Part of USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Did someone make a mistake?

Devron Fleet Yards
7 June 2400
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Kr’Antren steps off of the transporter Pad.

Welcome to the Devron Fleet yards Ensign. Home of Task Force 93.

Thank you chief

Heads for the Red shirt off to the side, presuming that he is the deck officer assigned to this transporter room.

Ensign, I’m ensign Kr’ Antren reporting in. (handing his PADD over)

Hmmmmm Ensign Kr’Antren, hmmmm I can’t find you on our incoming replacement list. Oh, ohhhhh. Umm you are to report to Commander Ofransitek in HQ upon your arrival.

Umm well ok, what ship is he in charge of, I’m supposed to be a assigned to star ship.

Well, that’s just it Kr’Antren, he is not a Captain of a ship as far as I know. (Hands Kr’Antrens PADD back to him) I marked the directions to his office on your PADD.

Kr’Antren makes his way out of the transporter room and heading towards the turbo lifts.

Ok what’s up with this? no quarters assignment? Did somebody mess up and send me the wrong orders? Has the ship I was supposed to be assigned to been moved? Destroyed? Reassigned to a different Task Force? 

Muttering to him self as he enters the turbo lift. HQ deck 5 

Stepping off of the turbo lift. What was his name again? Commander (looks at his PADD) oh crap, wrong HQ. (Reenters the turbo lift) Deck 100. What???  Fleet yard HQ, No, No, No… Not shuttles and Maintenance shakedowns again. Come on I was supposed to get assigned to a star ship, any ship, (gulp) even a Raven if that is all they have room on, anything but shuttles and shake down cruises.

Steps of the turbo lift after asking a few passersby’s finally finds the fleet yard HQ. Upon entering he is met with a medium sized atrium that overlooks what looks like the control center for the Fleet yard with panels overlooking the going on in the yard and the ship currently in dock.

Excuse me LT. I was told upon my arrival to see Commander Ofransitek.


Ensign Kr’Antren

(The lieutenant looks at his PADD) ahhhh yes. I believe we will find the Commander below in the control Center. Follow me.

Follows the LT down several sets of stairs that empty out on the main floor of the Control Center. Excuse me Lt, do you have any Idea on what is going on? I thought I was supposed to be going to a star ship as a helmsman.

The Lt chuckles to himself, well Ensign that’s a yes and a no. At least from what I can see on my PADD. I’ll let the commander explain your orders have been changed. You were supposed to go to that ship right over there. Points at a Reliant class star ship. 

Kr’ Antren’s mane hairs start to stand up. Sir why do I feel a “But” coming up next.

The LT just gives a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Here we are. Commander Ofransitek sir, Ensign Kr’Antren is reporting in (The LT leads Kr’Antren into an office that overlooks both the yard and the 

Comma Ofransitek currently looking out the windows takes a sip from the mug he is holding looks over at a holographic board that denotes the ships in the yard and their current status. hmmm the Rhyndacus. He turns back towards the windows his glance locking onto a Raven Class ship off to the side. Well ok, lets get this on with, things to do and all that. Turning back around placing his mug on the very crowded desk and picking up the PADD. Ahem, lieutenant.

Entering the room, the LT and the Kr’ Antren stop in front of the desk in the open spot between the desk and some chairs

Ensign Kr’Antren ATTENHUUUT!!!!

Kr’Antren snaps too oh crap what did I do now, goes through his mind.

Ensign Kr’ Antren per Star Fleet command and the Bravo Fleet commander you are hereby given command of the USS Rhyndacus. You are further to finish her modifications and then unless otherwise directed you are to proceed to Starbase 47 where you will join Task Force 47 and its ongoing mission.

Ensign, I believe you are in the wrong uniform, CHIEF! (a chief enters the room carrying a folder up red tunic) Well Ensign what are you waiting for?

Kr’ Anttren looks around What?? Is going on this is a joke right, someone is going to pop out and be like got you. come on an Ensign in command of a start ship? As he is changing out of his yellow tunic and putting on the red of command. Ummm thank you chief.

Yes Sir, umm sir are you sure you have the right Ca, the right Ensign.

Yes, yes Ensign Kr’Antren we always double check these orders, they have become a come occurrence over the last couple months though. So, we came up with those little theatrics to get the shock over with as quick as possible. Plus, it doesn’t give you enough time to try and refuse, some have tried.

Now would you like to see you new command, here take a look (points to a Raven siting off to the side) She is relatively new was originally built at Star base Bravo for some scientists wanting to do some mission for Starfleet. Probably, why she has the sensor pod extension on top. She has been sitting here in the fleet yard for a couple years now, we started a crew on her modification to bring her up to star fleet requirements a week ago so they should be almost complete. May want to meet up with Senior Chief Ruzguzee. He is currently in charge of the team doing the modification. He actually might be a good choice for your engineer department head. You have to think on that now, too, amongst other things. Well Ensign let me be the first to congratulate you. Captain she is all yours. Let us know if we can help in any way over the next couple days and let us know when you are ready to depart, If I may if you do not find crew here, I would heavily suggest stopping by Star Base Bravo on your way to Starbase 47. So, you can fill out your crew.

Yes, Sir and thank you sir.

Kr’Antren turns to leave the Commanders office. he momentarily stops to turn and look back out the window at his ship, his command.

(master chief that was standing just at the door way) USS RYHNDACUS ENTERING THE FLEET, FAIR WINDS AND SAFE SEAS.

Kr’ Antren proceeds up the stairs standing a little taller a little more polished than when he entered just a few short minutes ago.