Part of Starbase 72: Lisa’s early years

Lisa’s Arival

Starbase 72
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-Shuttle Avalon-

What had been an uneventful Journey for Lieutenant Lisa Creed as she noticed the blue marble that was her Homeworld coming and view as it had been years since leaving on her Graduation day but what had brought her back here was strange and why for that matter was a mystery that needed solving and that meant returning to Starfleet HQ. having left the Steadfast in a middle of a mission like she had and the captain in a mood at how she had left wasn’t good.


She opened a channel and said “Spacedock operations this is Shuttle Avalon requesting permission to dock”


Suddenly she heard “Shuttle Avalon you have permission to dock with Starbase 72, Pad 14”


Lisa replied” Thank you Spacedock, Avalon, out,” as she closed the channel and began to start her final approach as she still wondered why she had been brought here in such a way leaving her bemused as to the secrecy within her orders as to who did she report to, this only confused her more. However, she did know one place she would have to report to and that was Sickbay to have her physical.


As the big doors started to open and the shuttle started to glide through the gap between the two doors it had been the first time that she had piloted a Shuttle into a Starbase before as she looked at the big ships in front of her like the Luna class and the Sovereign-class as she wondered if either of them could be her next assignment.


Upon touching down, Lisa checked that the shuttles Engines were in cooldown mode and that it was ready for its service by the station’s hanger deck Engineers, she then rose from the cockpit seat and picked up her duffle bag and opened the door to start finding out why she was here, as she stepped out she found a Security guard waiting for her and said:” Ma’am, your transfer orders?”


Lisa handed over the orders and said “Do you know where the Captain is, I need to speak with him,”


“I think you mean the Taskforce Commander Ma’am, I think he is in his office in Operations,” he stated handing the PADD back to her.


“Thank you very much for that advice,” replied Lisa as she tapped her comm badge and said, “This is Lieutenant JG Creed to the Task Force Commander, I need to speak with you urgently as I do not know why I am here.” as she had tried to find her orders but all she got was access denied which told her that they were sealed and the only one who could open them was the Task Force Commander.


As she started to head out of the hangar bay to find the nearest turbo-lift, she knew that she was on unfamiliar ground and did not know the layout of the station, she thought It is better that I learn this place if I am to stay here, as she heard the voice of the Task Force Commander come over the com channel.


“Lieutenant, I am quite busy right now, but if you must see me urgently, please come to my office in Ops and I can give you a few minutes.”


Jalian had not meant to sound curt with the Lieutenant, but the tone of her voice eluded that her matter was not one that could be handled over a comm channel and he was currently preoccupied with mulling over tactical reports for the quadrant for the past several hours.


As Lisa made her way along the corridor she wondered if she had been hexed or something after all the last few women she had dated had all turned out to be duds, as she turned a corner she found a turbo-lift and stepped inside she said” Operations control,” as the lift started its journey she still had the feeling that something was wrong here and why was her orders sealed for one.


Within minutes the doors opened and Lisa exited the lift as she scanned the Operations centre and found the doors to the Taskforce Commander’s Office, and strode towards the office doors with a purpose in mind to find out why she was here, as she reached the doors, she tugged at the jacket to straighten it before pressing the door chime.


Jalian set a PADD down that she had in his hand as the door chime sounded. “Enter,” he said.


As Lisa entered the room, she came to a stop in front of the senior officer as she made a note of the officers rank of Commodore, she said “Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed reporting as ordered Sir,” as she kept her focus upon the wall as she knew that she had no idea of what the fates had in store for her.


“What is it that I can do for you, Lieutenant?” Jalian asked her.


“Ma’am, I have received my orders to come here and so I have,” replied Lisa, as she kept her gaze upon the wall, she continued,” I do not know exactly why I am here Ma’am,” as she handed the PADD with her transfer orders over to the Saurian Female who reached out to take the PADD from Lisa.


“What do you mean you don’t know? You have orders that have directed you here. What else do they tell you?”


“That’s just it Ma’am I can not find it as it seems to me that my Orders have been sealed and only you can open them,” explained Lisa as she looked down at the Saurian female knowing that the officer looked puzzled as did she.


Jalian took the PADD from the Lieutenant and glanced over it. It was indeed sealed, he thought to himself.


“Computer, unlock computer file on Lieutenant Lisa Creed, my voiceprint authorization.”


The computer chirped after a few seconds. “Voiceprint authorized. File unlocked.”


Jalian analyzed the document briefly and now understood why the file had been sealed. He handed back the PADD to the young woman “There. That should hopefully clear things up. Welcome to Starbase 72. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get back to these reports. Dismissed.”

“Thank you, Ma’am” as she knew that now her orders were unlocked it was time for her to check them out and find out the reason she had been brought here, as she turned to leave the Comodorre’s office as she thought the best place to read this is in the nearest bar as she exited the office.