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Part of the unit-wide mission Task Force 72: Headquarters

Time for change

Starbase 72 Promenade
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(Starbase 72)

Kiran stepped off the shuttle his family in tow. He looked at his smiling wife and son who looked in awe. They had been excited by his orders to report for a new duty assignment. He was not near as excited, he enjoyed his assignment as an instructor for Starfleet academy. Teaching the next generation was his joy, sure it was a long tedious task at times but it was a needed job and one he did well.

He was being moved to be assigned back to a ship. “Come on this way let’s go find our temporary quarters.” He said taking his wife’s hand and moving them along. They paused as a few officers moved along in a group. He smiled remembering his days as a young officer. His son stood there staring at them.

“Darius you’re almost old enough in a couple of years you can join up,” said Ilaria with a soft voice and smile. She put an arm around him as they started moving again.

“I can’t wait, I’m going to be just like you guys, brave and smart.” Said Darius

“The academy won’t make you smart or brave. You need to be smart to get into the academy and as for bravery, I think that’s an overstatement. We do as we must not because we are brave but because that is our job” said Kiran leading the way.

He had been here a few times in his career and was familiar with the layout. He stopped at a small office and walked in by himself. There was a short young male officer in a red uniform sitting behind a desk.

“Afternoon commander,” said the man in a high-pitched squeaky voice.

“Ensign, I’m looking for my temporary quarter assignments”

“Name sir?”

“Commander stonewall” he replied getting annoyed he wasn’t a fan of change.

“Here you are sir,” the young man said handing him a padd with a smile.

“Thank you ensign,” he said before turning and walking out of the room. He walked back over his family as they made their way to their quarters.

(Stonewall Quarters)

They entered the quarters and Darius sat down at a table. Ilaria looked at stone Kiran and smiled. “These are nice,” she said with a smile.

“Not as nice as our last quarters,” said Kiran

“Kiran Stonewall…. I get you don’t like being reassigned but knock it off. This is the life we signed up for. Just because you are upset and miserable doesn’t mean you get to make the rest of suffer along with you” said Ilaria walking over to her with a hint of venom in her words.

He took a deep breath and looked into his wife’s eyes. “I’m not trying to make you miserable.”

“You’re not trying to but you are. We knew what we signed for. It’s not always fair or what we want to do but it’s what we have to do we are not in this for us.”
“I know but we were happy and safe. Darius was getting ready for the academy entrance exam.”

“I know but he will learn better and get a chance to see our life as it really is before he commits his life to it. You may also fall in love with the stars again. You can’t tell me you never missed it, the exploration and adventure.”

He took a deep breath “Your right. It’s what brought us together. It’s why I joined Starfleet. Adventure and exploration.”

“Then let’s look forward, you’re getting a new Assignment we get a new journey and a chance to watch our son be groomed.”

“True, now let’s just hope we don’t get a green Captian I think it’s time we put the baby sitting behind us and focus on the future.” He said with a chuckle.

Darius walked out of his room. “When do we leave the station?”

“I’m not sure yet, I haven’t officially been assigned to a ship yet”

“Does that mean I get a chance to explore the station?” Darius asked with a gleam in his eyes. The excitement he felt could be seen radiating off his whole body.

“Yes but stay out of the way, and only go where you are permitted,” said Ilaria.

Darius let out a shout of joy before running out of the room.

“I think you forgot to tell him to stay out of trouble,” said Kiran

“I’m sure you will get in more trouble than him” she replied with a grin before going to unpack their stuff.