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Part of USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Captain on the Deck.

USS Rhyndacus
7 June 2400
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After taking a couple minutes to collect himself and stopping to get a bite to eat Kr’antren makes his way to the USS Rhyndacus, his first command.

I still can’t believe that she is my first Command, not quite what I was hoping for my first one but she will do. Seeing her up close for the first time he but can t help to notice the workerbees robots flying around her, working on bringing her up to star fleet specs. Wonder how much longer it will be before she is ready to depart (he thinks to himself) According to the latest reports everything is ahead of schedule the photon torpedo launcher has been installed as the civilian had originally requested that to be turned into a probe launcher. All computer systems are going through modifications and diagnostic testing and the warp core has been brought up to specs. (Again, talking to himself as he stares out the port window near her docking port) Guess I should make my way onboard and get the introductions out of the way. Plus, I have to meet Senior Chief since the commander personally recommended him for the engineering department head slot, won’t be much of a department on a ship this small though. (Talking to no one in particular as he enters the docking port and steps foot onto the USS Rhyndacus for the first time).


We hear the Boatswains mate whistle alert for the captain entering, echo through the port. 

(chuckles to himself) Guess I’ll have to get used to that.

Tapping the his comm badge. Senior chief Ruzguzee this is the Ensign Kr’Antren can you meet me on the bridge.

On my way sir.

(Kr’antren noticing several engineer work crew as he make his wat to the bridge, politely asks how things are going as he makes his way to the bridge)

Again, we hear the whistle alert and we hear.

Captain on the bridge! (Kr’Antren notice a few engineers pop to attention) 

Carry on (Kr’Antren runs a hand through his hair and smoothing down one of the braids that he does his beard in) Not sure I’ll ever get used to that.

Oh, you will sir, give it some time.

Kr’ Antren takes in the bridge and the layout noticing the door which he assumes leads to his ready room of to his right side. As he walks around taking everything in he goes by and touches the chair, not quite ready or sure if he should sit in it yet.

Well, Rhyndacus I’m ensign Kr’Antren your new commander. I promise to take care of you if you will help me in taking care of the crew. We are all one team one family now.

We hear the bridge door open, and see a tall athletic built if not slightly older Saurian enter the bridge.

She will sir as long as you do your part, she will do hers I can promise you that.

(Kr’Antren turns to look at the person whom just entered, taking an additional second to size him up remembering what he had read in the Dossiers that the commander had given him on the chief)

Ahh Chief Ruzguzee, Ensign Kr’Antren I’ve been assigned to the Ryhndacus as her captain.

(we see Chief Ruzguzee blink his eyes and also taking those extra couple seconds to size up Kr’Antren)

Hmmmm maybe he has heard through the grapevine about him being recommended (Kr’Antren thinks to himself)

Kind of young to be a Captain, but he must have something, that spark, if Starfleet gave him the ship. Being young and new to not only command but seeing as he is an ensign, I would guess he is only a year or two out of the academy he will need experienced guidance in not only commanding the ship but in leading the crew. Hmmmm, I have already thought about his and had made my decision last night, if he offers, I will accept. 

Both the ensign and the chief reach their hands out at almost the same time taking each other’s in a firm hand shake of not only welcome but in some ways in acceptance or approval.

So, what’s the latest status report chief, I read through the morning one on my way down here.

Well sir, (as the two start to walk around the bridge) everything is ahead of schedule luckily for you the scientists never to command of the ship so the modifications weren’t hard to replace. The Warp core and engine diagnostics were finished last night as I’m sure you read in the report. Communications and science were finished a couple days ago. We are running the Tactical and Helms diagnostics as we speak, the final computer upgrade and diagnostics should be started sometime tonight if nothing is flagged with helm and Tactical. With no Issues sir you should be able to depart in 48 hours, 24 – 36 if you do plan on stopping at Star Base Bravo on your way as they could complete anything needed or missed there. 

I was thinking about tit as it would be a good place to pick up any crew I don’t find here.

That’s what I had figured as it would have a good selection of new cadets maybe an experienced crewman or two that is newly arrived and notyet assigned, sir.

(Kr’Antren nods as he stops again beside the Chair)

Ok chief, if I may make a couple request for the bridge that I hope wont set us back to much time wise. One, the chair.

The chair sir?

Yes, the chair I find these typical command chairs are not the most fitting for someone with (flicks his tails across the chiefs’ boots)

Ahh, I got you sir. Didn’t think of that this morning when we heard about, the new captain

(The chief taps on his comm badge) engineer Stevens, lets get one type Charlie Gama Hotel Bravo (looks at the Ensign) seven Command Style, better add 6 more non command to that switch them all out.

Right away chief, should be ready in an hour or two.

Chief, can we get some sort of barrier behind my chair so no one accidently steps on me.

On it, Hear that petty officer.

On it chief, I think one about two feet high about 2 feet back from the chair should do it. Be done before next shift change.

Chief one more thing, I find these view screens a bit small in my experience helming a few of these during maintenance check rides.

(Chief reaches up and thoughtfully rubs his chis with some slight clicking noises coming from his mouth) ahhhh I see what you mean sir it does kind of limit the field of view doesn’t. maybe if we go from just inside the engineering station around to just inside the science station. Yes, that should work quite well. Petty Officer?

On it chief.

(Petty officer taps his comm badge) Team’s seven and nine come to the bridge please.

(Kr’Antren nods his head in approval)                                                          

Soo how about a tour chief? And one last question. I’m sure you have could assume that I will need a Chief Engineer.  So how do you feel about doing some exploring and making sure I keep my promises to this girl? (As he taps the helms man terminal area).

Sir, I will accept that offer

Ok, I’ll file the paperwork as you are giving me a tour of our new command. Oh. I was wondering any ideas on what to load into that pod? I’m open to suggestions. And chief I think 2 crew man for engineering should work out. Preferable ones with additional skills in other areas and preferably some small unit tactics. 

Petty officer you hear that, pack your bags your part of the crew now.            

Yes, chief and yes sir. 

(Kr’Antren nods again and lets out a slight chuckle) Guess you two might have talked about that possibility some.

Maybe a little sir

Chief Ruzguzee gives Kr’Antren a tour of the entire vessel. Making small talk along the way as they learn a bit about each other along with their goals and aspirations. Also stopping at times to show his new Captain some of the modifications that have been made compared to the slightly older versions that he has flown while at star base bravo.

Sir, thinking about the pod since we have it, we might use it. You said we are being assigned to Task Force 47. Well knowing their mission and the area they work in I would suggest a sensor module and a communication receiving module. Something to give us a bit better eyes and ears so to speak.

That along the lines I was thinking chief, just wasn’t sure if something else had already been installed in it. How many more modules can we fit in it after those two?

Maybe two more of the size they take up. 

Hmm ok, lets go with those two for now and leave the other two to be used as different missions come up. 

Sounds good sir.

Chief let’s add some more power supply points in bays 3 and 4 in case we need to use them for anything in particular that may come, rathe be ready and not need them than need them and not have them.

Agreed sir, makes sese.

So, we have 8 Bridge crew quarters and room in the enlisted area for 5 or if they double up 10. Let’s keep one of those quarters open for a VIP room in case we ever have need of it and plan on 4-5 enlisted. Petty officer Stimeck one more for you, I would say 1 science, 1 medical and 1 security. How does that sound for a crew break down? Any suggestions, I’m all ears.

No sir, sounds like you have put some though to it in your short time as the captain. It should be a good break down and I’ll make sure, as the senior enlisted, that we start a good tradition onboard that everyone is cross trained in some emergency medical and security which will help.

Well, I’ll take quarters 1R and you can have your pick of the other seven, better get your self moved in and settled. 

(Comm Badge) beep (Kr’Antren taps) Ensign Kr’Antren you slippery cat, how come you didn’t tell me you got a command.

And how to did you find out; you white haired rat? Ensign Yivliv where are you?

I’m standing outside your docking port. Just came down from the control[s1]  center where I was filing the flight reports from my and happened to notice the big board. 

Kr’Antren looks at Chief Ruzguzee Well, if I had put any though to it yet he would be on my short list for our helmsman.

Well sir, sounds like you have some catching up to do and a decision to make. And I have a ship to finish getting prepped and a room to move into. We will catch up later tonight sir lets say at bravo shift change or later?

Yes, chief that will work for me and your right on both accounts.

Kr’Antren makes his way towards the docking port, a friend to catch up with and a decision to make.