Part of USS Erigone: Into the Fire and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

One Last Flame

Rogasa Station / USS Erigone
May 11, 2400
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Rogasa Station – 0830

=^=There’s nothing on sensors overnight and comms traffic didn’t have anything unusual.  Looks like we managed to get out at just the right time, Commander.”

Harris was thankful for that as his first officer Jordan Reid gave him the last part of the morning report.  He turned his focus to the 50 people that would soon be filling the corridors, rooms, and more of the Raven Class, “How has the relocation program been going?”

There was a chuckle on the other end, =^=Well, Prentice and Allen are accepting of the arrangement, but Phillips is another matter.  I think he’s used to having his own space for most of his life.  The idea of shacki…sharing space with two other officers seems to have given him quite the shock.=^=

“Outside of Mr. Phillips?”

=^=I’ve managed to secure some cots from the station’s storage, so we’ve got most everyone either in my quarters, your quarters, and stacked in the corridors, the mess hall, and just about damn near everywhere else.  We’ll have to sort out where each of us will lay our heads on the trip home.=^=

Sub-commander Thasaz was walking down the hall, her hands filled with her belongings.  “I’m headed into to talk with Thasaz, thanks for the update, Doc.”  

The channel closed and he offered to help her but she demurred, “I packed myself onto this base all those years ago…it’s a small point of pride that I can pack myself out, Commander.  I understand the Erigone has been made ready?”

“It has.  We’ve set the charges for the self-destruct sequence and we’ve managed to repair our phasers to half strength so we’ll target with those to ensure it looks real.”

A frown from the sub-commander, “What of the weapons fire readings?”

Harris smiled conspiratorially, “Something I learned from a fellow engineer was how to adjust the phaser fire harmonics just enough that it looks generic – mind you, it doesn’t do any kind of damage beyond a burn mark or two if the shields are down, but our friends won’t be looking beyond the surface.”

Romulan officers started filling the hallway and walking towards the docking bay, Thasaz greeting each of them as they passed.  Hugs were exchanged, and quiet glances filled with a renewed hope filled the space between each of them.  She turned back to Harris, “I asked you last night as you were repairing your ship and you didn’t answer me…do you think they will come for you again?  They meant to come for us too, but your sacrifice seems to have saved us.”

The commander took a deep breath and sighed, “Before we found the Pentax and you…I might have made some flippant comment about being an engineer not an expert on Romulan fleet movements or something…”,  he pushed his hands into his pockets, “…but now, I have to think about that question…and what it means for you, your crew…for me, my crew.”  He looked around the station, “I always thought I’d be a Chief Engineer…holding down main engineering and earning my title as a ‘miracle worker’.”

She gave him a curious look, “And now?”

Ambrose didn’t answer her right away but instead leaned against the wall.  He could feel the thrum of the power of the station.  He could detect her space in the stars and how every so often the small thrusters would blast to ensure she stayed in the right place.  Given time, he could feel in the deck if something was wrong…or broken.  He met her eyes, “I think I held onto that dream…or maybe some would call it a fantasy…too long.  Maybe I wanted to be Chief so much…I forgot what possibilities existed as a Commander.”

Thasaz leaned in, “I thought I would die out here running this station.”  A rare smile rippled across her lips, then faded, “Perhaps we both had to come to understand our places in this universe…this galaxy…they aren’t finished and they aren’t meant to stay…what is the human word…stagnant.”  She picked up the cases and packs, giving the place one last look, “She was a good station.  Served us well.  What is that Earth saying…’It is not the end of things…it is just the beginning.’”  Harris gave her a long look and she rolled her eyes, “I had taken to reading materials from your people over the last few months…it’s irritating how those banal screeds get buried in your brain.”  She gave him a wink as she said, “You humans are an odd bunch.”  She lumbered on down the corridor and down the hall to the docking bay.

Harris sat in their conversation for a moment longer and wondered if peace could be maintained…what good could come of relations with the Romulans.  IF Thasaz and her people were any indication, the possibilities were endless.

=^=Reid to Harris…Thasaz reports all passengers are aboard and ready for departure.  All stations report ready.=^=

“Confirmed, Doc.  I’m on my way.  Warm up the engines…let’s get these people to safety.”  He jogged down the corridor, wondering what would come next for him and his crew.  The possibilities…were endless.