Part of USS Brontes: Training day and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

First Flight part 1

Mellstoxx system
April 2399
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Mid April 2399, Mellstoxx system

The USS Brontes, a Raven class ship, moved under full impulse towards the edge of the system, a mining facility on one of the moons of Mellstoxx V had requested some medical supplies after a small gas pocket had ruptured in one of the mine shafts, injuring 2 of the miners that were working in the shaft at the time

The Brontes was running a skeleton crew of 10, including Thyn Th’ezekroq, a 4th year Cadet from Starfleet academy assigned to the Brontes with the Security division, not that Starfleet expected any issues. Especially not in system, with the Cardassian Union working with the Federation to re-establish diplomatic negotiations. Thyn was to shadow the Bajoran Security officer, Bepon Shede, that was assigned to the aid run but wasn’t a permanent member of the crew, just a temporarily assigned Officer for a few days until the Security Chief was transferred to the Brontes from Starfleet Command but the Admiralty insisted on having a Security Officer onboard.

Thyn awoke early, nearly 2 hours before his shift was due to start, unable to sleep due to a mix of excitement and nerves. He decided to get up and ready, his uniform proudly displaying his Bravo fleet insignia along with his Cadet badge. He got himself a cup of peppermint tea, something he’d acquired a taste for at the academy after reading some Earth histories, while he read the latest letter from his parents on Andor. Thyn’s family was very important to him and he send frequent messages to them, keeping them up to date with his studies and how he was doing socially as Thyn had struggled to make friends back on Andor as a child so his parents were keen on hearing how Thyn was doing with other people and species.

Bepon Shede knocked softly on Thyn’s door, exchanging very little as they headed up to the bridge at the orders of the Captain. Captain Kohlir glasch Pef, a Tellerite. Captain Kohlir sat quietly at the centre of the bridge, alone except for the blinking of console lights, the Raven class being small enough that a single person could operate one under non-combat conditions. The Captain turned slowly as Bepon and Thyn entered the bridge, the later snapping to attention the moment he entered the bridge, both Bepon and Kohlir chuckled softly, they don’t often serve with Cadets and forget how formally they’ve been trained.

“I have bad news for you both” the Captain said, his voice low and gruff, “One of the injured miners was a Cardassian sympathiser during the occupation of Bajor” Looking squarely at Bepon “This doesn’t mean we won’t help him and no we won’t be arresting him either” cutting Bepon off before he could bring up arresting him. Bepon, his rage barely contained, stormed off the bridge, leaving Thyn confused as to whom to follow. Protocol says that he can’t leave the bridge until he was dismissed by the Captain, but he was ordered to shadow Bepon. The Captain smiled softly and as he dismissed Thyn said “Keep an eye on him for me would you? Let me, and only me, know if he doesn’t calm before we get to Mellstoxx V. ”Yes Captain” Thyn saluted and quickly set off after his Bajoran teacher, worried about Bepon’s reaction and how he’ll react to Thyn being there


  • What an intriguing start to the adventures of Thyn Th'ezokroq and the adventures of the USS Brontes! I enjoyed getting a peek at Thyn's backstory as he embarks on what should be a challenging, if so-called routine, mission without issues. The Captain's request of Thyn to monitor Bepon is all the more tense, given Thyn's difficulty with making social connections in his youth, let alone Bepon being an authority figure and teacher. That's a lot to ask of a cadet! I can't wait to find out more about this Cardassian sympathiser and just what Bepon might do if he doesn't like what he finds.

    April 18, 2022
  • Love the diversity of characters already. Instant conflict! Great way to kick things off, and a lot of responsibility placed on Thyn's shoulders from the get go. I'm sure rescuing someone who collaborated with the Cardassian occupation is going to cause some sparks to fly...

    April 19, 2022