just the crew and routine issues. Three medical replicators so that should be good, again, for most routine issues.

Ma’am have you seen your closet; umm I mean your office. Doesn’t leave much room for anything.

Ok nurse Matthews let set ourselves straight if it’s just us in here than I’m doc or Shoji you are Samantha, in front of everyone else its normal rank and names. Sound good to you? The ship and crew are too small to be formal 24/7.

Yes ma’a. I mean Shoji

Well Samantha that closet as you rightly called it is not going to work. Wonder if that chief can do something about that.

Taps her comm badge Chief Ruzguzee when you get a chance can you come by sick bay, we have a few questions we would like to ask you.

Not a problem Doctor K’gok’Muzi pronounced in perfect Klingon I should be able to swing by in an hour or two. We’re running some diagnostics in engineering.

Thank you chief.

Samantha that reminds me I know I for one need to study up on saurian physiology make sure no problems arise. I’m ok with everyone else.

I was reading up on it a after we found out about the assignment and I did a crew check, Shoji.

So, any ideas on the captain’s requests. The only thing I can think of would be to temporarily medically mask who or what species they are. Only problem I see with that is can they speak different languages with out the comm badge translator. You can always tell when you’re using one.

Shoji Walks around each of the beds touching them, stand in between two and moving from bed to bed as if she was checking on two patients at one time. Looks like this should work. Not a lot of extra room but the room we need. Tell you right now I’m not going to allow for this crew to play me or try take up more room than what is needed, we don’t have the room, personnel or equipment for Saq Klingon swear word like that.

Ok Samantha, let’s think on that idea for the captain; discuss it as we power up, run diagnostics and make sure the federation baselines are uploaded in each bio bed. After that we will do the same on for the surgical bed. Close out the day going through the crew medical and psychological files make sure nothing is hiding, we don’t want to have something comes up and surprises us when we don’t need it.