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Part of USS Erigone: How a Harris Hopes and USS Erigone: How a Harris Hopes

Into the Black

USS Erigone
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USS Erigone – Bridge – 0800

“She’s ready, ‘Brose.  Took us longer than I expected, but everything is back where it belongs and as it should be.”  Masterchief Christopher Grace handed over the PADD with the details, “You’re cleared for launch.  I see you got assigned a helm officer.”

Commander Harris accepted the PADD and grumbled, “Yes.  We have.  He’s in his quarters getting on a proper uniform.”  The CO signed the PADD and slipped it on his belt, “Ensign Prentice thought showing up in a workout uniform was an acceptable start to the day.”  A shrug, “Takes all kinds to run a starship, Chris.”

Grace chuckled, “Don’t I know it.  Good luck out there, ‘Brose.”  They shook hands and the Master Chief headed off the bridge as the admonished ensign returned, now properly uniformed.

“Uh…I’m…my apologies for the mistake, Commander Harris.  It won’t happen again.”  He got a nod from his CO and took his position in the helm chair at the front console on the right of the bridge.  He logged into the console and checked their status, “Helm is reporting ready, sir as well as Security and Tactical.”

Ambrose gave a nod and moved to the center of the bridge.  They’d done him a solid and reworked the bridge into a Nebula/Prometheus design which allowed for a center chair and a more centered arrangement.  “Ensign Prentice, plot us a course here,” he handed him a PADD, “There’s a wreck a few hours from here that needs cataloging.  Maximum warp.”

Prentice gave a nod and tapped the commands into the console.

Harris sat forward in his chair.  It was the first real command of his career as a commanding officer.  Even as small as the Raven Class was…she was still a ship and she was his ship.  “Let’s get out there, Mr. Prentice.”  The USS Erigone leapt into the darkness with a flash of light.