Part of USS Avenger: Perilous Rescue and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

Threat Assessment

U.S.S. Avenger captain's ready room and bridge
Feb. 5, 2400 (stardate 75749.4)
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Captain’s log, stardate 75749.4. The Avenger is four hours out of Devron Fleet Yards. Commander Ino has our skeleton crew hard at work assisting the engineering team with implementing the yard engineers emergency upgrades. These changes will, according to the engineering team at Devron, allow Avenger to safely navigate the Century Storm that has overtaken the Paulson Nebula. The challenge, when we rendezvous with the Nivaxian consular ship, is getting the ambassador, diplomatic staff and crew off the ship using our limited transporter and shuttlecraft resources.

“Well…” Lieutenant Jill Kline stroked her chin as she studied a schematic of the Avenger’s transporter systems on the bulkhead monitor in the captain’s ready room. “We can also recalibrate the cargo transporters for personnel.”

Behind his desk in the small room, Paul Gordon put down a PADD he was reading and focused on the schematic.

“How long will that take?” he asked.

“About three hours by the book.”

The captain scoffed. “There isn’t just a switch you can turn on?”

“The sensors are tuned differently for cargo transporters. And…” Kline looked down at the deck, looking almost embarrassed to continue. “The cargo transporter was made by a different manufacturer than the personnel transporter. The specs and procedures are different.”

“Do you have personnel available for that?”

“Not right now, sir. We’re still working on the yard upgrade procedures.”

Paul shook his head and rubbed his eyes. “This is definitely a government operation. OK. Keep me posted on your progress, and if you need to draft personnel from other divisions, let the exec know. You’re dismissed.”

After the chief engineer departed, Paul gathered the collection of PADDs on his desk into a neat stack and pushed it to the side. He stood from his desk, strode into the corridor, and traversed the short distance from the ready room to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge!” Ino announced as she spied Gordon enter through the starboard access. She was standing at the situation table at the rear of the bridge, with Lieutenant T’Meris, Avenger’s tactical officer and chief of security.

Gordon joined the pair of officers at the table.

“What do we know about the potential threat force?”

T’Meris was the first to speak.

“After the Nivaxians achieved warp capability, they shared the technology planetwide,” she began. “An altruistic notion, but it potentially created the very danger in which the consular ship currently finds itself.”

Gordon gestured for the Vulcan to continue.

“The faction opposed to Federation membership – they call themselves Independent Nivax – built a small fleet of warp ships. Based on a study of the surrounding systems, they would have had the opportunity to connect with black marketeers, dealing in ill-gotten starship components, specifically weapons.”

The captain let out a heavy sigh. “Naturally. What kind of weapons are we talking about here?”

“Beyond the presence of these black markets, intelligence is not conclusive,” Ino said. “However, based on what little data has been collected, there’s a strong possibility that they could have gotten their hands on Romulan and Klingon disruptors, Orion tractor beam technology and Federation torpedoes.”

“Didn’t we take care of that last month?” Gordon asked.

“That was just one pirate ring, sir, and not within practical range of the Nivaxian ships’ capabilities,” T’Meris answered.

“I was being sarcastic, lieutenant.”

“Very well, sir.”

Gordon noticed that Ino was struggling not to smile at the exchange. He silently admonished the first officer with a stern glare and a shake of his head.

“We’re not exactly without teeth ourselves. How would we measure up against this theoretical, illegally armed insurgent?”

“Ship-to-ship, we will hold our own,” T’Meris said. “The concern is if we’re conducting a rescue operation if and when a threat arrives.”

“I’m listening, T’Meris.”

“We’ll have to act quickly, especially if we’re in the middle of transport operations.”

“That’ll include evacuation by shuttlecraft,” Ino offered. “The shields will be down to accommodate all methods of getting their people over to Avenger.

“Kline is going to press the cargo transporter pad into service to aid in evacuation. She’s gonna let you know if she needs additional help.” He turned toward the Vulcan. “If the worst happens, be ready to raise shields so we can defend the consular ship and any shuttles we have in the air at a moment’s notice. Go to work, lieutenant.”

T’Meris nodded and offered a curt “aye, sir,” before resuming her place at the bridge tactical station.

Gordon returned his attention to the first officer. “How do we stand on accommodations for our guests?”

“Obviously we don’t have an ambassadorial stateroom, but we should be in good shape. This will be a no frills journey for them, that’s for sure.” She cocked her head, and her antennae pointed toward Gordon. “Unless you’re willing to give up your bunk for the ambassador, sir.”

“That’s a negative, Number One,” Paul said. He cocked his head toward the command chair. “You have the conn. I’ll be in my ready room studying up some more on the Nivaxians.”

“I have the conn. Aye, sir.”

“Carry on.”

The bridge egress swooshed open, and Gordon disappeared through it.