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Part of USS Cygnus: A Failure to Communicate

Logging in

[Deck 8, Lieutenant Gore’s quarters]
Jan 15th
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On:[Deck 8, Lieutenant Gore’s quarters]“Computer, begin recording personal log Lieutenant Gore ” Gore said. He waited for the familiar chirp to be heard and began dictating his log.“This being my first log as Chief tactical officer of the USS Cygnus. I have transferred over from the USS Calgary during the first shift yesterday and was greeted by Ensign Veenak, a young Romulan officer. It is my observation that I may have made a strong impression on her upon my arrival…” A wry smile formed on his face. “Probably terrified her, more like…Given the opportunity, I hope I can make up for that.”Gore walked towards the bed and reached into the duffel bag that lay there. “She was good enough to indicate me to the officers’ quarters and informed the captain of my arrival” he stated, for the record.From the bag, he produced a copy of ‘Tactical maxims’ by Garth of Izar, and the ‘Complete poetical works of G’trok’. “My first meeting with the Captain went surprisingly well. He seems an agreeable sort. I’ve never served for any length of time with Bajorans before. Looks like that is going to change, according to the manifest. The captain seems to be a good man. Apparently, he’s the spiritual kind, or perhaps spirituality is so deeply ingrained in Bajoran culture that it colours their language?” he wondered as he put down the volumes on his bedside table.“Computer”, he asked. “Lookup and download a translation of the works of Akorem Laan”. The computer chirped and displayed the text of ‘Gaudaal’s Lament’ on a nearby screen. He would return to that later.“At 0800 today, we held the first staff meeting since the transfer of command. It seems that many senior officers have been reassigned, leaving us with a dearth of experienced officers in leadership positions”Reaching again into the bag, he grabbed what looked like a pair of short black sticks held together in a leather holster. Rather than disposing of them, he clipped the holster to his belt. “We are headed into uncharted territory beyond Cardassian space” he stated with a bit of a wince. “I didn’t think I’d be heading back over there so soon, and the prospect is not an altogether very pleasant one”Gore again reached into the bag, this time to produce a small box.“I still have contacts in the Cardassian Union and I am owed a few favours, but reaching out to them would be difficult in my current assignment” he said, opening the box to reveal a collection of data chips.“This should prove an interesting assignment, especially if first contact is a possibility.” A smile returned to his face as he flipped through the chips and found the one he was looking for.Walking to his desk, he inserted the chip into the slot in the terminal. “Computer, download the content from the data chip to my personal files”. The computer chirped, and replicator patterns ‘borrowed’ from the Calgary flashed across the screen. They were common items of the previous generation of Starfleet design, from mugs to bed covers to belt buckles. Collecting antiques and serving in Starfleet were generally incompatible, but this was a palatable compromise, and made for interesting gifts for the right people.Walking to the replicator terminal, he spoke “Replace the default mug by pattern with pattern Goremug2330-1”. The computer chirped. “Zariphean blend tea, hot” he requested. The strongly caffeinated beverage materialised in a cup that, while it still bore the USS Cygnus name and registry, was of the design that was in vogue back when the Calgary’s Ambassador class was launched.Gore took a sip, and, satisfied with the result, concluded his log. “Still on the program for today, getting my physical and conducting my first review of the tactical and security department. This should prove interesting. Computer end log”.With his cup of ‘tea’ in hand, Gore headed out to sickbay where he expected his implants would take a while to explain…OFFLieutenant GoreChief Tacticcal/Security OfficerUSS Cygnus