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Part of USS Sitacus (Archive): Changing Times and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

A Surprise

Starbase 93
May 2400
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Commander Matt Kirby, an Ops officer on Starbase 93, was called in to meet with his section leader.  At age 32, he was an assistant leader himself, having served on the base for his entire career since graduating from Starfleet Academy.  Confident that a promotion was coming, he stepped into the office.

“Have a seat, Matt.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Since things have gotten so busy with the Romulan situation, I’ll get right to it.”

Matt’s curiosity was piqued.

“With the massive relief effort that’s been launched, our need for ships has increased.  To do that as quickly as possible, the Brass has put into service hundreds of Raven-class vessels.  Are you familiar with them?”

“I am,” said Matt.  “I’ve been keeping up on anything to do with what’s happening.”

“Good.  I’ve also seen from your file that you recently completed command training.  How did that go?”

“It was a challenge.  I need to learn as much as I can so I’m ready to go where I’m needed,” said Matt.

‘Well, you’re definitely needed.  How would you like to take command of one of the Ravens?”

It took several seconds for that to fully register in Matt’s mind.

“Me, sir?  The CO of a ship?”

“Yes.  I know you’ve been here your entire career, but you’ve demonstrated your abilities.  The initiative to train and learn as much as you can, well I’m not the only one that noticed.”

Matt smiled.  “Thank you, sir.  I’m honored to be chosen.”

“As you know, there are only twenty crew on a Raven.  Pick your senior staff, I’ll provide you with a list, and the rest will be filled in with NCOs and enlisted.  Do you have any questions?”

Matt was so excited, he must have looked like a teenager going on his first date.  So much was running through his mind, there was only one thing he could ask.

“What’s the name of the ship?”

“The USS Sitacus.  It’s a river on Earth.  It was also a name for a canal on Mars.  Congratulations, Matt.  You deserve this.”

<i>These were definitely changing times</i>, thought Matt.