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Part of USS Erigone: How a Harris Hopes and USS Erigone: How a Harris Hopes

The Commander and The Doctor

USS Erigone
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Starbase Bravo-1400

“You have got to be kidding me.”  Jordan Reid sat in the office of a Starfleet assignment officer and had just been told her next assignment was to a Raven class ship that hadn’t even been rated for launch.  “I was hoping for a ship bigger than a toy, sir.”

The man shrugged, “Needs must.  You will have the title ‘Chief Medical Officer’ if that helps.”  He tapped away on his PADD, his eyes meeting hers for a brief moment.  “The galaxy doesn’t give us everything we want, Lieutenant.”

Reid gripped the arms of the chair, “No kidding.  Who’s the captain?”

The man handed her a PADD which she accepted, resigned to her fate.  “A Commander Ambrose Harris.  Former chief engineer now granted a command to help support the various fleets, stations, and colonies.  You’ll be his medical support in case of a hot zone.  Your combat support ratings are impressive.”

She frowned and sat forward, “If it’s all so impressive, why a Raven class?”

The man shook his head, “Be content with your rank and station, Doctor.  You’ve got a long career ahead of you and plenty of people to heal.  You are dismissed.”

Jordan was tempted to stand up and berate the man, but it was no use.  He wasn’t the one who had given her the assignment.  She was reserving her rage for her.  She’d have to accept this posting and figure out a way to get back to where she was supposed to be.  For now, she made her way to the shuttle bay to meet her new commanding officer.

USS Erigone – Bridge – 1430

Ambrose tapped quickly at the console at the front of the room as he worked to complete the upgrade to the ship’s systems.  His friend had managed to secure a computer core earlier and get it installed in record time.  Now the process of connecting and calibrating the systems and computers was his task.  There was still the inspection of the ship to be done and the inch by inch verification that nothing else was rigged to explode.  One step at a time, he reminded himself.  The doors to the bridge swooshed open and he turned to find a young woman in a medical uniform stepping through.

“Welcome aboard the USS Erigone…at least what I’ve got working.  Commander Ambrose Harris.”  He wiped his hands from the grease and dirt, extending it.

Jordan found him not terrible to look at, which she counted as a bonus to the whole situation.  The ship was as small and cramped as she had expected.  “Lieutenant Jordan Reid or Doctor – whichever works for you.  I’ve been assigned as your Chief Medical Officer.”  She accepted his hand and returned the firm grip.  She stepped away and looked at the bridge, as it was, “What’s our status?”

Harris chuckled, “Welcome to the crew, Doctor Reid.  She’s still not great.”  He handed her a PADD with the current status reports, which she accepted and began to read as he spoke, “Someone didn’t want this ship to launch easy, so we’re doing it the hard way.”  He explained what they had done so far, and the road ahead.  She shook her head as she listened and read.

“This ship is a hot mess, commander.”  She handed the PADD back, “What do you need me to do?”

The former CEO sighed, “Well if you can give sickbay a serious inspection inch to inch, that would be a help.  We’re not sure how much work this guy did.”

Reid accepted the challenge, “I’ll take a look.  You know where to find me if you need me.”

Before she walked away, Harris asked, “You’re not happy with this assignment, are you Doctor?”

She stared at him for a moment, “What I like or what I want doesn’t make a difference now, sir.  I’ve got an assignment.  I need to do the work.”

Harris nodded his head, “Thank you for your honesty, lieutenant.  Dismissed.”

She left out the doors, leaving the commander to wonder what lay ahead for them.  And who else they would be joined by?