Part of USS Heracles: Echo’s of Echoes

Angelikós – Part Two

Location: Gamma Quadrant - Angelikós & Daímonas Planetside
Stardate: 74559.02 Time: 1439 hours
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Stardate: 74559.02

Time: 1439 hours

Location: Gamma Quadrant – Angelikós & Daímonas



Placing her arms around Debrah, Vausees laid her head on Debrah’s back as she relished at the moment; moments that the two had plenty of since Debrah’s transfer onto the Heracles, but it still did not seem like enough either of them.


Debrah stood on their private balcony and looked out over the city that lay before them and the hazel skies that kissed the horizon. Her eyes then came to rest on the city’s ports, some of which were for the ships that imported and exported goods to and from Angelikós and Daímonas, while the others had ships which sailed over the waters of the planet. In many ways, Angelikós reminded her of Earth in this way. 


A smile crossed her lips when she felt Vausees plant her lips on her bareback. Turning around in her lover’s arms Debrah looked up into her Vausees light blue eyes. “Tell me how much you love me, baby.”


“Debbie you mean the world to me,” she said as she kissed her lips, “and I do not know how I have ever been able to function since…” She went quiet as she remembered Klair and Trance. Her light blue eyes suddenly shimmered as tears threatened to spill from them. 


Debrah leaned down and kissed her eyes as she saw the tears in them. She knew about her tragic love life, and still loved this woman with all of her heart. She knew just how much Vausees loved her and how much she loved her in return. 


“I am so sorry for asking that. I know it is still a painful memory,” her voice was soft as she ran her hands up and down Vausees bareback. 


A soft chime from the door inside of their room. A soft voice of a woman could be heard announcing the arrival of Thý’ella. Vausees replied that she may enter, her voice was raspy as she spoke. Which caused Debrah to rub her back more.


As the door disappeared and Thý’ella entered she noticed the Vausees and her head on Debrah’s shoulder and that her face was flush as if she had been crying. Looking up into Debrah’s green eyes, her shimmering white eyes showed concern. She mouth out if everything was ok and Debrah nodded as she kept rubbing Vausees back.


Approaching the two women Thý’ella placed her hand on the stone and steel railing and looked out over her city before closing her eyes. She then turned her head to look at Debrah, “You sure she’s ok?”


Vausees then spoke having heard what Thý’ella had said. “It’s a bad memory,” she stated as she opened her bloodshot light blue eyes and looked at Thý’ella. “It’s still fresh and my love here accidentally triggered the memory.”


Thý’ella nodded as she understood how powerful those kinds of memories could be. “Well if you would like I can come back later.”


Vausees nodded but was overridden by Debrah. “Actually what did you have in mind, Thý’ella?” Debrah asked as she looked down and into the tear-stained eyes of Vausees.


“Are you sure?” Thý’ella asked the two women.


Debrah nodded, “Most definitely. I need to get this one out of her head and I think whatever you have in mind might do the trick,” she grinned as she continued to look at Vausees and the irritation in her eyes.


Vausees knew that her lover was correct that she needed to get out of this emotional roller coaster that she was currently riding. With a sigh, she looked over at Thý’ella and nodded. An excitement flowed over Thý’ella’s shimmering eyes as she grabbed the two women and headed for the doorway.




Cody and Syvia lay on a beach together, each in a bathing suit. Both have taken Thý’ella’s offer of shore leave on the two planets as a sign of finally being able to spend some much-needed time together. They had decided to venture to Daímonas as many of Thý’ella’s people had said that it held exquisite beaches and much to their surprise it did. Even though the sand was black and tan in hues it still felt, to the both of them, to be like the sands of both of their planets. 


Cody lay on his back and Zyvia laid on him, her light blue, toned skin contrasted heavily against his tanned muscular body. She was listening to his heartbeat as he had his eyes closed, a smile crossed her lips as she listened.


“Cody, I wish we didn’t have to leave here,” she stated as she looked up at him.


He opened his eyes and looked down at her. A smile crept over his mouth as he watched her antenna’s move about on their own. He had come to recognize that movement as her being content and or happy and he was glad that she was. “I know, but you and I both know that we have a duty to the Federation first.”


Zyvia nodded as she knew that he was right. “Still it would be nice to live here on Daímonas. Don’t you think so?”


Cody could not deny what she had just said and nodded. “Yes, it would be nice. Who knows, maybe someday we might be able to.”


Zyvia looked at him. “You and me?”


Cody nodded, “Of course, Zyvia. I wouldn’t want anyone else to spend the rest of my life with,” he confessed to her. 


This caused her antenna’s to move wildly as she sat up and straddled him. She leaned forward as she placed her hands on his chest and kissed him deeply. His hand moved up to her waist as he pressed his lips harder into hers.




Thý’ella laughed as the hazel waters splashed over the bow of her personal Waverunner. Vausees and Debrah both had grins on their faces as the three women were covered from head to toe in the water; soaking their borrowed attire that was nearly transparent from being wet. 


A chime suddenly came through over Vausees ComBadge and she reached up and tapped it. “Vausees here.”


“Sorry to bother you, Captain,” came the voice of Charles as he had elected to stay on board and assist with the repairs to the Heracles, “I have a message from Vice Admiral Seagraves,” he stated.


Vausees looked at Debrah and Thý’ella as she reached into one of the pockets on the bag that she had brought, and produced a PADD. “Send it to my PADD, Charles.”


A moment later the message was on the PADD


To: All Fourth Fleet Commands

From: VADM Aubrey Seagraves, Director of Fourth Fleet Operations

SUBJ: Operation Homestead

Until further notice, all Fourth Fleet assets are directed to immediately commence appropriate actions to benefit general fleet morale, relations with allies, and scientific priorities, as per the earlier communique from Fleet Command. Where appropriate, this should include repair, resupply, rest, and recuperation at Fourth Fleet starbases and space stations.

Local priorities including engineering and medical support, scientific surveys, and other bread-and-butter exploratory functions have been re-tasked from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fleets. You’ve done well, Fourth Fleet. Focus on the home front for a while.


“Charles, contact all personnel on shore leave and tell them that we are going to be here for a while,” she said as she looked at Thý’ella. “Provided that our host is okay and accepting of this.”

A smile crossed Thý’ella’s lips as she nodded. “As long as your crew remains respectful and doesn’t misbehave too much I don’t see there being a problem with you and your crew staying for as long as is necessary.”


Charles had heard what Thý’ella had said and nodded as he closed the comm’s and relayed the captain’s wishes.


Debrah looked at Vausees with a cocked head and a confused look on her face. She had only thought that they would be here long enough for the Heracles to finish repairs and that they would be on to their next mission. Vausees saw the look on her lover’s face and handed over the PADD. Debrah looked at the PADD, which caused Thý’ella to look over her shoulder. 


Debrah’s eyes widened as she looked back to Vausees. “Are these genuine?” she asked her and Vausees placed her thumb on the display and the PADD chirped.


“Computer, verify the authenticity of the message on this PADD, and verify that it came from Vice Admiral Aubrey Seagraves”


A moment later a woman’s voice came back from the PADD, “Authenticity is genuine to the Vice Admiral. Location of the message source is verified to the Alpha Quadrant.”


“Alpha Quadrant?” Thý’ella asked as she looked at Debrah and Vausees.


“Yes, that is where we are from,” Vausees stated as she explained how they entered into the quadrant.


Thý’ella nodded the entire time, enthralled by the information that she was hearing from Vausees and Debrah as they explained how they arrived in the Gamma Quadrant. All the while the Waverunner kept on its path towards where Thý’ella had directed it to.




A pair of black shorts lay tangled around a black top and bottom of a bikini, while off in the distance a woman lay half on a man, sweat covers their bodies, as well as black and tan sand. Crimson waves lap at their legs as they breathe heavily. A soft chime is heard coming from the ComBadge that is attached to the discarded clothing and Zyvia turns her head to look at the ComBadge.


A groan escapes her mouth as her sore body yells out in sweet pain from the passion that both her and Cody had moments ago been enthralled in. Her bare body moves slowly over to the ComBadge and she removes it from the top and taps the device. 


“Lieutenant Zyvia here.”


A smile crosses her lips as she hears the orders that Vausees had given to Charles. A moment later the ComBadge was discarded back onto her black top as she crawled seductively back toward Cody, a mischievous grin on her lips as she moved.


Cody looked at her and raised an eyebrow at her. “Something on your mind sweetheart?” He asked as he lifted onto his elbows as she approached