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Part of USS Crazy Horse: On the Wings of Hermes and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Gathering Supplies

Cargo Bay, USS Crazy Horse
June 13, 2400 11:00
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Cargo Bay 2…

Lieutenant Commander Erin Hayden watched as one of the crewmembers used a tractor beam to guide a large container of grain through the open bay door.   The force field buzzed as the shipping container crossed through the threshold.   The container was set down not far away next to an identical one already in the bay.  Outside another shuttle pulled up towing a third container. 

Erin scanned the shipping label with her tricorder and then the contents before accepting the shipment.   This particular grain was a wheat.  Sighing she returned to her position next to the tractor beam operator and waited for the third container to be brought in.  According to the manifest it should be corn this time.

She was about to yawn when an Ensign entered the cargo bay and handed her a PADD.  She glanced at it and nodded, “Thank you Ensign.  Good work.”

She smiled, turned on a heel and left the cargo bay leaving Erin more than a little jealous,  “Hayden to Captain Murphy.”

“Go ahead Commander,” the voice of her new captain came over her combadge. 

“The medical supplies from the Tomet have been transferred and are secured.   We are bringing in the last of the grain now.”

Thank you Commander,” Murphy replied. 



Captain Órlaith Murphy looked down at her PADD and handed it to her first officer.  Both she and Commander Kevan Torin had been assigned to the Crazy Horse to replace the missing and presumed dead CO and XO.  This was her first starship command, and so far it hadn’t gone exactly as planned. Most of the bumps came from the crew who were still loyal to Captain Mckenzie and believed she was still alive out there. And then there were those that thought Commander Hayden should have taken over after being the ship’s acting Captain.  It hadn’t been a smooth transition for anyone. 

Torin scrolled through the PADD.  He was an unjoined Trill who had washed out of thr Symbiote Program, and privately he had come to the conclusion that it had been one of the best things to happen to him.  It pushed him to focus on his education more, and he probably wouldn’t have joined Starfleet otherwise.   “These raids on convoys to Psi Velorum… How likely are they really ‘rogue’ elements?” Torin asked.

Órlaith smirked at her XO, “Let’s just say I wouldn’t bet a whole lot on what the Empire’s diplomats are saying.  If they aren’t actual Empire ships I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that they weren’t privateers.”

“Pirates in space,” Torin said with an expression mixed with concern and amusement. “A twenty-first century human was known for saying, ‘don’t all good stories involve pirates’.”

Órlaith gave him an amused look, “They are much better stories when they don’t include me.”

“Hayden to bridge.  All cargo is on board.”

“Thank you Commander, ” Órlaith replied. “Helm set course for Psi Velorum warp 6.”

“Warp Six, aye,” Ensign Talon responded from the helm.