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Part of USS Erigone: Into the Fire and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

A New Place

Personal Quarters
May 2400
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After being welcomed aboard the Erigone by Commander Harris, Roger left to find his quarters and to get settled. Once inside, he looked around. It was compact, about the size of his room at the academy, but this time he didn’t have a roommate. Satisfied, he tossed his travel bag on the floor.

Roger traveled light; a few shirts and personal mementos. Reaching into the bag, he held a picture of him and Ashley, a special girl he met on Earth. The photo was from a camping trip he had gone on with friends. She became a nurse and was assigned to a starship a long, long way from Starbase Bravo, Roger’s first posting. He hadn’t realized how much he missed her.

Serving on SBB was a time Roger enjoyed. Though he met a lot of interesting people, after a short time, his duties quickly became routine. Patrolling the promenade. Keeping order. Enforce rules and laws. He knew he had to start somewhere, but ship duty was where he wanted to be.

On the base, rumors were flying. Word of a Romulan coup, with assassinations, spread like wildfire. Opinions were abundant and different views and factions formed. The tension could be felt even though life on the station hadn’t been affected yet. He transferred off at the right time.

The Erigone was considered to be small, though it was nearly the size of a football field. He supposed by starship standards, that was small. Roger was brash and filled with confidence, but in his alone time, he allowed himself a few moments of doubt and wondering.

Things in the sector were going to explode at some point, which could have lasting affects for decades, and he was part of it, just where he truly wanted to be.



  • Just catching up with the Erigone goings on and there's certainly some twists and turns afoot with the SS Pentax! Roger seems to be a big contrast to Reid, eager to get involved in an exploding sector where the latter favours a more cautious, Tolkein quoting approach. As the Erigone heads into the Velorum sector, it's going to be interesting to see how the two approach the challenges that get tossed their way. Will Allen's brash eagerness be better suited to the task at hand, or will the reserved introspection of the Doctor prove a more sensible angle? We shall see!

    June 8, 2022